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Zmanim is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that displays times through-out the day that are relevant to Jewish Law (Halacha).


- Multiple locations may be saved.
- Reminders.
- Jerusalem Compass.
- Two sets of Zmanim may be displayed.
- Zmanim are fully customizable using the Lua programming language.

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Version History

Launched Nov 03, 2009 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Mar 14
Version 4.0.2

Fix the last fix for the western hemisphere.

Mar 13
Version 4.0.1

Fixed time handling, especially with respect to DST.

Mar 01
Version 4.0.0

Location! Location! Location!

This version includes an all-new UI for setting up locations.
*New* the time zone for a location can be set, and zmanim will show using local time for that location!

Feb 19
Version 3.7.0

Revamped editing system for zmanim.
Lots of under-the-hood code improvements to prevent crashes.

Jan 09
Version 3.6.1

Bug fix - the date picker will always be entirely on-screen.

Dec 18
Version 3.6.0

New Add/Edit Location screen.
Bug fixes.

Oct 28
Version 3.5.2

- Larger font size for more-readable zmanim.
- The date will automatically update when the time changes.

(Note: if Zmanim wasn't displaying the then-current date, it won't automatically change when you come back to the app.)

Jul 11
Version 3.5.1

Bug fixes

May 12
Version 3.5.0

- Updates to prepare for a new feature.
- Bug fixes

Jul 02
Version 3.4.0

Backup and restore location data to the cloud!

Jun 23
Version 3.3.0

- UI tweaks
- Crash reporter added so those pesky crashes can be fixed!

Nov 07
Version 3.2.1

Fixes for iPad.

Oct 04
Version 3.2.0

Support for iOS 9, including multi-app support for iPad.

Sep 09
Version 3.1.7

Bug fix: the reminder feature now works on the iPad.

New sound for reminder notifications.

Aug 18
Version 3.1.6

Bug fixes.

Jul 11
Version 3.1.5

Bug fixes.

Jun 19
Version 3.1.4

iOS 7 Compatibility

Bug fixes

Apr 07
Version 3.1.3

The times displayed when transitioning to or from DST are now correct.

Mar 14
Version 3.1.2

Bug Fixes:

Locations can now be edited.
Sunrise/set is calculated correctly for locations with negative altitudes (below sea level).

New Features:

Reminders. Press on a Zman to set a reminder or cancel an existing reminder. Reminders can only be set for Zmanim which haven't passed yet.

Jurusalem Compass: Find yourself in a windowless room or beneath a cloudy sky? Switch to the Jerusalem Compass tab and orient yourself to line up the green and blue lines.

Feb 11
Version 3.0.6

An all-new UI for iOS8+ that includes the iPhone 6 and 6+.

Many bug fixes.

Apr 30
Version 2.3.1

Fixed a bug that prevented the coordinates from the Map from appearing in the location's coordinate fields when the Map was dismissed.

Fixed a bug that prevented the coordinate fields from clearing when the Edit Location screen was dismissed.

Apr 10
Version 2.3.0

New! Attitude! Er, I mean altitude.

Zmanim Advance now allows you to enter the altitude for your location, and will take it into account when calculating sunrise and set.

To include altitude in the sunrise and sunset calculations, you must either reset to defaults or create new Zmanim as detailed at http://zmanim.ashevin.com.

Zmanim Advance now supports the 4" Retina iPhone.

You can choose to display the date using the Hebrew calendar.

Jan 07
Version 2.2.0

Fixes for location finding.

Finding the current location now continues until the accuracy is within 10 meters. Users may also cancel the search at any time.

New algorithm for calculating sunrise and sunset. Accuracy is greatly improved.

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Nov 21
Version 2.1.0

Bug fixes.

Added Weekday setting to zmanim. When the weekday is set to anything other than Any, the zman will only be visible on the specified day of the week.

Mar 23
Version 2.0.0

UI Changes and Fixes:

Differences between the iPhone and iPad UI were eliminated where they were not intended.

Instead of scrolling up and down to view each set, the sets are displayed on separate pages. One can swipe left or right (on iOS 4.0 and up) to change pages, or one may tap the page indicator below the zmanim list.

General improvements to the appearance.

Bug Fixes:

Several bugs which would cause random crashes have been eliminated.

New Functionality:

When creating or updating a location, one can bring up a map, served by Google Maps, to pinpoint their desired location.

One can create and delete zmanim from a set. This allows for even more complete customization of one's zmanim!

Dec 08
Version 1.1.0

User interface scaled up for the iPad.

Quick location change - Tap the location name on the bottom of the screen to choose a different location.

Nov 02
Version 1.0.0

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