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The most comprehensive photographic plant reference apps available!

North America Plant Scientific Reference provides a massive amount of high quality, up-to-date, unbiased information covering over 40 thousand of common plants.

Information provided in this app include scientific name, common name, states, growth form, flower, fruit and seed, foliage, etc, which can be as detailed as to the active growth period, minimum PH required, seeds per pound, foliage texture, leaf retention properties, and many more.

Photos and illustrations are provided foreach plant: seeds, leaves, flowers, drawings, and other diagrams.

The most attractive feature about this app is the “IDENTIFY” function – Input information of flower color, foliage color, growth form, and shape and orientation, this app will indentify the plant!

North America Plant Scientific Reference has the most complete plant database and pictures.

Features include:
1. Over 40 thousand of plants;
2. Browse by Plant name alphabetically;
3. Browse by States;
4. Instant name search while browsing;
5. Identify Plants by flower color, foliage color, growth form, or shape and orientation;
6. Plant photographs and illustrations.
7. Fruit and Seed information includes: seeds per pound, abundance, begin period, conspicuous, persistence, color, end period;
8. Growth information includes: growth habit, shade tolerance, duration, active growth period, minimum root depth, growth rate, growth form, toxicity, minimum pH, and re-sprout ability;
9. Foliage information includes: leaf retention, foliage color, porosity, and texture;
10. Flower information includes: bloom period, conspicuous, and color;
11. Scientific description for all plant properties;
12. Optimized for iOS 7.

Perfect for both kids and adults to learn about Plants anytime and anywhere. .


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Version History

Launched Feb 01, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Jul 05
Version 3.0.8

1. High resolution larger plants images: click the image to display it in full screen mode, zooming in & out.
2. Optimized searching algorithm to get the desired search results faster.

Feb 29
Version 3.0.6

fix the bugs : the pictures of plant can't display

Dec 16
Version 3.0.5

1. crash when click on "growth" tab bar for a specific plant.
2. Ipad version only, the display of "favorite" button.

Nov 26
Version 3.0.3

New Features include:
1. Share the plant on facebook or twitter.
2. Randomly select a plant to learn.

Thanks for continuing to use "Plants pedia: North America Scientific Reference", please share with your friends!

Jul 22
Version 3.0.2

1.add favourites
2.fix bugs

Sep 16
Version 3.0.1

Fixed bugs.

Jul 18
Version 3.0.0

1.Flat design
2.More plants and images
3.Fixed bugs

Jun 11
Version 2.1

New Name!

Feb 25
Version 2.0

- Universal App, pay once, works on both iPhone and iPad
- Easily share this App with friends
- Link to facebook page
- Better access to description of plant characteristics

Feb 02
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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