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Old and overused poems not cutting it or not your style? It's time to step up your charm and write your own!

PortaPoet will help you to write and share poems, challenge others to rap battles, collaborate with others to write poems and more!

Use PortaPoet to:

- Write poems and share them on social media (facebook, twitter).
- Publish your poems. Read and rate others' poems.
- Engage in rap battles, you pick the winner!
- Collaborate with others to write poems.
- Write haikus that really are haikus using the built-in validation.
- Subscribe to others if you like their poems.
- Find rhymes for words using the built-in rhyming dictionary.

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Version History

Launched Mar 31, 2010 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Dec 10
Version 2.3

Fixed a bug that prevented saved poems from being displayed in saved poems list.
Fixed a bug that causes app to crash when trying to look up a rhyme in the built-in browser.
Added Instabug feedback: Now you can shake the device from any screen in the app to provide feedback or report bugs!
Updated to latest Facebook SDK.

Jan 29
Version 2.2

* Fixed syllable counting bug in Twitter Haiku feature. (Thanks Mr.Milk for reporting it)
* Added a bonus new feature to Twitter Haiku screen, find out what it is.
* Tapping the new poem button now starts a Haiku if Haiku tab is selected in the saved poems preview screen.

Jan 09
Version 2.1

Fixed error handling bugs

Dec 06
Version 2.0


* Interface COMPLETELY redesigned.
* New feature: Publish your poems and read other users' published poems!
* New feature: Challenge others to rap battles! You pick who won a battle!
* New feature: Collaborate with others to write poems!
* New feature: Not sure if your haiku is a haiku? The app does the haiku rule validation for you!
* New feature: Subscribe to your favorite poets!
* New feature: Rate poems.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy!

Dec 01
Version 1.4

After receiving some hate mail about the "sickening baby blue" background color, we added the ability to set it to whatever you please. Look for it in the settings screen.

Also on user request, added the option to lock the app with a password. The lock can be enabled or disabled quickly using a switch. Look for it in the settings screen.

Let us know of features you would like to see at webmaster@portapoet.com. User feedback is given huge priority in deciding what features to add next.

Please take a moment to rate the app and leave a comment, it helps us greatly.

Sep 08
Version 1.3

1. Added option to auto insert copied rhyme when editing a poem. You can turn this feature on/off in the settings.

2. Added rhyming by syllable strings to Rhymes screen. This feature can be used to find rhymes for names or words not in the dictionary.
e.g. The syllable string for 'dunk' is 'd ah1 ng k'. You can look up the rhymes for a snippet of that syllable string such as 'ah1 ng k'.

Jul 27
Version 1.2

Fixed crashes in OS4.0 when holding finger down in text input boxes.

Apr 08
Version 1.1

Upgraded to universal app! You can now use PortaPoet on your iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

The iPhone and iTouch interface is different from the iPad interface to take into account the difference in screen sizes and device features.

The iPhone interface allows sharing poems by SMS in addition to email and facebook sharing that's on the iTouch and iPad interfaces.

Added an option to include lenient rhymes in rhyme searches. Use sparingly.

Mar 31
Version 1.0

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