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Discover inner peace and emotional freedom with AWARENESS, a revolutionary new application that helps you learn to be grounded and peaceful in your day to day life. Developed by NY Psychotherapist Ronit Herzfeld, it builds on 25 years of clinical psychological experience, modern advances in neuroscience, and ancient spiritual learning, packaged into a mobile tool that goes with you wherever you are.

"What are you feeling right now?"

With this simple question, AWARENESS ushers in a new era in the way individuals can use technology to change their own feelings, attitudes and behavior in an empowering way.

“Leave it to Ronit Herzfeld, massive-hearted, creative innovator, lover of humanity, to find wisdom in the simple: a way for humanity to wake up, a little bit every day, to their feelings, thoughts, sensations, to who they are, through the use of the ubiquitous iPhone app. It’s nothing short of brilliant, and has the potential to take humanity to the evolutionary place it’s going anyway, but possibly a good deal faster, possibly creating a quantum leap…”

-- Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC., holistic psychotherapist, educator, eco-entrepreneur
A Better World, Founder, President
A Better World Radio & TV Host, Producer

The AWARENESS application is the first tool to use mobile technology to randomly intercept your daily routine, and prompt you to get in touch with what you are feeling; taking you out of your worries and bringing you to the present moment. Throughout the day, on a schedule you configure, a gentle "gong" will go off and the phone will prompt you to record what you are feeling in the current moment. It will then lead you in a brief meditative exercise that you can do wherever you are, to bring you back to the present moment. It will ask you to record what you were doing when you experienced the feeling, and then leave you with an inspirational quote that relates to the feeling you recorded.

AWARENESS is easy to use, and includes some great features:

- Ability to configure the alert frequency, sound, start and end times
- Avoids interrupting your iCal meetings
- 20 brief meditative video clips guide you back to the present moment
- 400 inspirational quotes
- Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly reports give you insight into your moods, feelings and associated activities
- Tracks your "escape" activities that distract you from unpleasant feelings
- Works with or without a network connection
- No advertisements
- All data is kept private and stored on your device(s) and synced through your Apple id (if enabled).

"To really feel your own power and abilities, you must begin by spending time with yourself. But time can be scarce. The AWARENESS iPhone application creates a small space, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, to stop, feel and breathe — usually, just when you most need it. This ingenious little helper is like an angel sitting on your shoulder, encouraging you to be the person you truly are. "
-- Evan Bailyn
Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Evan Bailyn Foundation For Emotional Awareness

Whether you know it or not, your emotional world runs you. The more aware you are of your feelings, the more you can harness them to your benefit. You can be a prisoner of your emotions, or you can master them.

AWARENESS help you become aware of your emotions and how they affect your thoughts and actions in ways that don’t work for you; preventing you from living your life fully and authentically. After just a few weeks of practice, users have found that:

- They are more present, more relaxed, and more comfortable in their skin.
- They are more harmonious in relationships
- They are less stressful and more peaceful at work and at home
- They are more energetic during the day
- They are better able to focus on their goals
- They are less distracted, impatient, forgetful or tired

We look forward to hearing your personal story of transformation through AWARENESS!

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Version History

Launched Nov 10, 2010 (about 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Oct 04
Version 1.5.2

This version restores compatibility with IOS 11+, thank you for your patience!

Sep 20
Version 1.1.3

AWARENESS is updated to support 7.0, as well as the 4 inch screen. We have also added new feeling choices and content requested by our loyal fans.

Mar 17
Version 1.1.2

Share your feelings on Facebook, by email and text.

Users of devices running iOS 4.3 or greater can now share feelings between multiple devices.

Mar 01
Version 1.1.1

Users can also now share their feelings and thoughts using Facebook, Email or SMS.

Now you can record feelings on any iOS device and they will be synchronized across all of your devices.

Feb 23
Version 1.1

Users can also now share their feelings and thoughts using Facebook, Email or SMS.

Now you can record feelings on any iOS device and they will be synchronized across all of your devices.

Oct 01
Version 1.0.8

Substantially decreased app size to enable over-the-air downloading

Jul 01
Version 1.0.6

Introducing custom editions, enabling users to select content and themes from leading practitioners.

Apr 19
Version 1.0.5

Users can now choose to be notified of upcoming AWARENESS events.
Improved visual contrast.
Resolved issue with iPads hanging on first launch as well as a potential data loss issue.
Updated several video meditations

Jan 06
Version 1.0.3

Resolves issue found in previous release by some iPad users who reported being unable to tap to continue from the welcome screen.

Dec 30
Version 1.0.2

Changes to reports make it easier to view the recorded activities along with the related feelings.

Increased the visibility of the instruction buttons on each screen that provide essential tips for getting the most out of the application

Nov 30
Version 1.0.1

Video exercises are now supported on iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4 in addition to iTouch 3 and 4

Minor user interface improvements

Nov 10
Version 1.0

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