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Train yourself anywhere! You control the trains with iRunTrains for iPhone. With iRT, you're just seconds away from fun. It's fun for any age and perfect for enthusiasts and novices alike! Play immediately; play repeatedly. Watch (or ride) your trains from any position with the first 3D train simulator for iPhone!

No points, scoring, or end game; just enjoy the rails.

- Apple-featured
- Throttle, brake, and reverse each train under your control
- No setup or learning curve
- Drive these hobby trains as soon as the app starts!
- Run multiple trains on each layout
- Diesel end Steam engine sounds!
- Edit train cars and engines
- Turn switch control box; switch the tracks just in time!
- Variable speed train throttle
- Intuitive train controls and full iPhone gesture-based interface
- Manual and Dynamic, train-tracking views
- Ride the train engine or caboose!
- 18 beautiful track layouts
- Buildings, bridges, houses, and loading docks
- Ocean with changing tide, waves
- Hideaway interface
- Pushbutton train selector
- Multifunction view selector and status display
- Help overlay for controls
- Selectable train steam/exhaust
- Choose your terrain colors
- Train acceleration/deceleration
- Collision/Derailment detection

3D Audio
- Engine and track sounds
- Bells and Whistles

Can you survive Turnout City without a collision? Switch the tracks just in time!

Support: http://www.onomaly.com
Follow us on Twitter: @onomaly

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Secondary: Action

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Version History

Launched Mar 17, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 8 months, on average.

Feb 17
Version 4.1.1

iPhone X support
Bug fixes

Oct 08
Version 4.1.0

Full iOS 11 support
Minor enhancements
Bug fixes (i.e. graphics issues on iOS 11, speed indicators)

Dec 19
Version 4.0.1

Graphics update
Just released new 4.0 features:
Beautiful new steam engine, tender, mail and passenger cars
Realistic new engine smoke
Bubble smoke for kids
New speed settings
New sounds
Major interface updates
Bug fixes

Nov 16
Version 4.0.0

Beautiful new steam engine, tender, mail and passenger cars
Realistic new engine smoke
Bubble smoke for kids
New speed settings
New sounds
Major interface updates
Bug fixes

May 29
Version 3.2.0

- Configurable controls
- Multitasking support
- More iOS7 updates
- Bug fixes (pinch zoom, etc.)

Jun 13
Version 3.1.0

- 2 new layout variations!
- Smoother animation in track selector
- Post to Twitter!
- Bug fixes (toggle bell on/off)

Nov 30
Version 3.0.0

- Engine smoke, diesel and steam
- iPhone 5 4" screen optimized (great on 4/4S too)
- More layout variations
- More train car types
- Enhanced train car graphics
- More models/enhanced environment
- Don't just change cars -- add and subtract cars from trains too -- even while they're in motion!
- Saves settings between sessions
- More advanced options for pro users (yet still fun for all ages :)
- Advanced gestures added
- Jump off the train and into the environment
- More visible trains
- train tags
- improved lighting
- Enhanced help
- Many user experience enhancements
- Many bug fixes, including, turn switch box issues
- Full iOS 6 compatibility

Dec 19
Version 2.0.0

- Change the Train Cars!
-- Pick the cars YOU want to transport!
-- Also change engines!

- 2 new track layouts added
-- Spiral Island
-- Switcheroo

- 2 new diesel engines added
-- with diesel engine and horn sounds

- More realistic scenery; more refined landscape
-- Bridges (steel girders; stone support)
-- Buildings and houses
-- Loading docks and piers
-- Lagoons

- Added Chinese and Korean language support
- Bug Fixes

Jun 22
Version 1.4

- New track layout "Roundabout"
- Loading Dock added
- Ocean with changing tide, waves
- Graphics enhancements and more options
- - Islands and seas (3 ocean types)
- - 5 new ground textures
- - Turnout City updates
- - Enhanced GUI
- Enhanced Engine and Caboose Rider views!
- - Pop-up control
- - 4 vantage points on engine and caboose (ride the cow catcher!)
- - Rear view mirror view; swing from front to back
- Telephoto zoom
- Braking indicator added!
- Additional language support: German, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese
- Improved physics, longer trains take longer to reach speed and brake
- Higher train top speed
- Speed indicator issues
- Other bug fixes

More great updates coming!

Mar 31
Version 1.1

- New Track added: The "Triple-Decker"
- 3D Sound for each train
-- Pitch and volume based on proximity
-- Chug rate based on train speed
-- Realistic cacophony as trains pass each other
-- Affects whistle, track and chug sounds
-- Fully automated
- Improved train selector touch
- Improved pinch to zoom
- New train whistle and bell
- Other minor improvements

Mar 17
Version 1.0

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