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Bored with the Emoji that everyone has?

Brand New ADULT Emoji!

• Be the first to send your friends adult emoji they have never seen!

• Create a custom message to send to friends using text and all new adult emoji icons

• Sexy, Rude, Dirty Emoji

Be Creative

• The ONLY messaging app that allows you to use text and adult emoji to create any message you want!

• Choose from all new adult emoji plus all of the original emoji icons

Tell Us What You Want!

We will add new adult emoji based on suggestions from you!

iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Social Networking

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Version History

Launched May 14, 2012 (almost 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Feb 29
Version 1.2.9

Minor Bug Fixes

Jul 07
Version 1.2.8

- Bug fixes
- Support for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus

May 21
Version 1.2.7

New Screenshots

Jun 12
Version 1.2.6

Updated Screenshots and Application Information.

Feb 13
Version 1.2.5

-Fixed 4-inch screenshots

Jan 21
Version 1.2.4

New icons and Minor bug fixes

Jul 28
Version 1.0.2

New images, plus minor bug fixes

Jun 14
Version 1.0.1

New Icon Pack

May 14
Version 1.0

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