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*** Grand Prize Winner of Intel's App Innovation Contest ***

* Celebrating 6 years and millions of imaginative doodles! *

"Drawing app meets Tickle Trunk with this unique doodle app..." MOMeo Magazine


Unleash your wildest creativity with Scribblify, a one-of-a-kind universal painting app for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. From natural to abstract and everything in between, Scribblify allows anyone to create spectacular artwork in seconds—limited only by one's imagination.

Scribblify comes packed with 140 hand crafted brushes unlike anything seen before, each with its own unique appearance and behavior. The huge selection of exclusive brushes, kaleidoscope and mirror drawing modes, advanced color effects, preset backgrounds and more ensures endless entertainment for all ages.

This is a bundled version of Scribblify that automatically removes ads and unlocks page 4 of brushes and backgrounds (page 5 is available via IAP).


Scribblify is a universal app that works great across all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini. With full retina and iPhone 6+ support, users will enjoy stunning clarity and larger drawing canvases when using any high resolution device including all of the latest Apple products.


- Paint using 140 original brushes (112 included in bundle and 28 available via IAP) to create endlessly fascinating and creative compositions

- Choose from 560 brilliant base colors and create custom blends using a variety of innovative effects

- Select from 140 distinct background textures (280 with inversion mode)

- Create incredible 6, 10 and 14-point kaleidoscope designs using any of Scribblify's unique brushes and color effects

- Draw reflective artwork using the horizontal, vertical and quad mirroring systems

- Enable plasma, multicolor, color variance and other effects to produce rich blending styles

- Smear the paint around the screen and manually blend colors using the smear / smudge tool

- Add a secondary color for advanced mixing with all of the other color effects

- Save art to your library or export it via any supported app

- Full retina support for the latest iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads

- Ultra-smooth drawing capabilities

Screenshot Artwork Credit: Ciiirce on Instagram

Help is available on the official Scribblify website. Please contact support for any assistance.

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Primary: Entertainment

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Version History

Launched Jan 10, 2011 (about 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 12 months, on average.

Sep 15
Version 4.5

- Optimized for 64-bit devices and iOS 11.
- Full canvas size support for modern devices.
- Simpler and more versatile sharing widget (send to any compatible sharing app).
- 14-point mirror drawing mode.
- 28 optional new brushes and backgrounds (via IAP).
- Translation for English, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
- Instant undo/redo (5 levels per layer).
- Interface improvements and hundreds of other minor changes.

May 02
Version 4.0

- 28 new and unique brushes and backgrounds
- New smear (smudge) tool for creative blending and dynamic effects
- Additional 6-way mirror kaleidoscope mode
- Fixed shake-to-erase feature not working in iOS 8+
- Enhanced resolution and optimized for iPhone 6/6+ and iOS 8+
- Improved social sharing options including sending via text message (iOS 7+)
- Artwork can now be shared by email at full resolution
- Imported images will now scale to fill the entire canvas by default
- Dozens of assorted bug fixes and enhancements

Feb 01
Version 3.0

- Fully optimized for iOS 7 with simplified icon and interface graphics

- Incredible kaleidoscope modes (10 and 14-point) for creating beautiful reflective art

- 28 brand new original brushes (84 total) including organic, abstract, multicolor

- Dropbox export (full-resolution) and other sharing enhancements (iOS 6+ recommended)

- Mirror slide-out menu for easier access to the numerous symmetry drawing modes

- 28 additional preset backgrounds (84 total, plus inverted mode for each)

- Preference options to toggle mirror grid lines and reset brush properties

- Fixed plasma effect bug that affected cycle speed on some of the brushes

- Shake to erase is now enabled by default on new installs

- Assorted bug fixes and improvements

Aug 17
Version 2.1

- 14 new abstract and creative brushes.

- 28 new backgrounds (56 including inversion mode).

- New mirror mode option. Now you can reflect your art (horizontal, vertical, bidirectional) at any point you touch instead of just in the center of the screen.

- Reduced default brush size (varies by device type).

- Fixed background preview glitch.

- Brush adjustments.

- Assorted bug fixes and improvements.

Jan 05
Version 2.0

Dozens of exciting new features, enhancements and bug fixes have been added to this major update, including:

○ Stunning HD retina support for compatible devices. Every brush and interface element has been recreated from scratch to take full advantage of high resolution displays.

○ Complete support for the latest iOS devices including iPhone 5 and new iPad; now you can create and save incredibly detailed drawings using the device's full screen resolution (up to 2048x1536 on the new iPad).

○ Newly redesigned touch interpolation system to ensure smooth and consistent strokes regardless of how fast or slow you draw. This dramatically improves the quality and appearance of most brushes.

○ Fully revamped brush scaling system that allows every brush to scale across a full range of sizes from small to large. Previously, only a few brushes supported small sizes.

○ New preset background support. Select from one of 28 preset backgrounds and change it at any time while drawing. Each preset background can also be inverted to effectively create more than 55 textures. Or, import your own image through the background picker (great for tracing--can be swapped out for another background before saving).

○ New transparent background option. By popular demand, a transparent background can now be applied. Such drawings will be saved as transparent PNGs for post-processing and composition in other applications (photo library and email only).

○ Nearly five times as many base colors as before. There are now twice as many color tones and 10 additional shades of each color, 560 in all. Plasma and other color effects remain available to create infinitely more possibilities.

○ Seven brand new brushes including spiral neon, shaded tubing, abstract grunge, natural textures and more. There are now over 40 completely unique brushes designed exclusively for Scribblify, let your imagination run wild!

○ Added export to Instagram feature. The artwork will be center-cropped and sent directly to Instagram for post-processing and sharing. (Instagram must be installed on your device to use this service).

○ Improved other sharing services for iOS 6 and restored Tumblr sharing capabilities.

○ Vastly reduced image loading and new canvas processing times. Loaded images use higher quality resampling than previous versions. New drawings are now instantaneous, no waiting at all.

○ Enhanced quality and optimization of imported and exported images; images saved to photo library will be lossless PNGs to preserve full detail.

○ Fixed bug that would sometimes cause Scribblify to crash upon open or while exporting the image on some devices.

○ Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements.

Aug 23
Version 1.2

- 7 new uniquely creative brushes (mesh, fuzzy neon, drippy, etc.)

- Dedicated eraser tool with option to use any brush settings for advanced visual effects

- Single session dual-layer toggle (background/foreground)

- Enhanced sharing capabilities including customizable messages and Tumblr support

- Improved undo/redo functionality and increased limit (toggle via Options)

- Optional shake to erase functionality

- Optional reset drawing/brushes on load

- Optional background fill via color picker (hold finger on selected color)

- Fixed rare bug that caused brush and color options to freeze

- Assorted bug fixes and improvements

Feb 16
Version 1.1

- Added 10-level undo/redo functionality (enable via options)
- Fixed orientation of locally saved images when device is in portrait mode
- Improved quality of loaded images
- Reduced default brush size when using iPod/iPhone
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and adjustments

Jan 10
Version 1.0

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