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Quarters is the most popular drinking game of all time, and now we present it to you in 3D for iOS! You can choose from 9 different coins, and play up to 7 people. The more you play, the more wobbly the camera becomes, so getting the coin in the beer mug gets harder and harder.

Supports AirPlay!

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Casual

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Quarters!! screenshot 1Quarters!! screenshot 2Quarters!! screenshot 3Quarters!! screenshot 4Quarters!! screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Oct 22, 2010 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 12 months, on average.

Sep 27
Version 2.4.1

Updated for iOS 10

Sep 14
Version 2.3

Updated for iOS 7

Nov 30
Version 2.1

• Support for iPhone 5's larger screen

Mar 16
Version 2.0.1

Improved messaging system

Oct 07
Version 2.0

NOTE: Verizon iPhones require iOS 5.0 to play this version. All other devices only need 4.3.

Added support for Airplay! You can now play Quarters wirelessly in *true* HD on your living room HDTV set! (Requires Airplay compatible device & AppleTV for this new feature). Also play with the Apple HDMI adapter in true 1080p on your HDTV (no AppleTV required).

Jan 05
Version 1.0.2

More tweaks

Oct 22
Version 1.0

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