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The Michigan App provides in-app messages and reminders related to academic life, personalized class schedule information, search based on places (campus buildings) and people (faculty, staff and students), location-based content including bus stops, parking locations and dining halls, and featured university events.

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Version History

Launched Jul 09, 2010 (almost 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Feb 08
Version 5.9.0

Added a date picker to make picking dates easier (the calendar kind).

Duplicate events will no longer show up in More Featured Events. Fixed enforcement hours and coordinates for a parking lot. Fixed Videos in the News section not opening sometimes when tapped on to opening every time when tapped on.

Also, performance enhancements including smarter caching of certain features throughout the app.

Dec 14
Version 5.8.0

You get a grade! And you get a grade! The app will notify you when grades are available to view in the Class Schedule screen.

If you’ve ever wondered where you are (like literally) while using the app, Current Location is available on all the Maps.

Browse Bus Routes and Stops anytime, anywhere as long as you’re using the app.

Oct 26
Version 5.7.0

View Dining Markets & Cafes locations, hours, and menus
Know if there's new Announcements when there's a badge on the Announcements button
See upcoming Michigan Wolverines sport events (Go Blue!)
Fixes issue where some logged in users had to log in again
Fixes paragraph breaks in News
Stability and performance improvements

Oct 03
Version 5.6.0

• Read important reminders and information in the new Announcements section
• View more Upcoming Academic Events
• See which buses are arriving on the Bus Stops Near You cards and in the Bus Stops List view
• Use your voice, your vote! Tap on the banner and participate in the Big Ten Voting Challenge
• Stability and performance improvements

Aug 24
Version 5.5.5

What’s New in 5.5.5

• Added a new Class Schedule list view to see all your classes for a term
• Updated the picture of CCRB in Rec Sports
• Updated the Dining map markers to more accurately represent their locations
• Fixed a bug where tapping on a Dining map marker displays a blank screen
• Stability and performance improvements

Aug 15
Version 5.5.4

• DoubleMap Magic Bus (M-Bus Classic) link
- Select and view multiple routes at once
- Watch tiny little bus icons move around on your screen!
• Updated Class Schedule
- See multiple meetings, academic sessions, and section numbers for a selected class
- See room names/numbers on your class schedule screen
• Improved handling of atypical start/end dates and meeting exceptions in Class Schedule
• Fixed incorrect course code issue in Class Schedule
• Improved toggling between List and Map views
• Stability and performance improvements

Jul 19
Version 5.5.3

This release includes performance fixes and a minor feature update for the new Michigan App interface.

New Features
-Add Upcoming Academic Events to your calendar by pressing the “more” icon

Improvements & Fixes
-Fixed multiple app loading/crashing bugs
-Updated parking and crime map views to be visible when location is disabled

Jun 26
Version 5.5.0

Entirely new interface, with simplified navigation and feature enhancements to help you find places, dining, transportation, news, events, & more.

Navigate Campus
• Find nearby bus stops, arrival estimates, and route maps.
• Find parking lot locations, features, and enforcement hours.
• Find after hours transit options.

Plan Your Day
• View key academic dates.
• View personalized class schedule.
• Check dining hall hours and menus, set favorites and food preferences.
• Find Rec Sports buildings, hours, and view occupancy info.

Stay Connected
• In-app announcements and reminders.
• View featured events, add them to calendar, and find them on map.
• View campus news & social media.
• Search for people (faculty, students, staff) and buildings on campus.

Jun 13
Version 4.2.2

This update contains stability and performance improvements.

Apr 23
Version 4.2.1

• View occupancy information of facilities, updated throughout the day, using Rec Sports
• View international travel related emergency phone numbers in Emergency Numbers
• New Dining design makes it easier to read on mobile devices
• Updated Dining so it will load more reliably

Apr 20
Version 4.2

• View occupancy information of facilities, updated throughout the day, using Rec Sports
• View international travel related emergency phone numbers in Emergency Numbers
• New Dining design makes it easier to read on mobile devices
• Updated Dining so it will load more reliably

Nov 18
Version 4.1.1

Updated RITMO Research with bug fixes
Emergency Numbers
All-new News Feed
Various improvements and performance enhancements

Oct 27
Version 4.1.0

Location Reporting for Reinventing Urban Transportation and Mobility (RITMO) research project
Notifications for Financial Aid deadline reminders and student employment tips
New app Settings screen
M-Bus Beta is now M-Bus
Various improvements and performance enhancements

Apr 24
Version 4.0.3

-Fixed zoom issue with certain tools, including CTools and Canvas
-Fixed bug in Class Search
-Various improvements and performance enhancements

Mar 17
Version 4.0.2

•Improved location support
•Various improvements and performance enhancements

Feb 15
Version 4.0.1

Resolves an issue with push notification registration.

