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One day, when my daughter was very young, she asked me about our family. So I started telling her about my parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone else. Then we decided to draw a chart. So we taped several sheets of paper together and started to draw it. I knew my family was big, but I didn’t realize how big. So I went into the App store and looked at the most popular genealogy apps out there. I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee and I didn’t need to look at billions of records. So I created this app!

Create a profile for each person in your family and link each one to their parents. Once that’s done, the app can create the charts and reports that I started to do manually (with my very young daughter).

* View a person’s parents, kids and siblings simply by tapping on their name, one generation at a time.
* View a chart that shows all generations of a person's ancestors that you added to the database.
* View a chart that shows all generations of a person's descendants that you added to the database.
* View a graph that shows, in chronological order, the births, deaths and events that you entered for each person. The births and deaths are summarized by year. The events are not summarized and are displayed for each date that they occurred.
* Export the entire database file to share it with anyone else who has this app. And you can use it as a backup too!
* Import anyone else’s database file that was created using this app. Switch between their database file and yours as often as you like.

If you have any questions, comments, or encounter any problems, please send an email to support@fuzenavl.com.
Data is entered manually, or copied from your address book and/or photo library.
The exported database file is NOT encrypted and may be read by anyone with the proper technical knowledge to do so.

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Version History

Launched Apr 22, 2010 (about 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Apr 04
Version 9.2.1

Optimized for iOS 12.1
Minor user interface improvements.

Mar 21
Version 9.2

Minor user interface improvements.

Feb 26
Version 9.1.3

Improve stability.

Feb 22
Version 9.1.2

Optimized for iOS 12.

May 03
Version 9.1.1

Minor stability fix for database sharing.

Mar 21
Version 9.1

Optimized for iOS 11.

Feb 14
Version 9.0

The lifespan years were added to most person lists.
The parent chart was revised to show all generations parents of the selected person.
A new kid chart was added to show all generations of children of the selected person.

Mar 14
Version 8.50

Enhanced the Parent Tree view to better accommodate the various screen sizes on different devices.
Added a sharing feature to allow the family file to be shared with any other device that also has this app.

Jan 31
Version 8.40

Minor user interface updates.
New sharing options.
Minor bug fixes.

Nov 11
Version 8.30

Two charts were added for all devices:
* View a Parent Tree chart showing parents for any family member.
* View a Time Line chart showing all birth, death and events in chronological order.

Nov 14
Version 8.20

* Minor bug fix
* New feature for iPhone 6 Plus device

Oct 07
Version 8.10

Print photo on profile page.

Aug 21
Version 8.00

This version now allows you to enter multiple events for each family member.
The profile view has been improved to include brothers and sisters, children, and the new events.
The profiles can now be printed directly from your device.
The family list is now sorted by last name, instead of year-of-birth.

Jan 03
Version 7.10

Minor performance improvement.

Nov 17
Version 7.00

Minor bug fixes
Link to parents by name instead of by ID Number

Oct 08
Version 6.01

New Localizations

Jan 16
Version 6.00

* Revised for iOS 7

Sep 11
Version 5.40

Improved user interface.

Feb 08
Version 5.30

* Minor interface improvement

Jul 09
Version 5.20

* Minor performance improvement

Apr 05
Version 5.10

Improved performance

Feb 12
Version 5.00

* Improved User Experience

Dec 02
Version 4.00

* Improved performance

Dec 20
Version 3.00

* Newer look!
* Extensive help!

Sep 20
Version 2.00

This version adds the following functionality:
* Copy photo, first name, last name, year-of-birth, and note from the Contacts App.

May 05
Version 1.01

* Redesigned screens
* Main Family list is now sorted from oldest ancestor to youngest descendants
* New "Home" button brings you directly back to main Family list from any generation

Apr 22
Version 1.00

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