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Head start for Baby! Encourages essential brain development and motor skills. Busy parents appreciate this convenient stimulation that research shows babies crave.

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"Your amazing app is perfect for my daughter Lillie, who has severe cerebral palsy and cortical visual impairment (CVI)."
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Baby Symbolizer is a visual/sound sensory stimulation app designed to both delight and focus your child’s attention by encouraging cognitive and motor development starting from birth.

Based on more than forty years of scientific research on what infants perceive at successive stages of development, Baby Symbolizer offers 12 bold, fully interactive high-contrast symbols that make unique sounds as infants watch, touch, explore and discover.

You’ll be amazed how your infant is captivated early by navigating this app for them, and how much they’ll enjoy interacting with this app directly as he or she grows.

Stimulate and improve visual tracking, scanning, and object permanence, which is believed to speed up myelination of brain cells.

Recommended Ages: Newborn through 2 years.

> 34 high-contrast graphic symbols, viewable together and in a “slideshow” for continuous play.

> Slideshow settings for display speed and duration.

> Countdown timer stops slideshow.

> Interactive option for visual/sound response: ex.: “heart” symbol plays heartbeat sound.

> Intuitive interface: enlarge and reduce symbols by holding down for 3 seconds.

> Swipe screens to cycle through symbols.

> Sounds can be turned On/Off, and volume level changed.

> English or Spanish language interface settings.

> iPad compatible.

High Contrast Stimulation:
Scientists have found that babies given appropriate stimulation show sustained developmental advantages over babies in less stimulative environments. Researchers discovered that newborns not only prefer to look at high-contrast graphics, but that such images can help:

> increase an infant’s concentration skills and attention span

> focus and develop eyesight, hand-to-eye coordination, visual tracking, and object permanence

> stimulate the creation of synapses (brain cell connections) by speeding up myelination of brain cells (insulation of nerve pathways)

> calm and soothe a baby (when bored)

> enhance natural curiosity, neck strength and head control.

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Version History

Launched Feb 02, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Oct 28
Version 1.6

- bug fixes

Sep 11
Version 1.5

iOS 8 Compatibility, Higher Screen Resolution, Bug Fixes

Jun 22
Version 1.4

Bug fixes

Aug 30
Version 1.3

Updated social sharing

Jun 03
Version 1.2

Social Sharing Features
Settings Update
Background Music

Feb 08
Version 1.1

Fix to timer.

Feb 02
Version 1.0

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