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From acclaimed humor site, someecards.com, comes something extremely similar to acclaimed humor site, someecards.com. Welcome to the brand new someecards iPhone application! Everything you love and practically nothing you dislike about the site is now at your fingertips or thumbs!

With the someecards app, you can:

• View and send new cards as they go live
• Get topical humor right to your iPhone, including cards that make fun of iPhones
• Send cards from practically anywhere (i.e. gym, doctor's office, ski slope, top of tall building)
• Enjoy all the same categories as are offered on the site, from flirting to workplace to cry for help
• Save cards as favorites
• Enhance your life in digital ways you never thought possible

We'll be updating it regularly so let us know what you think!

 $0.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Oct 26, 2009 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Apr 06
Version 4.0.0

- x64 support
- bug fixes and improvements

May 08
Version 3.1.1

Fixed share email format.
Fixed rate feature.

Mar 04
Version 3.1

Bugs fixes, iOS7 compatibility, retina support, and G+ sharing.

May 23
Version 2.202

The Someecards app has been completely rebuilt! It now has more cards, more sharing options, and a vastly improved interface. It does NOT allow you to create cards yet, but you can add a personal message to any card and send it to a friend!

Mar 28
Version 2.201

Bug fixing and stabilization.

Mar 15
Version 2.2

Bug fixes. Improved Facebook error handling.

Feb 22
Version 2.101

Bug fix

Feb 07
Version 2.100

Retina display compatibility.
Improved Facebook permission handling.
Long press on card thumbnails launches share options.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Nov 09
Version 2.031

- Fixed the 'Rate this app" button

Nov 01
Version 2.03

Minor bug fixes.
Improved Facebook support.

Oct 16
Version 2.02

Fixed Facebook posting.
User Card Editors' Picks now available.
Send cards via SMS feature, and save to phone functionality so you can send cards via MMS.

Oct 13
Version 2.01

Bug fixing from sending email card.
Bug fixing when user loading new cards on main page.

Oct 04
Version 2

Improved Facebook support, User Card Editors' Picks now available, send cards via SMS feature, and save to phone functionality so you can send cards via MMS.

May 16
Version 1.21

Fixes an iOS 4 bug that kept new cards from loading. **Note** If you have any problems with the app delete it from your device and reinstall. You won't get charged again, and that usually fixes most issues, including connecting with Facebook. Thanks!

Dec 19
Version 1.17

Fix for Facebook friends list.

Dec 03
Version 1.16

Updated Facebook functionality. Fixed Facebook posting bugs. Fixed Favorites bug. Please report any issues to feedback@someecards.com. We'll fix things as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Oct 29
Version 1.14

Bug fix for homescreen badge.

Oct 20
Version 1.13

Fixes bug that sometimes resulted in the app only loading the first 10 cards in any given category. Fixes a bug that affected links in the News section of the app. Adds a badge to the homescreen icon that displays the number of new cards available since the app was last opened (this can be disabled in settings).

Sep 24
Version 1.12

Fixes Twitter functionality.

Sep 01
Version 1.11

OS 3.1 support

Aug 25
Version 1.1

This version adds Facebook and Twitter support. You can now post cards to Facebook (your wall or friends' walls) and Tweet cards.

Oct 27
Version 1.0

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