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Mahjong Luck Expert Instruction:
Mahjong is a traditional and popular game from China. Our game is 1vs1 player based on 13 tiles with “Chow” “Pong” “Kong” rule. Very easy for player to get started with. The simpleness makes it suitable for different people and age.

For a full instruction of Mahjong, please reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahjong

Additional games:
Cuopai: during the game play, player have the chance to play cuopai game, which means player can choose any tiles he want, by choosing from “Character” “Circles and Dot” “Bamboo” and “Winds and Dragons”, then choose the specific one to claim a set.

Last Chance: after the play collect the sets waiting to win (which is called declare mahjong),but the allowable tiles run out of the live wall, it is “Washout”, BUT, in our game, player can get the last chance to select 3 tiles among 10 tiles the system supplied. Will have extra luck to win the game.

Pattern Match: when the player win the game, the system promote another chance for the player to select a tile from 10 tiles that system supplied, if the tile you select matches your tiles in hand, your will win bonus on it, and player can select next tile, until the selection not matching hand tile.

Big or Small: after game, if the play win points, he will have the chance to guess Big or Small. 50% by 50% win or lose. Player can keep playing the game until collect points or lose.

1: Bet 3 ponts, player can play the last chance game.
2: Bet 6 points, player can play the pattern match game.
3: Bet 10 points, the highest bonus raise from 50 to 75.
4: Bet 20 points, you can know your opponent’s tiles.

1: “搓牌”即,在游戏进行中,会有随机的概率出现“搓牌”对话框。玩家可以根据自己的牌型,选择一张自己最需要的牌。实现方法为:搓牌对话框分为左右两部分,左边为“万、筒、索、字”字样,玩家选择后,再在右面,选择数值,1到9完成。
2: “海底捞月”即,在牌局结束时,玩家处于听牌的情况下,玩家可以在系统给定的10张牌中,任意选择3张,选中胡牌,此局算胜出。(需押注在3游戏币以上)
3: “对花游戏”即,玩家赢得本局的胜利后,可以在系统给定的10张牌中选择,如果手里有跟所选牌一样的牌,玩家可以继续选择下一张,如此进行,直到玩家手中没有跟所选的牌一样的牌为止。每选中一张牌,结算的时候增加一翻。
4: “猜大小”即,在一局结束后,玩家赢的情况下,可以进行一局比大小的游戏。玩家可以压大或小,如果猜对,那么本局玩家获得的分数将翻倍,如果猜错,分数将归0。

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Version History

Launched Sep 27, 2011 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 12
Version 1.3

1.New features.
2.Bug fixes.

Oct 12
Version 1.2

memory optimize

Oct 06
Version 1.1

1: Fixed iPad1 Crash Bug. 2: Player now can get game points and additional functions for free (please log in game for details). 3: Exist user will have extra reward game points instantly when they update to new version (free user have 100 extra, paid user have 200 extra). 4: The daily game points reward increased (free user to 30, paid user to 50). 5: Palm screen popup base probabilities increased 1%. For any questions, please contact din din game support: dindinsupport@hotmail.com
Please find more real-time news and update @ sina weibo: http://weibo.com/2314854500
We always strive to make game better, please join our QQ discuss group:

Sep 28
Version 1.0

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