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Golfmaster has been designed as a guide to help you improve your level of performance and enjoyment in the game of golf.

This guide provides hundreds of golf tips employed by professional golfers the world over and is designed to allow you to quickly find those tips that help you.

As you find the golf tips most helpful to you, simply click on them and they are kept in your Custom Practice Plan which is always one click away.

Golfmaster™ Feature Set
• Easy navigation
• Ability to build a custom practice plan
• Easy to edit the custom practice plan as you progress
• Proven concept for almost 25 years
• Works in sync with golf lessons
• Illustrations add clarity to instruction
• Over 375 tips for every aspect of the golf swing and game
• Professional testimonials
• Simple intuitive interface

What the Pros are saying!

Henry Young, PGA Professional and President, Banff Golf Co.: "Golfmaster should be in every golfer's bag. It's comprehensive, versatile and practical as an instructional guide."

Steve Hall, CPGA Professional: "Golfmaster is the most functional, well thought out teaching aid we have ever seen or used."

Tryg Wenn, PGA Professional: "Golfmaster helps my students remember the important details. It makes teaching and learning golf a lot easier!"

Doug Metcalfe, CPGA Head Pro and Director of Golf Instruction: "An excellent way of getting the fundamentals of golf from the pages of a book into your mind and your swing."

A fantastic aid for every golfer!

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Version History

Launched Mar 10, 2010 (about 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

May 16
Version 5.3

New, improved icon!

Apr 11
Version 5.1

New format and printable tip list

Nov 25
Version 4.1

Few text tip corrections

Few minor bug fixes

Nov 20
Version 4.0

iOS8 compatible

Quicker tip selection

Mar 18
Version 3.1

- Retina display iPad graphics

Jul 19
Version 3.0

Add Verizon iPhone support

May 31
Version 2.9

- Added text about Golf Ball construction, selection and rules.

- Corrected tip text layout issue on iPhone/iPod touch.

Dec 14
Version 2.8

Supports iOS 4.2 on iPad and iPhone

Supports VGA output on iPad and iPhone4

Jul 08
Version 2.5

Add high-resolution images for iPhone 4

Add support for iOS 4.0 multi-tasking

May 27
Version 2.2

Share your tip list via email

Apr 29
Version 2.1

All illustrations have been updated

Tip selection has been simplified

Apr 01
Version 2.0

- iPad support added

Mar 23
Version 1.2

- improved main menu readability
- added color illustration

Mar 12
Version 1.1

Minor fixes

Mar 10
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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