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Dopameme is an app for making memes out of photos, videos & GIFs. We have a built-in Meme Maker to caption literally anything. We don't even add watermarks! Not to mention we have an unlimited supply of memes on our popular page. Sounds like a good time to me.

Lets not forget about the collection of builders so you can caption images and stitch multiple images together to form a borderless multi-panel comic. You can even caption GIFs and stitch still images and GIFs together in any fashion all willy nilly like. We don't even add a watermark to whatever you make.

Need some good reading material while you go to the bathroom? We got your back. Your time spent in the bathroom is GUARANTEED to quadruple with this app.

Besides it's free, so you have nothing to lose. You need this app and here's why:

• Meme Maker - Add those classic bold captions to the top and bottom of any photo or GIF.
• GIF Maker - Ever wanted to build your own GIF? Ever wanted to edit a GIF you found online FRAME BY FRAME and add text n' stuff to it? WELL NOW YOU CAN.
• Fake News Generator - Turn your photos into news!
• Image and GIF Combiner - Ever wanted to combine a still photo with a GIF side by side? What about two different GIFs side by side?What about 6 different images and GIFs in one big massive grid? I CAN'T EVEN.
• Border Caption - Have you seen those little GIFs online that have a little caption around the border? NOW YOU CAN MAKE THOSE LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS.
• GIF Compressor - does exactly what the name says for when your GIFs are just too big to post.

I'm all out of breath from yelling. You should just download this.

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Secondary: Photo & Video

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Version History

Launched Jun 30, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Sep 20
Version 4.0.3

Spooktober is around the corner
Fixed crash when opening the GIF Builder
Spooktober is around the corner
Fixed problem where videos could not be opened in the GIF Builder
Spooktober is around the corner
GIFs less than 3 seconds can now be shared on Insta
Spooktober is around the corner

Aug 22
Version 4.0.2

Fixed problem where adding text with the freeform did not show done button

Why isn't it called teethpaste?

Aug 08
Version 4.0.1

Fixed the bugs associated with choosing videos and meme templates

Aug 01
Version 4.0.0

We've changed our name - It's a whole new app for memes!
We've added so much stuff. But my personal favorite is: SPEED
Don't forget to upvote memes you like <3

Mar 28
Version 3.13.1

Layer tool has been redesigned and is much easier to use
Fixed problem where rotated layers in layer tool would get garbled
Fixed crashing problem in messages when a corrupt video was sent

Mar 11
Version 3.13.0

Added icons to several different menus:
GIF Builder
Layer tool
Fixed bug where thumbnails offscreen would load before the ones onscreen

Feb 02
Version 3.12.7

Image stitcher is back lol
New: adjust the transparency of image layers in the watermark tool
Bug fixes you probably don't care about

Jan 26
Version 3.12.6

You need this update, trust me.
Bug fixes
Links to our insta (jack demoted at 50k)
New support system

Jan 16
Version 3.12.5

Random is back
Fixed volume bar

Jan 11
Version 3.12.4

I went through all several hundred responses from the survey and decide to add a video tab. Anyone will be able to submit videos here and popular ones go to the popular tab.
Popular weekly tab replaces random section
Fixed problem where opening a notification did nothing
Fixed problem where notch was covering images and volume bar on the X
Fixed problem where the image gallery would lag if you had a ton of gifs on the screen
Picto merch coming soon

Nov 09
Version 3.12.3

Adjusting volume will not cover your view of whatever it is you are looking at
Fix problem where opening a notification would not always open
Minor enhancements

Oct 27
Version 3.12.2

Crash fixes ~nyaa~
Fixed issue when importing slow motion videos into the app

Oct 24
Version 3.12.1

Pull-to-refresh added to account and profile pages

Oct 10
Version 3.12.0

You may not realize it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Fake news generator added
Fixed many issues surrounding the photo picker

Sep 14
Version 3.11.0

A lot has changed and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.

Scrolling left and right to browse memes on the home page was fun, but it just wasn't typical. So I changed it to a vertical layout.
Memes on Popular are sorted by dates thanks to the vertical layout.
Uploader usernames appear on thumbnails under feeds with people you follow.
A little badge will appear on the bottom home screen for unseen notifications.
You can take your thumb now and swipe from left to right to open the side drawer to select feeds.
You can trim the start and end length of any videos you select in the app.
Share to Instagram was all messed up, now it resizes and uses the least possible amount of whitespace.
Gifs will auto play in camera roll as you go to select them in the photo picker.
Can now use the camera in the app to take photos/videos and make memes out of them without leaving the app.
The builders dubbed "Templates" accept both videos and images. It didn't make sense to have two separate tools for each format.
You can upload your memes to your account straight from the builder screens after you generate them.
I updated my rating for Lexington. It is no longer a 7 out of 10 place to live, work and lern. Now it's a 6 for unnamed reasons.

