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The most advanced geographic encyclopedia and quiz on the App Store.

Did you know…
…Bhutan is a country in Southeastern Asia?
…Romania has the same flag as Chad?
…the highest peak of Africa is Kilimanjaro in Tanzania?
…India is 7th largest country of the world?
…Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina?
…Singapore is an island country?

This app is an ideal companion for people who want to learn more about geography. It includes more than 50 thousand facts about more than 250 countries and territories of the world. In addition to browsing the data, you can play 9 types of quiz games about flags, capitals or location of countries.

• More than 250 countries and territories, grouped into 6 continents.
• Each country or territory has:
– Official name, flag, capital, ISO codes, and political status.
– Location on continent with a mini map.
– Area, highest peak, population, GDP, trade balance, and unemployment rate.
– Official languages and currency, major religions, and urbanization.
– Neighbouring countries, nearby countries, and administered territories.
– Time zones, telephone subscriptions, and internet users.
• Search by names, capitals, highest peaks, and ISO codes.
• Sort and compare all countries by area, population or GDP, with colored map diagrams.
• Play flag quiz for any continent and try demo of all other quizzes.
• Fully accessible using VoiceOver, including many of the quizzes.

• Purchase detailed data to learn about population growth, lowest points, largest cities, GDP per capita and growth, and many other attributes.
• Purchase all statistics to be able to sort and compare all countries by length of borders or coastline, elevation of highest or lowest point, population density or growth, and many other attributes.
• Purchase all quizzes to learn flags, capitals, locations, or sizes of all countries. Try blind map quiz or play with all question mixed together. You can win 100% discount for this in-app purchase and have it for FREE.
• Download the app to see details about content, pricing, and discounts.

If you need an app compatible with Volume Purchase Program, check out “Geography EDU” app with the SAME content.

Main sources of the data are The World Factbook 2017 and Social Progress Index 2018.

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Version History

Launched Sep 10, 2010 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Nov 28
Version 5.7.3

Changed highest peaks of Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands to account for their integral parts off the mainland.

• The highest peak of Spain is a volcano Mount Teide on the African island of Tenerife.
• The highest peak of Portugal is a volcano Mount Pico in Azores in the Atlantic Ocean.
• The highest peak of the Netherlands is a volcano Mount Scenery on the Caribbean island of Saba.

Nov 02
Version 5.7.2

Introducing an alternative version of this app, suitable for educational organizations and compatible with Volume Purchase Program of the App Store.

If you want to provide unlocked content for all your teachers and students, search for “Geography EDU” app with very similar app icon. It has exactly the same content, has no in-app purchases, and if you purchase more than 20 licenses, you will get 50% discount.

Oct 09
Version 5.7.1

Fixed an issue with missing translations.
Fixed stability issue on iPads with iOS 12.

Volume Purchase Program in not supported for in-app purchases due to limitations of the App Store. If you are an educational organization and you would like to offer unlocked content to your teachers and students, send me an email (preferrably in English).

Oct 07
Version 5.7

Updated Society section to the latest data.

Data in Society section are sourced from Social Progress Index 2018 and there are several new fields:
• How many people in each country have no access to drinking water or electricity.
• Indicator of education quality and access to information.
• How many people die per year due to air pollution.
Some other fields were removed, since they are no longer used by the SPI.

Did you notice that Swaziland changed its official name to Eswatini?

Also fixed a crash that occured in late stages of some types of quizzes. Happy playing!

Aug 23
Version 5.6.3

This small update brings 3 improvements:

• Region of Mexico was changed from Central America to Northern America. I was using U. N. Geoscheme, but most other sources consider Mexico a part of Northern America, so it should be more intuitive now.
• Improved several VoiceOver descriptions, in particular GMT time zone offsets.
• Fixed a crash when tapping some header separators.

Jun 28
Version 5.6.2

Fixed quiz on older iOS versions.

Map of every country now tells coordinates to VoiceOver users.

Jun 27
Version 5.6.1

Fixed crashes on older iOS versions.

The previous update greatly improved accessibility features.

Jun 24
Version 5.6

This update brings greatly improved accessibility features.

Elements of UI are all properly annotated for VoiceOver, so navigation should be much better now. App now also adapts to other accessibility preferences: Reduce Transparency, Reduce Motion, Darker Colors, Bold Text, and Larger Text.

