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Imagine how much fun a day at a theme park would be if the queuing was fun too!

This entertaining app will make your visit to a busy theme park, like Disneyland, Universal Studios or Six Flags, even more enjoyable.

Filled with tips, activity ideas and trivia, this app helps remove the "downs" from your theme park visit.

Suitable for
- Kids and adults
- Single riders and large groups
- First timers and annual pass holders

- More than 120 ideas for confined queuing conditions
- Both classic and new games with a theme park twist
- A variety of activity types to keep people of all personalities and ages amused during the longest wait times of amusement park lines

- Learn how to avoid long queues altogether
- Use the check-list of items to plan what to take to the park
- Get constructive help for conquering your fear of roller coasters
- And much more to help make your visit more enjoyable

- Record holding coasters
- Coaster types and milestones
- Theme park attendance figures
- and much more!

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Version History

Launched Nov 18, 2010 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 years, on average.

Jun 04
Version 1.5

Updated the background workings and latest attendance stats.

Sep 23
Version 1.3

Updated some records/stats in the trivia section and have made it easier to do this more regularly.
User interface will be update shortly for the larger screens.

Jun 22
Version 1.2

Updated content.

Jul 15
Version 1.1

Update of the Trivia section’s roller coaster records: updated some, extended some and added some new record categories. Happy queueing!

Nov 19
Version 1.0

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