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The Alliant Mobile App makes it easy for you to manage your finances on the go, with only the tap of a finger. It’s quick, convenient and all-around smarter banking! Tap. Bank. Smile.

Use your existing Alliant Online Banking login to get started or, if you’re a first time user, create your login credentials right from the app.

Use the Alliant Mobile App to:
• Deposit checks instantly
• Securely check account balances and view recent banking activity
• See transaction history, including credit card transactions
• Transfer money between accounts and set up external accounts
• Report cards lost or stolen with our tap to call feature
• Pay monthly bills and set up new payees
• Find ATMs in our 80,000 surcharge-free network as well as ATMs that accept deposits
• Create, receive and respond to secure messages
• Keep track of your finances via powerful personal financial management tool

Highlighted mobile app features include:
• Fingerprint authentication. Log in to the app with the touch of a finger
• Balance preview. View your balance prior to logging in.
• Customization. Easily reorder your accounts
• Built-in help. Find the answers you need instantly

Alliant Mobile Banking works with devices using Version – iOS – 9.0 and above

Transfer Limits
Checking accounts: There are no limits on the number of transfers you can make in a calendar month.

Savings accounts: You can make up to six total transfers to another account or a third party in a calendar month per federal regulations. We may refuse or reverse a transfer that exceeds these limits; we may also assess fees, suspend or close your account.

All transactional data is encrypted and no sensitive account information is stored on your mobile device.

• Location permissions are needed to determine your location in order to find ATMs.
• Camera permissions are needed to deposit checks.

Deposit limits and other restrictions apply. Alliant’s Mobile Check Deposit Service is subject to eligibility. Some features are available for eligible members and accounts only. There is no charge from Alliant to use the mobile app, but message and data rates may apply.

Surcharge-free ATMs include: Alliant-owned ATMs and ATMs that are part of the Alliance One, Allpoint, CO-OP Network, Credit Union 24, CU Here and Publix Presto networks. Transactions performed at other ATMs may be subject to the ATM owner’s surcharge fee. Not all ATMs accept deposits.

All deposits are subject to the Alliant Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy. Refer to Alliant’s Account Agreement and Disclosures for more information. Please retain your check for 90 days before destroying.

Contact Us
800-328-1935 (24/7)

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Version History

Launched Dec 16, 2010 (almost 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jul 28
Version 4.8.7

In this release:
- Support for new account type
- Alert for iOS 11 users

May 21
Version 4.8.4

In this release:
Bug fix to travel notifications

Apr 29
Version 4.8.3

In this release:
-Updated messaging for tablet users
-Removed CCPA Alert

Apr 16
Version 4.8.2

- New Login Flow with PIN setup optional instead of required
- Alerts for out of date operating systems: The app will only support select operating systems in a future release
- Alerts for tablet support: Tablets will no longer be supported in a future release
- Bug Fixes

Jan 02
Version 4.8.0

You can find Alliant's California Privacy Statement by scrolling down and clicking the privacy link.

Dec 09
Version 4.7.3

In this release:
-Minor Bug Fixes

Nov 25
Version 4.7.1

In this release:
-Minor bug fixes for iOS

Nov 01
Version 4.7.0

In this release:
-Members are now able to pay their Alliant credit card in the app.
-Visit the Account Details screen for your credit account or the Card Management section of the app to pay your Alliant credit card.

Sep 26
Version 4.6.2

In this release:
- Library Updates
- Bug Fixes
- Analytics Enhancements

Sep 03
Version 4.6.1

- Bug Fixes

Aug 26
Version 4.6.0

-Analytics Enhancements
-Bug Fixes

Jul 16
Version 4.5.3

- Library Updates
- Improvements to the inactivity timer
- Minor bug fixes

Jun 13
Version 4.5.1

- Library Updates
- Minor Bug Fixes

Apr 26
Version 4.5.0

In this release:
- Bug fixes

Mar 21
Version 4.4.5

In this release:
- Improved in-app messaging when account settings have changed

Nov 29
Version 4.4.3

In this release:
- Bug fixes
- Performance Improvements

Nov 15
Version 4.4.2

In this release:
- Ability to view bill pay history
- Ability to view external transfer history
- Performance Improvements

