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【Cool & Profitable】
★ Perfectly present arcade style!Offering wonderful gaming experience at anytime and anywhere!GoldenCrown™ Porker Arcade comes along with this summer!
★ Yeah!Download it now. Add this funny and hot game which fully embodies the style of Las Vegas gaming into your iPhone or iPad. Let the unsurpassed GoldenCrown™ Poker game bring you the best leisure life and stay with you at every happy moments.

【Classic & Profitable in all ages】
★You will find that our game perfectly present arcade style and also can offer you wonderful gaming experience at anytime and anywhere. Download it and you will never regret.
★ You may have not played this game before,but I would like to tell you that this game has been very popular widely. The rule of GoldenCrown™ Poker is simple and it can be played by people of all ages. It’s easy to play and you will never be tired of. You will certainly love it. Download GoldenCrown™ Poker and it will give you a special experience of game.

【Humanized design & Relaxing game】
★ Don’t worry about that you may have no enough coins for game. We would free present you three hundred coins everyday as a gift for your play.
★ The players are able to have different title according to their grade in game. Once you upgrade, you will be allowed to place higher bet and this makes the game more suspenseful and exciting.
★ To make you learn quicker, we also have full-time beauties in game to guide you by holding your hands. This will lead you to enjoy the game quicker.
★ GoldenCrown™ Poker has a worldwide leader board in game. You can easily find your place on the board and try to defeat others around the world. Defeat or to be defeated, it totally depends on you.

【Special features】
☻ fully support iPad2、iPhone4!
☻ supply a real sense of arcade!can win numerous coins to the top of your bent!
☻ free present you three hundred coins everyday as a gift for your play!
☻ with beautiful game art and dynamic sound effect!
☻ can upgrade in game and achieve different title accordingly. We grant beauties to players as well.
☻ Humanized design in order to save power for you and excellent guide for new players.
☻ can be played with one hand at anytime and anywhere, even on the crowded metro.
☻ fully support systems based on Simplified Chinese, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and English language.
☻ support the world ranking system of GameCenter and OpenFein
☻ can be easily shared with others via Weibo just by pressing one key

Official QQ group: 165433783 Official Weibo : http://weibo.com/tinome

 $4.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Aug 04, 2011 (almost 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 25 days, on average.

Apr 12
Version 2.0

- Compatible the New iPad.
- Fixed some bugs.

Mar 06
Version 1.9

- Optimizing startup speed
- Fix some memory leak

Nov 29
Version 1.8

1. Fixed a serious bug!
2. Added 3 mysterious beauty girl!
3. Added 3 well-known casino!
4. Optimizing startup speed and power saving!
5. Some IAP become cheaper

Nov 22
Version 1.7

1. Added 3 mysterious beauty girl!
2. Added 3 well-known casino!
3. Optimizing startup speed and power saving!
4. Some IAP become cheaper!
5. Fix some bugs!

Nov 03
Version 1.6

- Fixed some params
- Modified SuperDouble present value
- Optimizing graphics resources

Oct 08
Version 1.5

1. Compatible to IOS5!
2. Optimizing startup speed and power saving!
3. Added SuperDouble System!
4. Added CoinPack!
5. Reduce the difficulty of the game!

Sep 22
Version 1.4

1. Added 3 mysterious beauty girl!
2. Added 3 well-known casino!
3. Optimizing startup speed and power saving!

Sep 13
Version 1.3

1. Added 3 mysterious beauty girl!
2. Added 3 well-known casino!
3. Fixed some bugs!

Aug 24
Version 1.2

1. Added tour mode, the senior players have a new challenge!
2. Added handsel when you lost money!
3. Added double bet and half bet system, enjoy it!
4. Added three mysterious beauty girl!
5. Card Selecting is more intelligent, it will help you earn more and more!
6. Added new three kind of joker!
7. Optimizing startup speed and power saving!
8. Fixed some problems in IOS 3.x!

Aug 11
Version 1.1

- Optimize the performance, reduce memory usage, faster boot
- Increase the response speed
- Add more help tips
- Modified Icon
- Optimize the algorithm of drawing cards
- Fixed shop performance, and prevent error
- Automatically adjust bet to maximum when level was upgraded
- Fix a position error in English version

Aug 04
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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