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Remote Control for Kodi turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a remote control for Kodi, connecting through WiFi with Kodi running on any supported device like a Media PC, Windows PC, Mac or an AppleTV. Beautiful retina graphics support, designed for modern iOS releases, works with XBMC 12.x (Frodo) up to the latest Kodi 18.x (Leia).

With Remote Control for Kodi you can browse your video library on your iPhone or iPad; just flick through all of your movie thumbnails with your fingers, dive into a TV show and view its episodes by season, or start playing a movie or a TV show episode directly from the app.

Use Kodi as your music jukebox and browse your music library directly on your device, and start playing you favourite album, song or artist with just a tap of your finger.

All information about your music and video libraries is cached locally on your device, and can be browsed off-line.

A full range of remote control features such as navigation, player control, and more is included. For text input the on-screen keyboard can be used, as if the keyboard was directly connected to the machine running Kodi.

Designed for all sizes of iPhone and iPad devices, usability and robustness are key features. The app's user interface is designed to be clean and intuitive, building on interfaces and elements that are well known to iOS and Kodi users. Optimized for all iPhone and iPad models that support iOS 11, optimized for landscape and portrait mode on iPad, and tested with large music and video libraries for optimal performance.

Download Kodi at http://www.kodi.tv.

Follow @codemuse for updates on Remote Control for Kodi.


- Navigate Kodi using the conveniently placed navigation controls.
- Adapt volume via a slider, or precise increments and decrements using +/- buttons, a part of the interface that is always visible and within reach.
- Skip to next or previous item, fast-forward or rewind, stop and play/pause currently playing media, see progress or seek the currently playing media, through a part of the interface that is also always visible.
- Use on screen keyboard to enter text in input fields and Kodi's virtual keyboard.

- See currently playing media, including thumbnail.
- View status of connection with Kodi through indicator light.

- Browse your music library on your device. Browse artists, and dive into the albums-by-artist browser, including album art thumbnails.
- Start playing an album with a specific song, shuffle an album, and play or shuffle all songs by a single artist.
- Support for multiple disc albums.

- Browse your TV shows on your device, including a sophisticated episodes-by-season view, including season art thumbnails.
- Start playing a TV show episode directly from the TV show browser.
- Mark TV shows, seasons or episodes as watched or unwatched in the TV show browser.

- Browse your movies on your device, including a section index for large libraries.
- Start playing a movie directly from the movie browser.
- Mark movies as watched or unwatched in the movie browser.

- Instruct Kodi to update or clean the video or audio library.
- Configure host and port settings, either via in-application settings or using the iOS settings app.

- Quit Kodi, suspend, reboot or shutdown the system running Kodi.

- Use pull-to-refresh to refresh local library data.
- Library updates are downloaded in the background and cached locally, allowing off-line library browsing.


- iOS >= 11
- XBMC 12.x (Frodo) or 13.x (Gotham), or any version of Kodi 14.x (Helix) to Kodi 18.x (Leia)
- WiFi access to the machine running Kodi
- Control through HTTP enabled in Kodi

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Version History

Launched Mar 28, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Sep 11
Version 3.4.0

- Support new screen sizes for iPhone X, XS, XR and XS Max.
- Support new screen sizes for 9.7, 10.5, 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
- Add support for Kodi 18.x (Leia).
- Fixes and support for iOS 12.
- Minor bugfixes and improvements.
- Implement new privacy policy.

Sep 22
Version 3.3.1

Fixes and support for iOS 11.

Feb 07
Version 3.3.0

With this release it is now possible to mark TV show episodes and movies as watched or unwatched directly from the TV show or movie browser. Furthermore:

- Support for Kodi 17.x (Krypton).
- Compatibility fixes for iOS 10.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Feb 28
Version 3.2.0

With the release of Kodi 14.x (Helix) comes a new application name: "Remote Control for Kodi and XBMC", furthermore this release is optimized for iOS 8 and (finally) brings support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And there's more:

- Added pull to refresh.
- Improved overall syncing behavior.
- Use 2/3 aspect ratio for poster art.
- Completely modernized networking backend.
- Added feedback section to application settings.
- Many other minor fixes and improvements.

- NOTE: With the release of Kodi 14.x (Helix), Remote Control for Kodi and XBMC does not support XBMC 11.x (Eden) anymore. Please update your XBMC installation if you are still using XBMC 11.x.

Feb 10
Version 3.1.0

- Improve performance of downloading TV show information.
- Show runtime for movies.
- Fix crash for TV shows or movies without a title.
- Fix crash with songs without an artist.
- Fix UI for long album titles.
- Fix UI overlapping in season and album view on iPad.

Nov 25
Version 3.0.0

- Complete iOS 7 redesign for both iPad and iPhone!

Apr 26
Version 2.0.1

- Fix crash with Frodo when loading TV shows that have no associated banner or poster art.
- Fix issue with illegal unicode characters in thumbnail paths when XBMC runs on Mac OS.

Mar 12
Version 2.0.0

Remote Control for XBMC is now a universal app and also supports iPhone and iPod touch!

The iPhone version is designed to be as robust and feature complete as the iPad version, and I believe it is even more beautiful, although that's subjective of course.

