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As a former clinical psychologist, I understand that sometimes it's just not enough to take a deep breath and imagine yourself in a calm and soothing environment.

Sometimes, learning to relax and let things go takes a little more effort.

With "Stress Relief: Smash Edition," I have developed a tool to help you release all your frustrations and leave you feeling calm and peaceful.

Because, after all, who wouldn't like to shatter a stack of plates or pulverize a tomato?

This app features over three dozen items which you can smash to your heart's content. And they're not just rendered images, but actual photographs of items being broken. Choose an item and tap the screen to destroy it. Not only will you be rewarded with images of destruction, but you'll hear the actual sounds of the item's obliteration. Tap up to three times for progressively more and more damage. Shake your phone to restore the object to its pristine state. Oh if life were so easy...

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Secondary: Health & Fitness

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Version History

Launched Oct 07, 2009 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 1 year, on average.

Jan 10
Version 2020

updated for new iOS

Nov 05
Version 2018

updated for new iOS; bug fixes

Dec 30
Version 27

updated for new OS

Dec 04
Version 25

Sorry for the extreme delay in updating this awesome app.

I located the original footage from all the prior smashing sessions and have updated the graphics with hi-resolution copies. The app is now universal and should look crisp and clean on any device.

This app incorporates two previous updates: once celebrating our Portable Party app and another that allows you to become an active participant in this app's development.

That's right. You can contribute to the smashing fun. Download the app to see how.

And to tempt you, here's the updated list of smashables:

- Answering Machine
- Calculator
- Clock Radio
- Coffee Maker
- Hard Drive
- iPhone
- Keyboard
- Laptop
- Monitor
- Mouse
- Palm
- Phone
- Radio
- Remote

- Apple
- Beer
- Cake
- Can of Beans
- Chips
- Eggs
- Grapes
- Jelly
- Oranges
- Oreos
- Pringles
- Tomato
- Watermelon

- Balloons
- Bell
- Bottle
- Boy & Dog
- Bunnies
- Clock
- Dishes
- Duck
- Jack Candy Dish
- Little Boy
- Marshall
- Mug
- Ornaments
- Piggy Bank
- Sand Castle
- Santa
- Spectacles
- Teapot
- Vase

Mar 31
Version 6.1

In honor of our latest app, Portable Party, we’ve updated Smash with three new party smashables: a bottle of beer, some balloons, and a bag of chips. Enjoy!

Nov 16
Version 5.1

!!! Smash Your Stuff !!! Help me make this one of the most interactive apps around. Grab this new update to gain access to an address where you can send your stuff to me so I can include it in future updates.

Do you have some memento you’d really like to see destroyed? Any reminder of an ex that would be great to see obliterated? Perhaps you just need to clean out the basement... In any event, download this new version, find the address, and send me your stuff. Every month I’ll pick the best objects for inclusion in a new update.

And as a bonus, this update has five new objects for your smashing pleasure:
- Christmas Ornaments
- Santa Claus
- Oranges
- Jack O Lantern Candy Dish
- (and the much anticipated) Can Of Beans

I’ve also prettied things up a bit.

After languishing in the app store for some time now, I’m ready to start giving this one some regular updates. Help me make it the best app ever and send me YOUR stuff.

Oct 20
Version 5.0

- updated for iOS 5 compatibility
- one new object added

Jul 27
Version 1.5

iOS4 ready

Oct 07
Version 1.0

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