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Slide Guitar Tutorial was designed to help guitarists to learn to play this shiny and soulful technique. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you can use this app to build up your slide repertoire.

★★★★★ "It works! A couple of weeks with this app and I reckon I'm getting there. This app is so EASY to use. Intuitive to flick back and forth to practice each bar and I work on a new tune each day. I highly recommend this app - it really does just work."

★★★★ "Awesome app! I play lap steel guitar and I found this app to be very useful. I am impressed! This app helps get the creative juices flowing. Buy this app and grease that slide! Love it!"

Flatpickers and fingerpickers are also welcome, all exercises and pieces in this tutorial could be picked in your favorite picking method. You can play both acoustic or electric instruments, however, some of the pieces are from the rock genre, and you might need a little overdrive/distortion "to get in the mood".

With this app you can master single note melody lines and double stops with the slide in Standard, Open D and Open G tunings. There are jamtracks for ever piece to help you keep rhythm and be in tune. With these jamtracks you can practice your scales and improvise twelve bar blues solos in two different keys, so with Slide Guitar Tutorial you can turn your iPhone into a pocket band to back you up.

Have fun, keep rocking' and rollin' (and sliding)!


✔ 12 unique slide guitar pieces composed with the student in mind
✔ 10 exercises to help you start with sliding
✔ Audio track for each tab
✔ Jamtrack for each piece to back you up
✔ Unique color-coding of different slide techniques for easy understanding
✔ Special electronic tablature book with useful interactive features
✔ Hands-free autoscroll system
✔ Scrolling speed adjustment in silent mode to match student level
✔ Landscape mode in tabview screen
✔ No automatic sleep when playback is on
✔ Instant manual tablature scrolling while playback

Check out the app here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ree7f29qoZY

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Launched Jul 30, 2010 (over 8 years ago).
Jul 31
Version 1.2.2


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