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"This application is AMAZING! One of my favorites!"

"One thing led to another and now I design and sell jewelry."

Symmetry Lab lets anyone make beautiful art. By instantly applying two-fold up to 128-fold symmetry, you can create intricate patterns with just a few strokes. Choose a brush size and style and draw with rainbows, fire, ice, and light to create dazzling designs. Share your patterns with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Draw your own masterpiece or press play and let the generator create one for you. Symmetry Lab combines the self-expression of free drawing with the natural beauty of kaleidoscope apps. It’s a powerful artistic tool that you’ll respond to in seconds and play with for hours. From creative kids to experienced artists, anyone can get amazing results.

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Version History

Launched Aug 22, 2009 (over 11 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Mar 04
Version 7.2

- Overhauled UI for iOS 8
- New 'Lines' brush style for precise drawing
- Enhanced share feature
- Fix for bug on newer devices that caused incorrect brush colors

Mar 27
Version 7.1

- Fix for iOS 5 crash.
- Presets: get to the perfect combination of settings without tweaking them individually.
- Doubled pattern resolution on Retina display and in exported images in iOS 6.

Mar 13
Version 7.0

- Unlimited undo and redo history!
- Built-in sharing features for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, and more!
- UI improvements and bug fixes.
- Up to 128-fold symmetry.
- 'Touch' axis mode for quickly drawing multiple patterns.

Aug 30
Version 6.0

- Support for both iPhone and iPad.
- Extremely fast pattern rendering.
- UI overhaul.
- Bug fixes.

Nov 30
Version 5.0

- Fixes for freezing problems.
- Set the center of symmetry for vastly expanded pattern possibilities.
- Honed interface.
- Basic instructions for features.

Jul 28
Version 4.1

Up to 100-fold symmetry.

Fixed bug in dot drawing mode.

Fixed distance-modulated colors.

Jul 19
Version 4.0

All-new interface.

Larger drawing area.

Three new grid styles: slant, fisheye, and torus.

New color palette.

Mar 16
Version 3.7

Completely reworked interface for easy access to brush and drawing style options.

Scalable brush size for fine-tuned detail.

New hex and square snap-to-grid drawing tools enable beautiful precision - make patterns that look like tiles, needlepoint, circuit boards or cityscapes.

Jan 08
Version 3.6

Minor improvements in functionality

Jan 07
Version 3.5

Completely revamped interface, with intuitive symmetry controls. Toggle between Mirror and Rotate, then use + and - or tap the number to select symmetry with a slider.

Dozens of new symmetry types, including up to 100-fold, both rotational and mirrored.

Major improvements in pattern generation speed.

Nov 11
Version 3.4

Improvements in functionality

Oct 31
Version 3.3

Four amazing new colors, all modulated by distance.

Oct 19
Version 3.2

Major improvements in pattern generation speed. Erase button if you don't want to shake. Eight new types of symmetry.

Oct 07
Version 3.1

Four new colors: white, orange, purple and cyan, along with minor improvements in functionality.

Sep 23
Version 3.0

Twelve new types of symmetry, including three-, five-, and seven-way rotational, and ranging from six-fold to 48-fold. Use different brush styles in drawing mode as well as the pattern generator: normal, jagged, right angles, and dots. Shake more easily to erase.

Sep 11
Version 2.0

Change the brush size and autonomous generator style. Save patterns to Photos. Use five new color brushes: random, yarn, rainbow, fire, and ice.

Aug 22
Version 1.0

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