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The #1 app around the world with over 30,000,000 downloads!

Do people make fun of you? Are they laughing with you, or at you? Do you think you can swipe, tilt, drag, shake and tap your way to victory? Get The Impossible Test and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to prove them wrong!

Play The Impossible Test and race to finish first! Complete many interactive levels that will challenge your mind! Compete with others to get the fastest time, and get an A on your report card!


+ 83 questions with hundreds of steps!
+ 2 different game modes!
+ Medals to collect!
+ Hidden secrets to find!
+ Shake and tilt levels!
+ Fun graphics!
+ Custom soundtrack and sound effects!
+ Listen to your own iPod/iPhone Music if you want to!
+ GameCenter achievements and leaderboards!

Let the awesomeness begin!

**Please leave a review in iTunes if you enjoy this game! Your awesome reviews help us regularly update our apps!**

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Secondary: Trivia

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The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 1The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 2The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 3The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 4The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 5The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 6The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 7The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 8The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 9The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 10The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 11The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 12The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 13The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 14The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game screenshot 15

Version History

Launched Aug 14, 2009 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Feb 04
Version 3.7

The Impossible Test VALENTINE is here! Search for it in the App Store and be one of the first in the world to play!

+ iPad Pro optimized
+ Updated "Themes" screen
+ Less annoying ads
+ Small bug fixes

Oct 25
Version 3.61

*** NEW - The Impossible Test HALLOWEEN is out now! Get it on the App Store and be one of the first people in the world to play! ***

+ Fixed connection issues
+ Small layout bug fixes

Oct 15
Version 3.6

*** NEW - The Impossible Test HALLOWEEN is out now! Get it on the App Store and be one of the first people in the world to play! ***

In this update:

+ iOS 9 optimized
+ Small bug fixes
+ New look for Game Over screen

Jul 24
Version 3.5

+ Option to keep playing for free by watching a video
+ New "Themes" screen layout - play all the Impossible Test games!
+ Performance improvements
+ Bug fixes

Dec 10
Version 3.4

+ Removed video ads
+ Optimized for iPhone 6/6+
+ Optimized for iOS 8
+ Fixed bug that would show ads even if you paid to remove them
+ Smoother performance
+ Small bug fixes

Sep 18
Version 3.3


The Impossible Test 3 is out today! Get this update and launch the app to be one of the first to play!

+ Updated news system
+ Main menu slightly updated

Aug 11
Version 3.2

+ Fixed answers screen not working for some people
+ Improved "Themes" page when you choose a mode to play

Jul 21
Version 3.1

The Impossible Test 3 is coming REALLY SOON! Make sure you allow Push Notifications when launching the app and you'll get a notification when you can be one of the first to play it!

+ Made some questions a bit easier
+ Performance improvements
+ Push Notifications to get notified about new Impossible Test games
+ Bug fixes

Oct 04
Version 3.0


+ New HD graphics on all devices!
+ New questions!
+ New game modes!
+ New achievements!
+ All the crashing is gone!

Everything has been updated! The entire game was rebuilt from the ground up. All new graphics for all devices, new features, new questions, new game modes and new achievements!

We've also squashed all the crashing bugs, so the game will run significantly smoother and faster than before.

If you've previously purchased any in-game content, you'll need to restore your previous purchases from the "Cheats" screen on the main menu.

Let us know what you think! Enjoy!

Dec 16
Version 2.9.6

Now Available - The Impossible Test CHRISTMAS!

Get it FREE for a limited time at:


You can also get this update and launch the app to learn more about the new game!

What's new in this version?

- Fixed critical bug in OpenFeint.
- Optimized for iOS 5.
- Fixed crash that some iPhone 4S users were experiencing.

Oct 21
Version 2.9.5

Kiip Integration!

You can win REAL prizes and rewards for unlocking achievements and getting high scores!

If you've already unlocked an achievement, you can redo the achievement for a chance to win a prize or reward!

More details are at our facebook page:


Oct 10
Version 2.9.1

Fixed a major bug causing the game to submit achievements online every 1 second.

The next version will have our super awesome new feature!

As always, all the details are on our facebook page -


Oct 05
Version 2.9

- Fixes some crashes when launching
- Also prepares the game for an AMAZING new feature coming within the next couple weeks!

Check out our facebook to stay up to date about this new cool feature that's coming soon!


Aug 18
Version 2.8

The new Summer Pack is available for FREE! Get this update and play through all new summer themed questions!

- Summer Pack
- OpenFeint GameFeed
- New Icon

We're also giving away a brand new iPad 2 on our Facebook page! "Like" us for a chance to win!


Apr 19
Version 2.7.1

Fixes critical bug that caused crash upon launch.

Apr 14
Version 2.7

The Impossible Test WATER is NOW AVAILABLE!

Get this update and check out the new WATER questions that are available for FREE!

Also updated the More Games page.

"Like" us at facebook.com/PixelCUBE for all the latest news about new 'The Impossible Test' games launching throughout the year!

