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This version has 1,276 pages of content! (316 pages more than the previous version)!

Resources any street officer could use...

* Accident investigation formulas; brake efficiency; narrative templates; different tire size speed calculator; view GPS coordinates for crash reports. LiDAR test instructions; Warrant PUR guidelines

* Training articles regarding detecting concealed weapons, pluralistic ignorance, interview & interrogation, detecting deception, rookie drug interdiction mistakes, Drug Recognition Expert training and more. Video tutorials for SFST's and new CPR guidelines.

* Pill identifier; DEA drug schedule; DEA chemical list; pills of abuse photos; NADDI pharmaceutical drugs of abuse pamphlets; commonly abused prescription drug pics

* Case Law resources for probable cause (search); probable cause (arrest); reasonable suspicion; abandoned property; administrative search; community care taking; consent search; corrections (body cavity search; strip search; due process with discipline; prisoner drug testing); disorderly conduct type arrests; exculpatory evidence; exigent circumstances; expectation of privacy; good faith doctrine; hot pursuit; ignorance of law; incident to arrest search; international border searches; internal investigations; K-9 sniffs; Miranda; open fields doctrine; plain view; probationer searches; public authority defense; school searches; stop & frisk; suspect line-Up; thermal camera; traffic stops (pre-textual stops; passenger not free to leave; length of stops; order occupants out of vehicle; passengers to provide identification; miranda warnings; GPS, phone, and beeper pings; vehicle searches; vehicle inventory; roadblock / checkpoints); trash & garbage search; use of force; vehicle pursuits; warrant execution

* News RSS feeds from American Police Beat, Officer.com, and PoliceOne.com.

* Legal update RSS feeds from American Police Beat, AELE, Public Agency Training Council, and U.S. Supreme Court.

* The ability to take a photo and have a date/time stamp, GPS location and address appear in the photo's top margin for evidence. Photos can be stored and organized in a folder system that also allow the photos to be emailed, MMS or deleted.

* Report narrative templates with some crime-specific questions to consider (very early stages)

* A integrated work calendar to maintain your rotating work schedule.

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Version History

Launched Oct 11, 2010 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Sep 05
Version 3.9

Updated to work with latest iOS

Aug 25
Version 3.8

General code update

Dec 12
Version 3.7

iOS 7 compatibility

Apr 10
Version 3.5

bug fixes and case law updates

Feb 19
Version 3.4

Case law updates
Minor bug fixes

Jan 09
Version 3.3

Reduced the font size and line spacing for a better appearance and readability.

Dec 21
Version 3.2

Added NHTSA SFST environmental standards
Emergency Room locator now opens in Apple Maps
General bug fixes

Dec 19
Version 3.1

Fixed menu navigation, corrected some agency contacts and added emergency room locator. And of course, added more case law.

Nov 19
Version 3.0

Someone one emailed me complaining I don't list all the additions for users to see. Well, I compiled a list this time so you can see why I don't always list everything:

iPhone 5 compatible

Case Law tab (cases added):
U.S. v. Harrison
Actual or Apparent Authority info
Minnesota v. Olson
Hatcher v. State
United States v. Kelly
United States v. Skinner
Ryburn v. Huff
Lavan v. City of Los Angeles
State v. Mercier
United States v. Hampton
Bobby v. Dixon
United States v. McCargo
Slaughter v. Baltimore
Horton v. California (additional info)
Thompson v. North American Stainless, LP
United States v. Ludwig
Shaw v. Stroud
California v. Hodari D.
United States v. Grupee
Wilson v. Layne
Hunsberger v. Wood
Hanlon v. Berger
Anderson v. City of Bainbridge Island
United States v. Rebecca Jones & Kipling Jones
Costco Wholesale Corporation v. United Food and Commercial Workers Union

Tools tab:
Added Facebook and Twitter as exigency contacts (under mobile phone exigencies)
Added DEA Drug Fact Sheets
GPS Coordinates maps are now in hybrid view
EvidenceCam map is now in hybrid view

Training tab:
Added Interview v. Interrogation
Added Community-Based Programs
Added Domestic Violence
Added Force Science Institute Traffic Stop Study
Added Force Science Institute Wake Forest Study
Added Force Science Institute Taser on Juvenile Study
Added Taser NIJ study
Added Taser Training Bulletin version 18
Added Code of Ethics
Added "End of Watch" Monologue

Added LiDAR error codes & manuals
Added PoliceTees store link (under Developer Communications)
Added police survey links (main tab)
Added BlackAsphalt /Desert Snow login (under Drugs)

May 16
Version 2.9

~ Fixed issues with Blood v. Urine collection table for DUI
~ Added subject action / officer reaction videos to training

May 08
Version 2.8

+ Over 100 new pages of information
+ EvidenceCam upgrade
~ Ability to add case information in the footer
~ Distance cannot be refined more than 100 yards away
~ Photos can be saved to Photos app (requires iOS 5)
~ Fixes issue where photos located in the in-app library were not visible
~ Street address can now be deprecated when users is in an open field

Mar 18
Version 2.7

Only about 100 pages

Nov 15
Version 2.6

- Fixed lagging due to graphics. Had to remove header images.
- Fixed CMV Out of Service and Company Snapshot links
- My Calendar: Dates in repeating work schedule are now linked. Deleting one date deletes future dates. No need to delete every day separately.
- My Calendar: Instructions now available under Developer Communications.
- Gang database startup

Oct 28
Version 2.5

- Bug fixes
- More resources & case law

POST-RELEASE UPDATE: Some menu pages are lagging when scrolling. I'm working on a fix!

Sep 28
Version 2.4

Header image correction.

Sovereign Citizen video training.

Next version should have a many more updates...this version is a coding fix.

Sep 16
Version 2.3

New look...
Video links fixed

Aug 30
Version 2.2

139 pages of NEW content!

New case laws and tools added

It looks like I exceeded the 20MB restriction. Wifi is required to download this update. Sorry :(

May 26
Version 2.1

* Photograph Evidence feature
* GPS Coordinate feature
* Work schedule with ability to add rotating days on/off
* Dozens of new case laws
* Additions to 'report writing'
* New 'Tools' tab with several new resources
* Work schedule with ability to add rotating days on/off
* GPS Coordinate feature
* Photograph Evidence feature

Apr 06
Version 2.0

215 pages of new content!

* Report narrative templates with some crime-specific questions to consider (very early stages)

* Many new small tools and case law updates

Jan 20
Version 1.6

*Fixed External Links
*User-Requested Improvements

This update was rushed to fix the external links. Expect another date upcoming for other improvements.

Jan 06
Version 1.5

-case law updates
-note features
-additional training
...many other features added

Dec 17
Version 1.4

* Many new case law updates
* Message center for developer communications
* Add RSS legal feed
* Added link to external translator to translate user specified words in most other languages.

Unfortunately, the audio had to be removed from the Spanish translation due to problems with the translation service provider.

Nov 06
Version 1.3

* New server for faster download of external documents

* Detecting Deception and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) information added under interview and interrogation education section

* Many case law updates in internal investigations, expectation of privacy, exculpatory evidence, and plain smell doctrine.

Nov 01
Version 1.2

* Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) information added under interview and interrogation education section

* Many case law updates in internal investigations, expectation of privacy, and exculpatory evidence.

Oct 22
Version 1.1

- Many new case law additions!
- Rookie Drug Interdiction Officer Mistakes (Education tab)
- DRE - Drug Recognition Training (Education tab)

Oct 11
Version 1.0

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