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This app enables you to light up LEDs with your fingers and share them with your friends and family...

There are so many painting programs in the PC or mobile world, but do you ever think drawing a picture using LED lights?

Here is a good example which you may try to experience. With this small application, you can draw every kinds of pictures, such as text based or ad painting board like ones... After finishing the design, you can save your creation into the photo album by clicking the action button and share it with your friends...


* draw with LED
* colorful LED (numerous colors)
* random colors
* easy eraser
* save project to photo album
* shake to clear paint board
* full screen paint board
* auto orientation
* share via Sina Weibo

* Grid-Draw mode
In the Grid-Draw mode, the LEDs are stuck in place, as in restricted to perfectly aligned rows and lines... that way you can create some cool pixel art stuff and it would be easier for precise drawing.

* Import Photos from the Album
Import photos from your Photo Album and generates light based pictures in one second.


1. Launch the application by clicking the LED Paint icon.

2. Bottom side panel is the toolbar. Push and slide on the color panel to change the color, you can see the selected LED on the left.

3. Click or drag your finger on the area outside of the toolbar to start design.

4. Click the LED in front of the color panel to switch modes (free-draw or grid-draw).

5. The toolbar will automatically disappear to make fullscreen. Click the 'i' icon to restore the toolbar.

6. Click the Eraser icon in front of the color panel to switch eraser mode (draw or eraser).

7. After finishing the design, click the Action button on the bottom right corner to save your creation. Select 'Clear Painting Board' to clear current and restart the design.

8. Click 'Import from Photo Album' to import pictures to the design area.

9. Shaking the iPhone/iPod may also clear the paiting board.

10. Place to landscape orientation to start landscape design.


Finally, we really hope you enjoy this application.

This are several updates for this program although, many exciting features will be added soon in the coming versions.

Please give us a positive review or good rating if you feel this application useful. That will be definitely helpful to improve the application and will be greatly appreciated!

* If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us by emailing to: support@foxlabapp.com *

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Version History

Launched Oct 19, 2009 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Oct 18
Version 4.1.3

• Fixes the compatibility issue.

May 09
Version 4.1.2

• Saving and sharing support retina images now.

Mar 31
Version 4.1.1

- fix some minor issues.

Mar 22
Version 4.1

- compatible with iOS 7.
- fix some issues for the toolbar.

Oct 14
Version 4.0.2

• compatible with iOS 7.
• fix some minor issues.

Jun 14
Version 4.0.1

* Fix crash on startup.

Sorry, we are late. Please update this version to fix crash on startup. Thank you all for your feedback and patience.

Please let us know what you think and we will make the app better.

Mar 22
Version 4.0

Please do NOT update this version, since it may cause crash on some devices. We will release a new update soon. Please wait.

Thank you for your patience.

* supports iOS 6 and iPhone/iPod Touch 5.

Apr 01
Version 3.1

* Shares your doodles with your friends via Sina Weibo.

Dec 03
Version 3.0

* Makes universal (support for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad)
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Oct 17
Version 2.3.3

- Supports iOS 5.

Mar 25
Version 2.3.2

- Fix bugs.

Mar 03
Version 2.3.1

* Significantly improve the performance when drawing the lights (especially for iPhone 4), and thus makes creating more smoothly.

[more features in v2.3]
* import from photo album
* send by email
* random colors

Jan 06
Version 2.3

* Adds a Random Color option, so you are able to draw creations with random colors now.

Oct 01
Version 2.2

1) Support sharing your LED Painting with friends by Email.
2) Fix bugs and thus more stable.

Sep 22
Version 2.1

* Support using photo as background in Free Draw mode.
* UI Improvements & Bug Fixes.

Sep 16
Version 2.0

√ Make fully compatible with iOS 4.
√ Enhance UI with more friendly user experience.
√ Fix bugs, improve performance & more stable.

May 11
Version 1.1

This version adds an eraser, which helps user undo some mistake changes very easily...

1) adds an eraser.
2) support new language - Chinese.
3) enlarge the touch area of the info button to make it easier to touch.
4) other enhancements & bug fix.

Quick usage - click the LED in front of the color panel to switch modes (free draw or eraser).

Oct 19
Version 1.0

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