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Thank you for your interest in Elastic Ventures. Our sixty soundboard apps have been downloaded millions of times, and have been used for joking around with friends and family, to support favorite teams on game day, and even hunting. Our apps have been featured in many famous worldwide publications.

Each sound was meticulously remastered to cut out any background noise. All of our sounds are purchased from a legitimate large company to ensure they comply with copyright laws and are high quality. All of our apps include a help page with easy to read instructions, tips, and a link to our contact form. We typically respond to emails within twenty-four hours or less.

Our apps are easy to use and feature a nice clean interface (see screenshot below). They also include a loop button so you can endlessly loop any of the sounds. We were one of the first development companies for iOS, and we hope you enjoy our applications. People often find this app helpful when searching for things like werewolf, werewolves, werewolf sound, werewolf sounds, and werewolf noises.

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Werewolf Sounds screenshot 1

Version History

Launched Dec 23, 2009 (almost 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Dec 12
Version 7.1.1

Revised help page text. Added advanced sharing functionality. Updated screenshots.

Nov 19
Version 7.1.0

Fixed minor layout issues for iOS 7. Upgraded look to match iOS 7. Added sharing feature.

Apr 16
Version 4.0

Converted application to be universal so it will display properly on all screen sizes for iOS devices including iPhone 5, iPad, and iPad Mini.

May 05
Version 3.5

Professionally translated into additional languages. Revised the help text page to provide additional tips and detail.

Nov 14
Version 3.0

iOS 5
New UI

Dec 23
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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