VoiceOver users can now play many of the quizzes, so you can learn capitals, continents, and sizes of all countries. Capitals quiz is included for free and if you can win all stars, you will receive a gift!

Please, let me know if you find issues with any of these features, so I can improve them further. If you like the app, leave a review or just rate the app!

Apr 19
Version 5.5

This update improves subregions of Europe and shows geographic coordinates for all countries and their islands. It also improves search and fixes 4th star of the Blind Map quiz.

Until now, the app used United Nations Geoscheme (see Wikipedia) to divide Europe into 4 parts (Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern). However, this didn’t reflect historical and cultural identities of many countries, so I decided to change them to be more intuitive to Europeans. These are the changes:
• Added Central Europe with several countries which were previously in Western or Eastern Europe (Austria, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland).
• Added Southeastern Europe with all countries of Balkan peninsula, except Greece (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia). Greece stays in Southern Europe.
• Moved countries of British and Channel Islands from Northern to Western Europe (Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, United Kingdom).

The app now shows geographic coordinates for every country and their major islands. To see them, you need to purchase Unlock All Data. New rows will appear below map and they include coordinates for all major islands of the country, for example Corse for France and Tasmania for Australia.

You can now find lowest points, largest cities, and islands using search.

Mar 26
Version 5.4

Hallo, Welt! This update brings full German translation.

German language is one of the major languages of the world and it’s the second most widely spoken Germanic language, after English. It has 100 million native speakers worldwide, but most of them are in Europe. It’s an official language in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and in some parts of Italy, Poland, and Brazil.

Mar 10
Version 5.3.1

Just small improvements and fixes.

Some titles and formatting was improved across all 5 languages, I fixed a rare crash that happened to some people, and I increased quiz discount to 100%.

Yes, you can win all quizzes for FREE, if you can remember all the flags of the world!

To German speakers: Übrigens arbeite ich an einer deutschen Übersetzung. Wenn Sie einen frühzeitigen Zugang wünschen und mir bei Korrekturen helfen möchten, senden Sie mir bitte eine E-Mail. Ich gehe davon aus, dass es bis Ende April fertig sein wird.

Feb 22
Version 5.3

This update brings new facts about government budgets and the latest GDP data from 2017.

You can now view and compare budget revenues, expenditures, and yearly deficits of 180 countries. In addition, price inflation and total trade volume were also added to most countries.

GDP and all related values have been updated to 2017 and here are some interesting changes in ranking:
• Libya dropped by 20 places from 86th to 106th position. Not good.
• Venezuela dropped by 5 places from 41st to 46th position. Also not good.
• Turkey jumped over 4 countries to 13th position. Good.
• Indonesia overtook Brasil at 7th position, but the difference is very small.

Oh and Libya changed name, again.

Jan 31
Version 5.2

Play the quiz on TV in your living room or classroom!

Simply mirror your iPhone/iPad to Apple TV or connect it using HDMI cable to any TV or projector and the app will automatically present quiz optimized for the big screen.

Can you win a trophy with your family or classmates?

Jan 15
Version 5.1.2

I removed note about Islamic State, since it was defeated in both Iraq and Syria.

I also removed flag of New Caledonia, since it was not official. New Caledonia will hold an independence referendum in 2018.

Button “Play Again” on iPad now works properly.
Using VoiceOver no longer crashes the app. Sorry.

Dec 31
Version 5.1.1

This app is now free to download, but all new users need to purchase access to detailed data, like population density and growth, GDP per capita, lowest points, and so on.

You, the existing users, should be able to see all data just like before. If you encounter any issues, please, send me an email with screenshots. Thanks.

Dec 10
Version 5.1

This update brings nothing new, except it prepares the app for the upcoming price changes.

In the next few weeks, this app will become free to download, but all new users will need to purchase access to detailed data, like population density and growth, GDP per capita, lowest points, and so on. More specifically, all the little expanded rows and the entire Social section will be locked. This transition should not affect the existing users and you should be able to see all data just like before.

If you encounter any issues, please, send me an email with screenshots. Thanks.

Nov 25
Version 5.0.1

How do you like the Quiz? Did you earn a trophy yet?
Let me know in reviews or email!

What’s new in this update:
• Improved appearance on iPhone X and iPad Pro.
• Adjusted difficulty of some Quiz types.
• Enable swipe-to-copy on many table cells.
• Other minor fixes.

