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Every picture (version 2.6 includes our 45 carefully selected photos) has been specially prepared for your device and maintains HD quality in either portrait and (iPad case) landscape position. All wallpapers are already built-in application, so you don't need an internet connection to use this app!

You can watch all the pictures in a form of a slideshow or save any of them to set it in the future as your wallpaper. You can also choose transition between the slides and hide a chosen picture so it won't be shown in the slideshow.

There are also two more great features - CANDY and MEMORY MATCH.

CANDY: it allows you to take a moment of relax or distract your child by popping bubbles (every touched cadny explode into smaller pieces). It will be stunning fun for you and your kids. If you want to see the slideshow with a clear view - without falling candy simply turn off candy in the settings or if you want to use candy with one single picture just press "Use Candy!" in image menu.

MEMORY MATCH: this feature allows you to match the pairs of hide images and practise your memory. It's a cute game for nursery children, preschoolers, kindergarten, primary school kids and suitable for all the family.


- Set of carefuly selected wallpapers
- Candy (poping bubbles)
- Memory matching game
- Slideshow (similar to screensaver)

Transitions between slides:
- Fade to black
- Flash
- Transparency
- Flip
- Curl Up
- Curl Down

TIP: during the slideshow you can go back to menu panel at any time by sliding two fingers anywhere and tap the button that will appear.

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Cute Dogs Slideshow & Wallpapers (HD) screenshot 1Cute Dogs Slideshow & Wallpapers (HD) screenshot 2Cute Dogs Slideshow & Wallpapers (HD) screenshot 3Cute Dogs Slideshow & Wallpapers (HD) screenshot 4Cute Dogs Slideshow & Wallpapers (HD) screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Jul 31, 2010 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Dec 02
Version 2.6.6

- iOS 10 crash bug fixed.

Nov 23
Version 2.6.5

- iOS 7 compatibility update
- Minor fixes and improvements

Oct 09
Version 2.6

Optimized for the 4-inch Retina display on iPhone 5

Jul 31
Version 2.5

- new game option: Memory Match
- improvements

Feb 12
Version 2.4.1

minor fixes for iPhone 3G

Feb 01
Version 2.4

9 new images were added

Nov 23
Version 2.3

- 3 new candy!
- possibility to activate candy feature for selected image only
- improve memory management

Oct 27
Version 2.2

- small improvements
- minor bug fixed

Oct 08
Version 2.1

- small improvements
- minor bug fixed

Jul 28
Version 2.0

CANDYS - new awesome feature!

Jun 17
Version 1.9

- 9 new photos
- improve memory management

Apr 25
Version 1.8

1. Engine improvements:
- animations
- gestures

2. Full retina support

Jan 06
Version 1.7

added: prevent device entering sleep during slideshow

Nov 02
Version 1.6

- 18 new photos of puppies & dogs
- 3 new transitions between slides (Flip, Curl Up, Curl Down)

Sep 01
Version 1.1

* iPhone version is available
* iPhone 4 High-Quality Retina Support

Jul 31
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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