Besides all the effort that has gone into making the iPhone/iPod touch app, there's some generic changes too:

- Added rewind/fast-forward buttons for small skips (tap) and seeking (tap-and-hold).
- Previous/next buttons act as big skips when video is playing.
- Better time formatting for TV show episodes and songs.
- Odd rows in iPad are now colored differently.
- Redesigned missing album, TV show, movie, audio and video art.
- Add setting to prefer posters over banners (only for Frodo).
- Fix vertical alignment of down button on retina displays.
- Fix bugs with processing (large) library updates.
- Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

NOTE: With the release of XBMC 12.0 (Frodo), Remote Control for XBMC does not support XBMC 10.0 (Dharma) anymore. Please upgrade your XBMC installation if you are still using XBMC 10.0.

Follow @codemuse for updates.

Dec 13
Version 1.8.0

New application name: "Remote Control for XBMC". Many internal improvements
using latest iOS features (requiring iOS 5 as of this version), preparing for
iPhone/iPod touch support.

Yep, you read that correctly: support for iPhone and iPod touch devices is
coming! But before that's finished, this release pushes some improvements made
in the process so far and fixes compatibility with the upcoming XBMC Frodo
(12.0) release.

Here's full list of changes for this release:

- Support XBMC 12.0 Frodo release.
- Add clean library support (for XBMC Eden and up).
- Add placeholder texts to in-appliaction settings text fields (hinting that
either IP or hostname can be filled out).
- Add clear button to in-application settings.
- Fix repeating buttons that could repeat indefinitely on application exit while
- Fix rewind and fast-forward wrapping to normal speed.
- User interface tweaks and improvements.
- Requires iOS 5.x.

Follow @codemuse for updates.

Sep 21
Version 1.7.0

- Show TV show banners or posters in list of TV shows.
- Show latest album art in list of artists.
- Changed label "Hostname" to "Host" in settings (because IP address is a valid value too).
- Fix issue when playing an airplay stream.
- Fix issue with music in latest Frodo builds.

Aug 10
Version 1.6.0

- Fast-forward and rewind by holding next and previous buttons.
- Fix starting a song, album or artist shuffled or unshuffled with Eden.
- Progress control is now a slider which can be dragged to seek.
- Added suspend and reboot options to power button.
- Very preliminary support for Frodo nightly builds.
- Improved volume slider graphics.
- Internal network robustness improvements.

Jun 05
Version 1.5.1

- Up, down, right and left buttons now repeat on tap and hold.
- Volume + and - buttons also repeat on tap and hold.
- Minor bugfixes.

May 04
Version 1.5.0

- Movie library browsing support!
- Fixed support for passwords with non-alpha-numeric characters.
- Better support for diacritical marks.
- Many internal improvements.

Mar 17
Version 1.4.4

- Support for Retina display on iPad.

Mar 02
Version 1.4.3

- Support upcoming Eden protocol version 4 (introduced since Eden RC1).

Jan 06
Version 1.4.2

- Implemented full support for Eden beta releases and pre-Eden nightly builds.
- Added application version in in-application settings.

Sep 30
Version 1.4.1

- Fixed crashes (in TV shows library browser) with "Specials" season and episodes without episode number or title.
- Fixed bug in now playing thumbnail caching code.
- Fixed system shutdown (instead of suspending now really shuts down the system).

Sep 16
Version 1.4.0

- TV show library browsing support!

- Support for nightlies with JSON-RPC changes made on September 5.

- If there are less than 30 artists or TV shows, the section headers and section indices will be hidden.
- Fixed crash in music library browser when XBMC has an empty (or no) music library.
- Minor UI bugfixes and improvements.

Aug 16
Version 1.3.0

- Preliminary support for XBMC's nightly builds (upcoming 11.0 Eden), tested with nightly build of August 8, 2011.
- Fixed bug when the app is suspended while setting up the connection, it would end up being in connecting state indefinitely.
- Connectivity spinner is now used as well while loading larger data from XBMC (thumbnails, library, etc.).
- Improve resampling of image thumbnails (album art in music browser and thumbnail art in now playing view).

Jul 13
Version 1.2.0

This release adds music library browsing, optimized for performance and usability:

- Artist browser including section index.
- Custom styled artist albums browser, listing all albums by an artist, sorted from newest albums to old.
- Start playing an album by a single tap on a song.
- Shortcut buttons to play all songs by artist, shuffle all songs by artist, or shuffle a single album.

- Updates from XBMC to the music library are downloaded in the background to a local music library cache, supporting offline music browsing.


- Fixed now playing drawing issue with only an artist and song title (and no album).
- Fixed timeout setting, set to 30 seconds, to allow for slower connections.
- Fixed problem that could show connection error message twice at startup.
- Fixed problem that did not detect a connection error as a result of a password change.

- Minor overall improvements and bugfixes.

Apr 27
Version 1.1.0

- Added username/password settings to connect with XBMC with a username and password.
- Fixed sending return key code from iPad keyboard when XBMC virtual keyboard is active.
- Fixed keyboard handling for windows with edit controls.

Mar 29
Version 1.0.0

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