Oh and the Quiz is now cheaper. You can still earn 75% discount if you win the included Flag Quiz.

Sep 18
Version 5.0


This update brings you 9 types of quiz games that focus on flags, capitals, continents, maps and relative sizes of all countries. You can play them for every continent or for the entire world. In each quiz, you earn stars to unlock the ultimate quiz where all questions are mixed together. Win this one for any continent to earn a trophy!

I hope you won’t mind if most of the quizzes are locked behind an extra purchase. A huge amount of work went into them, because I wanted to make them easy for beginners, but difficult for geography enthusiasts.

Do you like challenges?
Earn all stars in the free flag quiz to unlock one more quiz type. If you earn all stars in the free flag quiz for the entire world, you will get a discount for purchasing all other quiz types.

Aug 20
Version 4.7

Not yet there. This is just another update with minor improvements:

• Added Galapagos and Easter Island as territories of Ecuador and Chile.
• Added Hawaii and Alaska as non-contiguous states of the United States.
• Added Antarctica to the list of continents.
• Added Tel Aviv as capital of Israel along with Jerusalem, which is not internationally recognized.
• Sorting by Lowest Points is now ordered from smallest (−408 m, Dead Sea) to largest (1400 m, Orange River in Lesotho).
• Opening country in Maps app now shows all its islands and parts.
• Improved shapes of Continents, they are now highly accurate vectors.
• Improved compatibility with future iOS versions.
• Mini Map has better contrast.

>> The big update is comming soon and it’s no longer a secret!
During this summer I’ve been building a geographic Quiz. More exactly 8 different quizzes for each of 5 continents and for the entire Earth. I believe it will be ready in September, but if you want to help me with beta testing, send me an email.

Jul 10
Version 4.6.2

• Several flags were updated from civil to state variants, which typically adds coats of arms. Check out flag of Bolivia, Austria, Costa Rica, Peru, and Venezuela.
• Some other flags were updated with better colors or latest changes.
• Fixed bug with viewing religion statistics.

I’m still working on that big secret thing. It looks very good so far so stay tuned!

May 23
Version 4.6.1

This is a minor update with several UI improvements. Getting ready for future big update, but that’s a secret!

May 01
Version 4.6

This update introduces dynamic app icon, which will now automatically change for people living in America, Asia or Oceania to show their continent (instead of the standard icon with Europe and Africa).

This works only on iOS 10.3 and can be manually changed in Settings app.

Apr 13
Version 4.5

After a significant pause in updates, here’s a new load of features:

• The app now includes a new group of facts related to society as researched by Social Progress Index 2016. These indexes are a good way to compare complex aspects of life in countries, like:
– Basic Human Needs
– Access to Education
– Ecosystem Sustainability
– Corruption, and more.
There are also several absolute metrics that are relevant to quality of life, for example:
– Suicide Rate
– Obesity Rate
– CO₂ Emissions
– Illiteracy, and more.

• Population and Economy data were updated to the latest values from 2016. As previously, the source is The World Factbook.

• Added largest city of every country and its population. In most countries, the largest city is it’s capital, but there are notable exceptions, for example New York City, Sydney, Dubai, or São Paulo.

• Some improvements were made also to Statistics module. Sorted lists of countries now include special entriesm which should help you to get better picture about the metrics, for example:
– European Union, for population and economy
– some U. S. States, like California, Texas, and Alaska
– several largest cities for their population and density

• World population will reach 7.5 billion people in few weeks. Watch it live within the app!

If you enjoy learning Geography, feel free to rate it (5 stars) or review it (“It’s great!”) on the App Store. Thank you very much!

May 20
Version 4.4

The statistics now include maps with colored countries. More dark blue means higher value and yellow means negative values. Such maps are called cartograms or choropleth maps.

I added more detailed values about elevations. Lowest point of every country, elevation range and average evelation. Some of the values are pretty surprising!

In addition, 6 new territories were added. Do you know them? Kaliningrad, Ceuta, Melilla, Canaries, Azores, and Madeira.

If you enjoy learning Geography, feel free to rate it (5 stars) or review it (“It’s great!”) on the App Store. Thank you very much!

Apr 14
Version 4.3

This update brings one of the most requested feature – ability to sort countries by area, population and many more attributes. Which country has the highest GDP? How big is China in comparison to United States? What is the largest country in Africa? These questions are just a tip of an iceberg of what you can learn in seconds.

