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Bumba and Bumbalu take the little ones on a journey of discovery through their world.
This happy game for toddlers and infants is packed with entertaining sounds and funny animations. Everything your infant touches will come alive with a smile.
In addition to this interactive world, the app also contains 5 games for the youngest children! Recognizing shadows, blowing bubbles, memory, doing puzzles and discovering drawings, … your infant will learn through play, together with Bumba and his friends at the circus!
Bumba contains:
- Interactive world with entertaining sounds and funny animations
- Shadow game: which shadow is the right one?
- Puzzle game: which picture completes the drawing?
- Blowing bubbles: blow colourful bubbles and burst them with your finger
- Memory: which two drawings are identical?
- Rub the drawing: place your finger on the screen and reveal the drawing by rubbing

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Version History

Launched Apr 21, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 2 years, on average.

Aug 21
Version 1.3

The app now works on all versions of iOS!

Aug 07
Version 1.2

Stability improvements

May 24
Version 1.1

Bugfix of the memory game

Apr 21
Version 1.0

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