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DVD Catalog for the iPhone is here! Our popular iPad version has now be written for the iPhone! And you get our webservice, www.MyDVDCatalog.com! DVD Catalog for the iPhone is like having your DVD Library in your pocket!

DVD Catalog with online BACKUP and RESTORE webservice at www.MyDVDCatalog.com is the fastest way to enter your entire DVD collection into your iPhone. You can enter your DVDs both manually or with the tap of a button you can use the AUTO LOAD button where you simply type in your movie title and let our web service find your movie for you and fill in all the information as well as a photo of the movie!

Forget about entering bar codes. Entering a movie is much easier and faster. As soon as you see your movie, tap on it and then tap on save! That is it!

Features of DVD Catalog:

- Add movies manually or with our +AUTO button! ( our favorite feature!)

- Search your entire DVD catalog .

- Create Username and password to connect to our webservice. You can use the same username and password on all of our apps and website.

- Gorgeous graphics and ease of use make this app a cinch to use as well as fun!

- Add custom dvd cover photos if want to add video games, music , etc.

New feature added
Search faster: Tap on letter to bring you to movies that start with that letter. To show all movies, tap Show All.

DVD Catalog webservice is the best way to keep a log of all your DVDs, and where they currently are! Our backup service is perfect if you lose your iPhone or get a new iPhone. In that case, you would simply download our app again, and then type in your username and pass, tap on the login button and then tap RESTORE! All your movies from the website directly on your iPhone!

MyDVDCatalog.com is proud to present our new feature, SHARE COLLECTION. With this new feature you can share your entire DVD Collection with anyone. All included when you download any of our apps. You have two options with the SHARE COLLECTION FEATURE. You can share your entire collection with everyone in the world, or you can share it with only a few people. See attached screen shots below. To share with everyone, just check the SHARE checkbox in the User profile menu option after you login to mydvdcatalog.com. To limit your collection to only selected people, you would simply enter a share code that you can email to any of your friends or people to who you want to view your collection. Enjoy our new feature!

*NOTE You can store and unlimited amount of DVDs on your device. Our backup and restore service is free up to 150 dvds as well. If you have more than 150 dvds and still want to use our backup and restore service, then you will have to join our Oscar Club. Please visit MyDVDCatalog.com for more details.


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Version History

Launched Sep 22, 2010 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Dec 14
Version 8.0

- in data entry screen, when you add a movie title and tap the auto button, it will now search movies in next screen.
- added sort menu on search screen, so you can now sort your movies by title, year, etc. Simply tap the same sort again to sort forwards and backwards. To set default search, simply tap show all movies button.

Sep 29
Version 7.2

-updated for iOS 11
-minor bug fixes

Mar 02
Version 7.1

- Add movies faster now! Tap + button at main screen, enter a title to search for, select movie, tap on SAVE button!
- The SAVE button will wiggle to remind you to save your movie when adding or editing.
- Fixed bug on creating new user

Jan 16
Version 7.0

-Much improved and faster interface! Find your movie in seconds!
-New Icon
-Bug fixes
-Automatically backups up all your movies to DVD Cloud when you add/edit/delete a movie. Of course you can always backup and restore your movies anytime you want!
-faster movie browsing and so very easy to search and find your movie!

!!NOTE!! if you are having problems upgrading to this new version, please do the following:
1. Go into settings and tap BACKUP to backup your collection to our DVD Cloud.
2. Delete the app on your device.
3. Download new app
4. Go to USER PROFILE, enter your username and password and LOGIN.
5. Go to SETTINGS and tap on RESTORE to restore your collection from DVD Cloud to your new app on your device.

Jul 17
Version 5.4

- Minor Fix

Apr 06
Version 5.3

- Minor fixes
- Added Fix story button on settings screen for users having problems with backups.
- Added Blu-ray 3D to format choices

Mar 11
Version 5.2

-Now you can add your own custom DVDC photos in data entry screen again.

Mar 01
Version 5.1

- When emailing DVDs in settings screen, a text file is created and attached with all your DVDs. This updated feature also protects against crashing especially with users with large collections.

Jan 27
Version 5.0

- All new improved stunning graphic updates!
- Cosmetic fixes
- Added DIGITAL COPY as a format choice
- Other minor fixes

Aug 02
Version 4.0

New Features!
-Yes, we added the long awaited Landscape Cover Flow view too! Now you can view your DVDs in both portrait and landscape modes! Just tap on the L button on the main screen to view your DVDs in Landscape mode!
- Add full searches to Landscape mode as well
- Added more Genres
- Now when tapping on DVD covers, a quick menu will appear to give you quick details on the movie as well as a larger font to easily view your movies.
- Bug fixes
- Cosmetic fixes

Thank you for all your continued support with our DVD Catalog products! Contact us any time at MyDVDCatalog.com.

MyDVDCatalog.com now has the Movie/TV Show request form! if you do not see your movie in our database, let us know by filling out our form and we will add it for you!

Feb 08
Version 3.5

- Added more new features! On Search screen , we added two more buttons, DVD and Blu-ray, so you can only see DVD movies or Blu-ray movies. We also added a Show All button so you can quickly show all movies to reset any search filter quickly.
- Miscellaneous fixes
- Export to CSV,Excel,PDF, etc on our reports menu at www.MyDVDCatalog.com

Jan 28
Version 3.0

- On Cover flow screen, now you can search by Genre! When you search on cover flow screen by letter, a new option, Genre button will popup with a list of Genre's you can search your cover flow by.
- On Search screen, added DVD format field under dvd cover image
- Cosmetic fixes
- DVDCatalog.com website now allows you to upload your own custom dvd cover images as well as full reporting.

Dec 21
Version 2.6

-fixes to BACKUP AND RESTORE features that created duplicate titles when RESTORING.

Dec 10
Version 2.5

-iOS 4.2 updated
- In the search screen, we added a LENT TO button so with just one tap you can see all your DVDS that you have loaned out
- Corrected searching for movies when they have apostrophe's in title, like Valentine's Day
- In settings page, added new option to "ALLOW DUPLICATE TITLES" when saving movies. Turn this on and you can have the same titles. For example, you may have "Finding Nemo" in a dvd and one in Blu-ray, so you can add two titles with the same name now.
- Other miscellaneous enhancements

Nov 17
Version 2.1

-Faster searching! When you are in the data entry screen to add a movie, enter your movie title and then tap the "Auto Load" button. Your movie will be searched for instantly. Now you will not have to tap on the auto load button and the search button after that, saving you two taps when searching!
- The "Remove The" option from the beginning of a title now updates after autoloading a movie and also fixed the problem if a movie title started for example "There's something about Mary" . Before it would still remove the "the" in "there's". Now that is fixed where it now removes only the "the ".
- Added a quick button for "FORMAT" field in data entry screen. By repeatedly tapping this button, the format field will give you choices to add "DVD,HD-DVD,Blu-ray,Hard Drive, etc".

Oct 01
Version 2.0

-iOS 4.1 update
-Fixed Backup/restore feature if you have more than 500 dvds
-Cometic enhancements

Sep 23
Version 1.5

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