Jun 14
Version 3.10.4

Fix bug when zoomed in and you accidentally scroll to next image
Code of conduct now states what to do in the event a swarm of fire breathing dragons wipe out humanity

May 12
Version 3.10.3

Fixed bug where videos in comments would play only audio
Image Stitcher bug fixes

May 05
Version 3.10.2

Fixed the popup ads. If you experience popups while naturally browsing the app, please notify me. Those aren't supposed to happen..
Other minor bug fixes to ENHANCE your meemee browsing experience

Apr 26
Version 3.10.1

Fix crash on older devices when trying to view the notifications tab
New icon because I was tired of the old one already

Apr 19
Version 3.10.0

Fewer ads
Fixed bug where screen would lock up opening comments
Fixed bug where video recordings would have blank video after a caption
No watermark when you save something
Let free users have the alt video border caption tool in exchange for video stitcher
Can now pull to refresh your notifications activity
You can upload videos to public on weekends now

Dec 22
Version 3.9.0

Enjoy this LIMITED EDITION purple icon. It only comes once every million updates
Potato quality images imported into the fixed and freeform builders will be upscaled so captions appear as high resolution - no longer blurry
Fix bugs with Christmas theme
Add super secret Valentines day theme.
Promote kite
Immediately demote kite

Nov 19
Version 3.8.8

Throwback Thursday is now in effect. Enjoy the icon change from 2011 - a time when low quality rage comics plagued the Internet.

-Things made with a video editor can now be shared to Instagram
-Fix bug where clicking on any thumbnail took you to the very first image
-Solve crash when refreshing feed

Oct 26
Version 3.8.6

Fix bug where feed layout was caddywhompus

Oct 25
Version 3.8.5

Fix notification banners getting stuck
GIF shrinker has been optimized

Halloween is right around the corner and I've yet to be spooked

Oct 03
Version 3.8.1

Added spooky Halloween theme
Anything made with the border caption tools will come out at least 480p quality. No more blurry text!
Added share to Messenger
Can change own suffix or falling text - if you meet the requirements

I had better see at least a dozen spooky posts everyday or there will be problems

Aug 01
Version 3.8.0

Can swipe to go back to the previous screen with your finger inside of a gallery.
There was a bug where gifs shared on social media did not play - now they do.
As usual, there are no watermarks on things made with the builders.

Now for a friendly message from Simba the cat:

Jun 17
Version 3.7.1

Can scroll infinitely inside of a gallery. Previously, you had to press the back button to load more home feed images. Scroll away!
Changes to how GIF layers are applied to still images. Should be more helpful now.

Donut forget to rate & review the app, every little bit helps world domination.

Apr 23
Version 3.7.0

New walkthrough demonstrates to new users what the app can do
Added example images to the caption tools to show new users what exactly they do
Added new alternate border caption tool
Can tap peoples usernames in the toolbar to go to their profile now
Added search bar on user lists to find people quicker
No longer have to manage which port the messages and comments go through

Dec 08
Version 3.6.4

Fixed bug some were having when changing avatars.
Fixed bug where people on 3.5 inch screens couldn't save things made in the GIF builders.
Super sekrit Christmas theme added.

Oct 28
Version 3.6.3

Added share options for things you make in the builder
Holiday themes
Can view older comments on threads with 100+ comments

Jun 05
Version 3.6.2

Fix bug in builders where text stroke would be disproportionate.
Redesigned classic meme maker. Now you can easily resize the top and bottom captions.
Can block users.
Other minor bug fixes.

May 15
Version 3.6.1

Bug fixes all over the place. This update is bullet proof.
Thanks for all the feedback everyone has given.

May 09
Version 3.6.0

New video editing tools!
•Convert GIFs to videos
•Add tiny text captions to the borders of videos
•Stitch still photos to the top or bottom of a video
•Crop and rotate videos
•Compress videos below a certain size
•Bug fixes to GIF Builder - frame rate for imported videos is a lot better
•Don't have to import a layer for a single frame over and over again, can now just import it once over a series of frames and position accordingly
•Bug & crash fixes all over the board

Apr 08
Version 3.5.0

What's New:
•New interface brings the app into the present day
•See when other users are online
•New GIF cropping and rotation tool
•You can copy people's messages & comments! Just tap and hold over the text to copy it
•Fixed the bug where layers would reset their rotation in the builders
•New subscriber feed makes it easier to keep track of people
•Lower requirements for video banners, backgrounds and comment attachments
•Can mute video banners
•Can listen to your music while browsing the app and not have videos interrupt it

Thanks everyone for using the app. Don't forget to spread the word about it.