Open any country, hold your thumb on any numeric value and instantly see how does the country stand when compared to the world. Did you know United States is the 3rd most populous country of the world? Right between Indonesia and India. The population is changing in time, so it may actually change in few months from now.

There is a huge number of other interesting statistics, for example about Life Expectancy, Urbanization, or Internet Adoption. These are available for learning after a one-time In-App Purchase with a reasonable price.

Feb 03
Version 4.2.1

This is a maintenance update with several small improvements and fixes. The most important is fixing the bug that caused a crash if map failed to download and was not already cached. Other improvements are related to number formatting, rounding, fonts, and many internal things.

You can also enjoy much smoother scrolling to alphabetical sections.

Jan 12
Version 4.2

Ever wondered whether Nauru is near Vanuatu? Which country is closest to Seychelles or Cayman Islands? Now all island countries (and many coastal, too) have a list of nearby countries that are reachable over gulf or a sea. You can now “travel” not just across land boundaries, but also over water distances.

Search got major update. It’s now possible to search for highest peaks, internet domains and international calling codes. Simply try “Aconcagua”, “.co” or “+43”. Also, many more emoji now have associated countries.

Sep 16
Version 4.1

You can now find countries from Spotlight in iOS 9 without launching the app. Find countries by name, capital, continent, ISO codes, internet domain, calling codes or even emoji flags.

Make sure you launch the app at least once after this update, because it needs to export the data to Spotlight.

Did you know the highest peak of United States is now called Denali?

Aug 18
Version 4.0

Until now, the app provided info about 193 members of the United Nations plus Vatican City. This update brings you 56 new countries and territories, which covers more than the ISO standard.

• 4 disputed countries: Kosovo, Taiwan, Palestine, and Western Sahara
• 10 associated countries, including Aruba, Greenland, Isle of Man, Niue, and more
• 2 special administrative regions of China: Hong Kong and Macau
• 4 external territories of Australia
• Overseas territories of United Kingdom (13), France (12), and United States (6)
• 5 other autonomous territories. Some of them are in Antarctica!

This update also attempts to highlight status of military conflicts in Ukraine, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Somaliland. Just search for [bomb emoji] to see countries with ongoing military conflicts.

Jun 24
Version 3.6

This is a huge update with over 5600 new and 4000 updated facts!

• Watch the world population grow in real-time! At the current rate of 5 people in 2 seconds, we will hit 8 billion in 2024 or 2025.
• All Economy facts were updated to the latest data from 2014. Also includes nominal GDP and GDP from 2013 for comparison.
• Whole new section about Communication with time zones, phones, calling codes, internet users, websites and domains.
• Emoji flags and emoji search! Hold the big flag to copy its emoji or enter emoji into search field to find associated countries. (Unfortunately, emojis are not allowed here in Release Notes.)

While you were reading this, the world population increased by 150 people.

Feb 22
Version 3.5

There is hidden Antarctica on the main screen which is revealed when you rotate your iPhone upside down. Only those who read these Release Notes will know ;)

PS: Not available on iPad since it supports all orientations :(

Jan 12
Version 3.4

Your current country is now displayed on the main screen under the list of continents. You are just a tap away from all information about country of your travel. When you are abroad, your home country is also displayed, so you can quickly compare those two.

The detection of the current country is based on Time Zones. Did you know there is more than 400 Time Zones which are grouped into 40 Time Offsets from -12:00 to +14:00?

The app has also been translated to French, which has almost 340 million speakers and it is the official language in 29 countries. Can you name at least one country for each continent, in which the official language is French?

Oh and did you notice that Lithuania switched to € on January 1 2015?

Nov 20
Version 3.3

Hello, World! ¡Hola, mundo! Ahoj, světe!

The app has been fully translated to English, Spanish and Czech language, in addition to the original Slovak language.

English is official language in 58 countries and has about 360 million native speakers. It is estimated that there are about 1.5 billion people with English as their second language, which makes it the second most widely spoken language in the world.

Spanish is official language in 20 countries with even more native speakers – almost 500 million. It is most widely spoken language in the Western Hemisphere and it is spoken fluently by 15% of all Europeans.

Thank you for your rating and feedback!