Oct 03
Version 4.4.1

In this release:
-Bug fix to correctly calculate running balances

Oct 02
Version 4.4.0

In this release:
-UX enhancements
-Performance Improvements
-Credit Card Cash Back Rewards Information

Aug 28
Version 4.3.1

In this release:
-Security Enhancements
-Several bug fixes
-Layout adjustments

Jul 31
Version 4.3.0

In this release:
-Updated error messaging for invalid requests
-Bug fix for session timeouts

Jun 28
Version 4.2.2

In this release:
-Device Details included in secure messaging
-Performance and Security Enhancements
-Minor Bug Fixes

May 31
Version 4.2.0

In this release:
-Bug fixes and stability improvements

Apr 23
Version 4.1.1

Bug fix to reduce errors when depositing checks.

Apr 04
Version 4.1.0

Minor bug fixes

Mar 14
Version 4.0.0

In this release:
-Report a Debit or Credit Card Lost or Stolen, order a replacement card, and activate your card
-Improvements to check depositing
-Several bug fixes

Nov 27
Version 3.4.0

Thanks to your feedback, we have added several enhancements in this release to improve your mobile banking experience:
- Full support for Apple’s Face ID and the iPhone X
- Ability to see joint/linked accounts and transfer funds to these accounts
- Access to check your ATM Rebate status
- Travel Notification set up

Aug 07
Version 3.3.1

We’re listening. Your feedback has led to several of the enhancements in this release enhancing your mobile banking experience:
-Login updates improve the effectiveness of your fingerprint as your method of verification
-Account profile updates increase the security of your personal information
-Bill payment information has been updated to simplify management of payees and payments

Apr 06
Version 3.3.0

Based on your feedback, we have made updates for a better mobile banking experience!
- Sign Off button: Simply tap “Sign Off” to end your session and save your login preferences
- Extra time: The 3-minute session timer ensures you can use another app and remain logged in to mobile banking
- Closed accounts: View useful transaction details in a read-only format
- Secure messages: Delete old secure messages with a simple left swipe

Mar 09
Version 3.2.1

Account Access
- Defect fixes
Mobile Deposits
- Check image capture updates
Bill Pay
- Landing page enhancements

Jan 31
Version 3.2.0

Mobile Deposits
- The “Image Too Light” error has been fixed
- The “Image Too Dark” error has been fixed
- The “Server Not Connecting” error has been fixed
- The green box display when taking the check photo has been updated

Bill Pay
- Landing page bugs

General Items
- Various crash scenarios
- iPad rotation bug

Dec 22
Version 3.1.0

Enhancements made to the following areas:
App crashes
Bill Pay display and modifications
Remote Deposit crashes, memory and pending deposits
ATM search
Minor user interface updates

Nov 29
Version 3.0.1

Updated design, fingerprint login, adding payees, adding external accounts, in-app secure messaging, balance preview, and account reordering to name a few!
**Known Issues**
Viewing accounts after a transfer may show incorrect screen.

Jun 14
Version 2.5.10

Nexus 5X image flipping was corrected
Minor bug fixes

Sep 16
Version 2.5.80000

iOS 9 Compatibility

May 27
Version 2.5.70000

Use our new person-to-person (P2P) payment feature to quickly pay friends or businesses

Keep track of your finances via a powerful personal financial management tool

Minor bug fixes

Nov 10
Version 2.5.50001

Added check to require iOS 7 and above to update app.

Sep 17
Version 2.5.5

iOS8 Compatibility

Jan 21
Version 2.4.30008

• Credit Card transaction history
• Mobile Check Deposit - improved image capture, Held for Review cancellation capability
• Find ATM / Branch location search upgrade
• iPhone5 compatibility

Sep 17
Version 2.3.30307

Minor bug fixes

May 13
Version 2.3.30300

Added Mobile Check Deposit

Mar 08
Version 2.0.1

• App is designed for both iPhone and iPad
• Added Pay Bills
• Added member to member transfers
• Links to Alliant's Facebook and Twitter pages
• Air Print capability
• Updated graphics and other minor bug fixes

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Oct 14
Version 1.3.5

Alliant is now iOS 5 compatible

Dec 23
Version 1.3.1

Updated to prevent unsupported iOS.

Dec 16
Version 1.3

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