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Can you remember, when you have been a child - These little snow globes from the small souvenir shops, if you shake them, it let it snow ?? Then be prepared for "My Snow-Globe", which is much more than that !! Life is to hard without my snow globe - Get it, shake your iPhone and have fun and let it snow !

"My Snow-Globe" is an app which let you create your on individual magic virtual snow globe, by just taking a photo with you build in camera, or using an existing photo from your camera roll on your phone !

Your chosen photo will be placed into the snow globe into a beautiful picture frame inside, and if you shake your phone, it let it snow onto your desired photo !!!

Unbelievable, but true - the photo will be saved permanently to the app, afterwards you can engrave a name of the photo you like to the brass plate at the socket of the snow globe ! Of course you can change the photo and engraving afterwards !

Take a photo of a famous sight you like, or one of your last trip - or of you boyfriend, girlfriend or loved ones !!

Send your self-designed snow globe via email or social networks to your friend and loved ones !

► Winter snow storm sound included !

An app you will never miss again !

The following snow flakes are included:
► Classic snow flakes
► Clover flake
► Lucky pig flakes

► Love flakes
► Dollar flakes
► Radioactive flakes

► Thunderstorm flakes
► Voodoo needle flakes
► Bomb flakes

► Rain drop flakes
► Explosive flakes
► Grenade flakes

► Skull flakes
► Lightning flakes
► Molatov cocktail flakes

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Lifestyle

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Version History

Launched Jan 26, 2011 (almost 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 2 years, on average.

Dec 17
Version 6.8

Screensize, snow effects improved for all iPhones !
W'app problem sending image solved !
Frame size problem solved !

Dec 11
Version 6.0

Completely re-engineered version of the famous app, now send your self-designed snow globe via email or social networks to your friends ! Sound effects include to every flake - Let it snow !!

Dec 28
Version 2.0

Choose between different snow flakes like:
Love, Dollar, Explosives, Voodoo pins, classic snow flakes,rain drops, lucky pigs, bombs, Molatov cocktail and much more !!
Choose from all of your photos not only from camera roll !

Jan 27
Version 1.0

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