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Sketches 2 for iPhone and iPad takes full advantage of the capabilities of your device, providing lots of new features while keeping ease of use, simplicity and sporting a stunningly beautiful and unobtrusive user interface. Buy Sketches for your iPhone and use it in your iPad too!

Use Sketches to decorate your pictures, sketch your ideas, send directions to your friends or create art works on the go.

Sketches 2 includes:

+ First-class UI: simple, beautiful, easy and unobtrusive. Brand-new item selection mechanism, which allows for easy and fast browsing of large collections.
+ Predefined shapes and clipart you can use to quickly draft and sketch your ideas or decorate your drawings.
+ Artistic brushes, meant for those that prefer to draw by hand. See how paint is progressively applied as you draw!
+ Fast and simple color selection, as well as an advanced color picker.
+ Natural, fast zooming and panning.
+ Easy multitouch interface to adjust size, position and rotation of shapes and text.
+ Independent background layer you can change at any time: shoot a picture, capture a map or choose among the built-in background library.
+ Maps integration: create directions for your friends showing your current location in satellite, map or hybrid mode.
+ Extensive export options: save your work to the photo album, share it via twitter or email, or download your drawings to your computer in PDF (full vector format), JPG or PNG.
+ Eraser, undo, redo and revert options.
+ Device awareness - Sketches 2 recognizes what device it is running on and will adjust for performance and capabilities.
+ Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

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Version History

Launched Dec 21, 2009 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Oct 11
Version 2.9

+ iPhone 5 adaptation.
+ iOS 6 compatibility.
+ Performance improvements.

Dec 22
Version 2.8

+ Upgraded export picture sizes: full export for photo album (up to 8mpx) and increased size in retina displayed based devices for mail and twitter.
+ iOS 5 twitter integration.
+ Increased minimum text size to 18pt while editing.
+ Solved some minor memory leaks.

Apr 08
Version 2.7

+ iPad 2 camera compatibility.
+ iPhone/iPod touch high resolution export to camera roll when using a retina display.
+ Improved iPad drawing area rotation handling.
+ iPad landscape map capture now works properly.
+ iPhone/iPod touch drawing renaming could cause the keyboard to overlap the text being edited. Fixed.
+ Other bug fixes.

Aug 27
Version 2.6

+ Retina Display full adaptation
+ iPhone 4 brush paint performance improvement
+ Use of OAuth for Twitter
+ Mailed images now contain file extension, preventing Outlook from crashing
+ Minor bug fixes

Jun 23
Version 2.5

+ Compatibility with iPhone 4.

May 18
Version 2.4

+ Lines are now automatically smoothed after they are drawn, so strokes are rendered in a much more natural way. This option can be disabled from the Sketches section in your device Settings.
+ Fixed bug: Sketches icon is now shown in the Settings app again. In the previous update the icon was not shown in iPhone devices running firmware 3.1.x.
+ Fixed orientation issues in iPad: the Loading message is now displayed in the correct orientation; the corkboard toolbar correctly displays all buttons in all situations.
+ Fixed display issue after quitting Sketches from the corkboard. When Sketches was launched again and a document was selected for editing, some shapes might not be rendered in certain situations. This never happened if the user had left the application while in editing mode.

Apr 19
Version 2.3

+ The User Interface can now be rotated when Sketches is running on iPad.
+ Removed maximum panning limits so the canvas can be placed at any location desired.
+ Fixed geoshape placement bug: geometric shapes were being committed with the wrong size unless they were first moved or resized.

Apr 01
Version 2.2

+ This version is fully adapted to iPad native resolutions and user interface paradigm.

+ Minor bug fixes.

Jan 22
Version 2.1

Minor bug fixes and new localizations: German, French, Japanese and Italian (already available in English and Spanish)

Dec 22
Version 2.0

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