Mar 10
Version 2.6

The Impossible Test WATER is coming out very soon! Follow us to stay updated about the WATER version!



- Reverted back to old icon.
- Issue with alerts not appearing correctly at launch.
- Bug fixes.

Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and sneak peeks at The Impossible Test WATER! You also have a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card!


Feb 12
Version 2.5

- Updated icon.
- Improved Game Over screen for bonus questions.
- Fixed bug in Easter Egg questions.
- Easier to unlock Easter Egg.

Become a fan on Facebook for a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card! You can find us at:


Feb 03
Version 2.4

Even more new content for free!

FREE BONUS QUESTIONS - Get some brand new bonus questions for free! We've done a cross promotion with our new game Traffic Dodge, so all you have to do is grab Traffic Dodge for free and enter a code from TD into The Impossible Test. Confused? Get the update for full instructions on how to get your brand new free bonus questions!

Thanks to all of our loyal fans! The Impossible Test has now reached over 7,000,000 downloads! You can look forward to a new year with TONS of new content coming!

We've also just released our new game - Traffic Dodge! It's also free, so a download wouldn't hurt, and we're giving away free bonus questions if you grab the code from Traffic Dodge.

Traffic Dodge: http://bit.ly/trafficdodge-direct

Follow us and stay updated.

Twitter: http://bit.ly/pixeltw
Facebook: http://bit.ly/pixelfb
Website: www.pixelcubestudios.com

Jan 04
Version 2.3.1

Fixed "Back" button not working in the Answers screen.

Twitter: twitter.com/PixelCUBEstudio
Facebook: facebook.com/PixelCUBE

Dec 14
Version 2.3

We have added a BRAND NEW mode to The Impossible Test! And best of all? It's 100% FREE!

You can now compete against friends, family, and co-workers in real-time! We have added Bluetooth Multiplayer in this update, and all you need is someone to play with! You can compete against each other in Classic Mode to see who is truly faster!

In addition to the new Multiplayer Mode, we have added some other nice touches!

- Fixed MAJOR bug that caused crashing upon launch!
- Easier navigation on the "PLAY" screen!
- Easier purchase system for Answer Sheet and the Space Pack!
- 3 Secrets have a new look!
- Easier access to "More Games"!
- News alerts on the Main Menu!
- Updated to newest OpenFeint!
- Other UI fixes!
- Bug fixes!

The next major update will include lots of other cool new things! We have more secrets, achievements and questions planned for release, so keep an eye out on the NEWS section!

*** As always, your awesome 5 star review help us keep the FREE updates coming! If you enjoy The Impossible Test, please leave a review on the App Store! Thanks for all the positive reviews so far! ***

PixelCUBE Twitter - twitter.com/PixelCUBEstudio
Facebook - facebook.com/PixelCUBE
Website - www.pixelcubestudios.com

Sep 21
Version 2.2

- New FREE Questions in Classic Mode!
- Another checkpoint after 60 questions (total of 2 checkpoints now)!
- Improved load times when you first launch the app!
- Minor UI enhancements!
- New achievements!
- Small bug fixes!

*** Next update will have a new amazing feature! Hint: How'd you like to play with your friends in real-time! ***

Website: www.pixelcubestudios.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PixelCUBEstudio
Facebook: www.bit.ly/PixelFB

Aug 27
Version 2.1

Some people thought there was a "glitch" in the "Blue Stars" space pack question. There is NO glitch, and this update clarifies the instructions to prevent people from getting confused!

- Fully redesigned Credits screen
- More questions for "Classic Mode" are coming in the next update! Stay tuned for more information!

*** As always, your 5 star reviews help us keep the updates coming! Want more Classic Mode questions for free? Leave your awesome 5 star reviews! ***

Twitter: twitter.com/PixelCUBEstudio

Website: www.pixelcubestudios.com

Aug 19
Version 2.0

MAJOR UPDATE with the Space Pack is now HERE!

- Space Pack available for download with a brand new game mode, new questions, new achievements, new theme, and more!
- Full twitter functionality where you can tweet your score/time after each game!
- Tons of re-designed menus to make it easier to navigate!
- "Rate It" option that takes you directly to the App Store Rating page!
- Easier to view your best "rank" for Classic Mode and Space Pack!
- More OpenFeint achievements!
- New "medals" to collect from the Space Pack!
- High resolution icons for iPhone 4 and iPad!
- Fixed bug with Easter Egg icons on Main Menu!
- Tons of bug fixes!

** Remember to keep your 5 star reviews coming! They help us continue support and develop additional content! **

Jun 30
Version 1.9.8

- Fixed crash on startup that some users were reporting
- Updated menu screens
- Ability to remove Ads
- Lower sensitivity in "Hold Still" question
- Greatly improved in-app purchase system
- Small bug fixes

Please keep the 5 star reviews coming! Your support helps us continue to make new updates!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/PixelCUBEstudio

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