Dec 16
Version 3.4

-Can click on @usernames to bring up someones profile
-Fixed a problem some were having zooming in and out on images
-Added a new text formatting option for comments. Use it like: $fancy text$
-Fixed problem some were having where keyboard would go invisible
-Can tag people in your biography with ease

Nov 30
Version 3.3

•New video player solves all the crashing problems people were having
•I gave you guys the gif cropper back, no point in taking it away
•GIF Builder 9000 - can now add gif layers on top of your gifs. Like a gif within a gif. GIF CEPTION.
•Fixed a problem in the builder where the text would only go so big. Now you can resize it to be super duper big without fighting it.
•Fixed crash on iPad that would happen while rotating inside of a gallery
•Fixed problem in builder that would arise when trying to remove a range of frames

Oct 26
Version 3.2

-Bug fixes to all the builders
-Better tagging system

Sep 11
Version 3.1

‣I've decided to remove the full screen ads that popup. They're annoying and I want to see how things go without them.
‣I've also freed up some of the features that were only available through pro, but only if you meet the sub requirement.
‣New tab under activity shows what the people you are subbed to are doing
‣Videos will stream, no more waiting for them to download all the way
‣Redesigned builder tab for those unfamiliar with the builders
‣Enhancements to the border captioning tool
‣Popular section is now the default section on start up
‣Added the subscribed liked feed
‣Fixed problem where the FPS could not be set in the GIF builder

May 01
Version 3.0.1

-Scrolling on the main feed is now infinite - scroll away!
-Scrolling on the main feed is much smoother
-Importing videos into the builder will no longer crash
-Changes and enhancements made to GIF builder
-Fix clear cache button not always clearing the cache
-Fix rotation problems on iPad
-Videos as replies will not stop background music if playing

Apr 01
Version 3.0

The super ultra mega update is here.

-What's new:

Oct 10
Version 2.5.3

bug fixes
modifications made to searching

Aug 20
Version 2.5.2

Better notification system

Jul 11
Version 2.5.1

Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Keep the feedback rolling in

Jun 25
Version 2.5

It has been well over a year since I have done anything to the meme builder part of this app. I'm hoping this update will make up for lost time. I hope you all enjoy the new builders that I have added.

Mar 08
Version 2.4.1

yay it's here!

-added video support
-can view sub and upload count
-fixed bug where gifs wouldn't always save
-other bug fixes

Feb 21
Version 2.4

It's finally here.

-Image caching
-New color scheme
-Zooming in goes to point of interest
-Long comics are easy to read
-Other bug fixes

Nov 16
Version 2.3.1

-fixed bug in builder that would cause the word "builder" to show on top of all your creations
-fixed the captioner so that you can stroke text again
-fixed bug that would sometimes show a gif that wouldn't animate, but the thumbnail would
-can save reply gifs
-can post gifs now

Nov 02
Version 2.3

-fixed a torrent of bugs
-new layout
-added an activity pane so you can see when someone replies directly to your comment
-added search pane for users
-performance enhancements

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Keep it coming.

Sep 10
Version 2.2.4

Primarily fixes random crashing issues. Should notice a gain in performance overall

-Number of parallel downloads increased from 4=>8
-Gifs save instantly, no longer a drawn out process
-Gifs download faster since they are no longer coalesced
-some optimizations made for ipod 4th gen users.

Jul 10
Version 2.2.3

-thumbnails animate
-fixed the random freezing problems
-fixed bug where tapping on a popular thumbnail would point to wrong image
-fixed double posting problem
-can scroll indefinitely through the thumbnails on the main page
-memory optimizations

Jun 06
Version 2.2.2

-Can now scroll more than just 2 pages. (As per popular request. You're welcome.)
-Can sort of IM back and forth in the comments pane. Comments are fetched every few seconds.
-GIFs will now show their frames as they are downloaded.
-Timestamps added to posts.
-Can now shuffle images when browsing by category.
-Torrent of bug fixes as far as the eye could see.

As usual, if you find any problems let me know. Thanks to everyone who has reported a problem. I believe I was able to fix every problem that got reported. Except for the high memory usage on older devices. Not much I could do.

Feb 11
Version 2.2.1

-You can now make your layers in the captioner transparent
-Added a little "X" button on the main menu in case you hit the back button too many times.
-Can now view the likes and comments of your uploads at a glance. To refresh the count pull down on the scroll view
-Fixed bug that would log you out randomly
-Fixed bug that would cause crashing while posting.
-Gif builder is easier to use.
-Diagnostic information is printed while saving/importing gifs

Jan 29
Version 2.2

Thank you everyone for your support. Without you, this project would not be possible. I hope you all enjoy the new version as much as I did building it!

Special thanks to Bucketman for all his suggestions.

-Added iphone 5 support
-full access to the entire archives library
-gifs load in 1/5th the usual time
-brought back the builder
-changed up the menu a little
-added cropping before upload
-ads are less intrusive
-better ipad functionality and support
-can zoom in on gifs
-can view comment count at a glance for replied images
-image stitcher scaling is more appropriate for 1x dimensions

Dec 03
Version 2.1

Thanks to Bucketman for pointing out issues

-Viewing copious thumbnails in scroll views will essentially load as you scroll instead of all at once
-graphical changes
-extended the archives
-other random bug fixes you probably don't care about

If you find any problems please use the contact form in the app to get a hold of me.

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