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ARR! It's one part Slot Machine and one part Shoot-Em-Up! Tap the skulls to take their gold, but careful matey too slow with your musket and they’ll steal some of yours! Spin and blast your way to the treasure chests for ‘Bonus Booty’!

Check out pirateslots.com for a walkthrough video!


"A really well designed application, the graphics are stellar"

“Crazy Pirate Slots is an addictive game, once you start pulling you won’t want to stop”
Crazy Mikes Apps

“This certainly is a good one...straight up three slot action, with a fun theme, and a pirate who encourages you along the way”
The Digital Lifestyle


*Flick pinball style control to start reels spinning
*Tap to stop reels.
*Tap to shoot bonus icons
*Stunning 3D graphics
*Funny pirate voices comment on your play
*Status lights track your results
*Multiple levels increase in difficulty and payout
*After 20 wins you collect a ‘Bonus Booty’
*In game odds screens
*OpenFeint Leaderboard
*OpenFeint Achievements
*Connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with OpenFeint

 Free in iOS App Store


Crazy Pirate Slots screenshot 1Crazy Pirate Slots screenshot 2Crazy Pirate Slots screenshot 3Crazy Pirate Slots screenshot 4Crazy Pirate Slots screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Nov 05, 2009 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Dec 20
Version 1.4.0

Replaced OpenFeint with Game Center in preparation of OpenFeint shutting down.

Mar 30
Version 1.3.7

• Fixed critical bug with OpenFeint for new users
• Other minor bug fixes

Feb 09
Version 1.3.6

• Mobile Store Added
• Tapjoy Enabled

Jan 14
Version 1.3.5

•Bug Fixes
•Skull Timer tweak

Sep 14
Version 1.3.4

• Increased Bonus booty at higher levels

Sep 01
Version 1.3.3

** If you have a score above 1 million we recommend waiting for the next version to update (1.3.4) it should be out very soon **

• Adjusted Bonus Booty Payout
• Bug Fixes

Aug 24
Version 1.3.2

•Increased Bonus Booty Payout at higher levels

Aug 09
Version 1.3.1

•Bug fix

Aug 03
Version 1.3

•Fixed Global High score Bug

Jul 20
Version 1.2.3

•NEW MINI GAME!!! "Cannon Ball Drop"
•Bet up to 100,000 coins in all mini games
•10 to 1 Dunk the Ducky Bonus on "Cannon Ball Drop" mini game
•10 to 1 Treasure Chest Bonus on "Spin the Wheel" mini game
•Fixed dark screen on sub menus on some devices
•Bug fixes
•Game Over bug fix

Jun 13
Version 1.2.2

*Skulls and Parrot are easier to tap
*Bet up to 100,000 coins per spin
*Bug Fixes

Apr 12
Version 1.2.1

*Bug Fixes

Mar 19
Version 1.2

•New 'Spin the Wheel' Mini Game
•Shootable Parrot icon
•Tell a friend feature
•Post achievements on Facebook/Twitter
•Open Feint updated to version 2.4.5
•Captain Pineapple introduced
•More pirate voices
•Bug Fixes

Feb 26
Version 1.11

Bug Fix : The game now holds your score if you play again after a game over pop up.

The score display is now wider to accomodate our highroller global score leaders. It will now display up to 999 million.

Feb 04
Version 1.1

•OpenFeint Leaderboard
•OpenFeint Achievements
•Facebook Connect

•Faster load time
•Faster more responsive gameplay

•After 20 wins you collect a ‘Bonus Booty’
•Gameplay Increases in difficulty as you win more gold
•Increased payouts
•New Triple Coin Bonus!
•Bet up to 10,000 coins in a single spin!

•Feedback Button
•More Pirate Voices!
•Adjust Pirate voice volume

•Bug Fixes

Nov 05
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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