Jan 09
Version 3.2

Úplne nové premakané zdieľanie! Podeľte sa s dôležitými alebo zaujímavými vedomosťami so svojími kamarátmi. Aplikácia automaticky sformuluje vetu z akéhokolvek údaju, ktorý Vás zaujíma a umožní ju postnúť na Facebook a Twitter alebo len tak poslať v správe.

Okrem zdieľania je možné kopírovať textové a obrazové údaje. K obom možnostiam sa dostanete podržaním prstu na požadovanom riadku alebo obrázku.

Ak Vás aplikácia baví, uvítam pozitívne hodnotenia. Ak máte výhrady, rád ich s Vami preberiem emailom.

Nov 14
Version 3.1.1

Optimalizácie pre 64-bitové zariadenia, najmä pre najnovšie iPady a opravy menších chýb.

Oct 20
Version 3.1

Pridané inteligentné vyhľadávanie krajín a písmenový zoznam pre rýchlu navigáciu v zozname krajín.

Nový nočný motív! Aplikácia automaticky rozpozná deň alebo noc a upraví podľa toho svoj vzhľad.
Ak sa vám tmavý motív aplikácie zapáči, môžete si ho, samozrejme, nechať ako hlavný.

Sep 24
Version 3.0

Geografia v novom šate pre nový iOS 7. Najväčšia aktualizácia údajov za posledné 3 roky, ktorá prináša napríklad dĺžku hraníc a pobrežia krajín, urbanizáciu, percentuálne zastúpenie náboženstiev, rast HDP alebo mieru nezamestnanosti.

Aktuálnejšie údaje o obyvatelstve a ekonomike s prepočtami na percentuálne a absolútne čisla Vám poskytnú ucelený obraz o ktorejkoľvek krajine. V novom svetlom dizajne maximálne vyniknú vlajky a mapy krajín.

Nov 02
Version 2.1

• Písmenový index pre rýchlejší pohyb v zozname krajín
• Vyhľadávacie pole priamo na úvodnej obrazovke
• Vlajky vo vysokom rozlíšení pre iPad s Retina displejom
• Aktualizované oficiálne mená krajín, napr. Bosna a Hercegovina, Čierna Hora, …
• Aktualizovaná vlajka Líbye
• Pridaná nová krajina – Južný Sudán

- Redizajnovaná obrazovka s užitočnými informáciami
- Vyhľadávanie teraz ignoruje diakritiku
- Regióny kontinentov podľa geoschémy OSN
- Opravená chyba na iOS 6, keď sa nezobrazovali informácie o kontinetoch
- Menšia veľkosť aplikácie (napriek kvalitnejším vlajkám)
- Plná podpora iOS 6 a iPhone 5
- Rôzne ďaľšie opravy a zlepšenia

Mar 03
Version 2.0

Aplikácia je od tejto verzie univerzálna pre iPhone, iPod touch aj iPad!
Na iPade je využitá veľkosť jeho displeja na zobrazenie viac informácií naraz. Samozrejme nechýba kvíz a ani vlajky, ktoré sú väčšie ako kedykoľvek predtým.

Okrem toho, táto verzia prináša zopár nových prvkov:
- pridaná možnosť kopírovať jednotlivé údaje
- informačná obrazovka a celoobrazová vlajka vo všetkých polohách zariadenia
- v zozname susediacich krajín sú zobrazené vlajky
- vynovená informačná obrazovka "Tipy na ovládanie"

Jan 05
Version 1.2

- údaj o hrubom národnom produkte (aj možnosť zoradenia)
- priemerný ročný prírastok obyvateľstva (aj možnosť zoradenia)
- omnoho viac štátov má uvedený svoj región
- vyhľadávanie rozšírené o regióny
- k Dánsku bolo pridané Grónsko, nakoľko ide o najväčšie závislé územie na svete

- ikona aplikácie vo vysokom rozlíšení
- podstatne rýchlejšie načítavanie dlhých zoznamov
- ďaľšie vylepšenia "pod kapotou" a detaily

Oct 30
Version 1.1

- kontextové vyhľadávanie
- fullscreen vlajky vo vysokom rozlíšení (ťuknutím na vlajku krajiny)
- vlajkové kvízy pre každý svetadiel a región
- tlačidlo "Späť" s popisom
- zrýchlenie načítavania dlhých zoznamov

Sep 07
Version 1.0

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