Feb 12
Version 4.0

• Search Community for students, faculty, staff, and groups, update your Away Message, and more with the new Directory tool.
• See menus, hours of operation, and the current occupancy and capacity of dining halls, and more with the improved Dining tool.
• Various improvements and performance enhancements.

Jun 16
Version 3.6

* Fixed a bug that prevented the Bus tool from accessing your location
* 64-bit support

Dec 12
Version 3.5

Minor bug fixes.

Dec 01
Version 3.4

Optimized for iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens.

Aug 15
Version 3.3

•Updated design to current University branding
•Minor bug fixes

Apr 07
Version 3.2

The Michigan App has exciting new features!

MPrint - Choose a file to print from your MPrint locker, M+Box, Drive, and IFS Space (MFile) right on your smartphone, and send it to any networked printer on campus. All MiWorkspace printers are available.

Academics - Test your device registration for grade alerts for immediate feedback. Grade alerts allow you to get a notification on your phone when a final grade is posted to your academic record.

Campus Map - Find locations, parking, and directions (bus, car, or walking) across campus.

Travel Registry - View your itinerary and emergency contact information for any travel registered with the University.

Feedback - Submit questions and comments about the Michigan App directly to the mobile team.

Safari pop-out - The Michigan App now can pop out to Safari for select functions served better by a native browser.

The new app also corrects bugs that affected older iOS (5.1) devices.

Dec 17
Version 3.1

What's new:

Check out the new features to the Michigan App!


Grade alerts are here! Get a notice on your mobile device when your grades are posted. (And stop checking Wolverine Access 3 times a day!)

View your current class schedule easily on the go.

Search for open or closed classes by term, number, instructor, and course level with the new Search Classes feature. (Includes advanced search functionality for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.)

Browse the full class catalog by subject, course number, and section.


Bus Maps are back by popular demand! View a map of U-M bus routes, search for a stop, and find out when the next bus will arrive. The map shows the buses as they travel in real time.

To use the Michigan app on older iOS devices visit https://mobile.its.umich.edu/michigan and bookmark the page to your device’s homepage. Some features will not be available when using the Safari browser.

Apr 12
Version 3.0

The University of Michigan 3.0 is a completely new version powered by Kuali Mobility Enterprise.

New features include:

• Computer Labs availability sourced by Campus Computing Sites and CAEN Labs
• Mirlyn Library mobile site
• Career Center mobile site
• Emergency Contact page

Additional features will be added regularly.

The Michigan app is supported on devices with iOS 4.3 and later.

To use the Michigan app on older iOS devices visit https://mobile.its.umich.edu/michigan and bookmark the page to your device’s homepage. Some features will not be available when using the Safari browser.

Jan 17
Version 2.1.0

CTools Mobile – keep up-­‐to-­‐date with what's going on in your course and project sites. View grades, access resources, read announcements, and more.
Updates to News -­‐ Fixed issues with U-­‐M News Services feed.

Aug 29
Version 2.0.1

- Updates to Events: events now sourced from events.umich.edu
- Updates to Menus; improved graphics, new menus (including U Unions and Bert’s Cafe locations); menus now grouped by campus
- Locations data source updated; more buildings and better search results
- Updates to Magic Bus; updated bus graphic
- Updates to News - U-M Health System News now available
- Various stability updates and full Retina display support

Dec 02
Version 1.0.2

New features and improvements include:
· iPhone 4 Retina Display support
· iOS 4 quick app switching support
· Emergency alerts displayed in Magic Bus
· Magic Bus displays path of route on map
· New Key shake audio file
· Network detection on app startup
· Added North Quad Dining Hall to menu
· Dining Hall menus display icons for special meal types (Vegan, Msmart, etc.). Legend added to explain icons
· UM News – Added MLibrary, Athletic news, and Michigan Radio Top Stories
· News items are now grouped by update frequency
· Minor improvements to Events section (view transition type and handling of dates in XML)

Jul 09
Version 1.0.1

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