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Pipe Tool is a pipe tobacco database - over 3,500 tobaccos from TobaccoReviews.com along with descriptions, tobacco contents, and ratings.

Keep a personal inventory of tobaccos using the built in Cellar Inventory. Data entry has been designed to be fast and easy, so you can enter your existing inventory, and new orders, without wasting time and effort.

This is a universal version for iPhone, iTouch and iPad.


>> Search the database by manufacturer, blend, description, tobacco contents, flavorings, cut, cure, and inventory level

>> Send email reports from your searches

>> Keeps statistics and inventory levels for your personal cellar

>> Add your own tobaccos and edit the existing ones, including selecting photos from your library on all devices and use of the camera on iPhones

>> Detailed data on over 3500 tobaccos from TobaccoReviews (updated through June 2010)

>> Visit SpicyClam.com/pipetool.html for more information, including a demonstration video

PipesMagazine.com has published a review for Pipe Tool here rating it a "must buy" for any pipe smoker :). Read the full review here::


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Version History

Launched Jun 28, 2010 (about 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jun 11
Version 1.19

Import/Export via Email: New option in the Settings screen allows for backing up to email.

Restoring your data from email is easy - simply tap on the backup file in your iPhone or iPads email application. PipeTool will import the file automatically.

Mar 01
Version 1.18

Bug fix - crash protection.

Dec 22
Version 1.17

1) Added Description and Notes search to iPad version
2) Bug fix for emailing reports
3) Rebuild now a user option rather than automatic

Nov 12
Version 1.16

Bug fix

Fixes crash on startup bug - caused by possible error when adding package sizes.

Jun 28
Version 1.15

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