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Like destructive, messy entertainment? Have fun blasting your photos with Photo Shooter. This app allows you take a picture with your iPhone’s camera or grab one from your photo library and pepper it with paintballs, airsoft pellets or bullet holes. Or use a plain white canvas to create paintball artwork to share with your friends. Once you’ve had your fun blasting away, send the image to your friends via email, save it in your Photo Library, or even upload it to Facebook.

Paintball size and color are fully configurable and you can shoot them in manual or various rapid fire modes.

Airsoft lets you draw bruises. You can set power to darken the bruise and size to adjust the center mark left by the pellet. Low power and size let you draw big bruises.

New Weapon! Firearm lets you shoot holes in your photos. You can set the caliber of the firearm to shoot larger or smaller holes and the sound effects reflect the size of the gun.

Weapon selection screen to choose which weapon to use (Full version).
Paintball gun with settings such as color (random or specified), size, and power, and repeat rate.
Airsoft gun with settings such as size, power, and repeat rate (Full Version).
Firearm with caliber and repeat rate settings (Full Version).
Shake to clear shots.
Individual gun settings saved between uses.
Get photo from saved library or take a picture with the camera (camera feature is iPhone only and won't show on iPod Touch).
Send photo to photo library or email it as an attachment without having to leave the app.
Upload your photos directly to Facebook.
Professional sound effects.
Show and hide UI with two fingered taps.

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More free upgrades coming to add more weapons and other features!

More screenshots available on our site at the link below.

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Version History

Launched Jun 27, 2009 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Mar 31
Version 1.7.0

Added support for newer devices
Switched to system sharing for images
Other fixes and improvements

Mar 25
Version 1.6.1

Update for support for 64 bit.

Sep 24
Version 1.6.0

Added better iOS 7 support.

Nov 27
Version 1.5.0

Added support for retina iPhone and iPad.
Added support for 4 inch screen (iPhone 5).

Oct 11
Version 1.4.0

Fix compatibility with iOS 5
Update to use Facebook's new Single Sign On
Update icon to be retina quality

Jul 02
Version 1.3.6

Added iOS 4 multitasking compatibility. Remember: Shake to clear screen.
Added option to clear the canvas and be back to blank canvas.
Fixed crashing.

Apr 09
Version 1.3.5

Add iPad support in a universal app that works on iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.
Now take advantage of the full iPad screen with the same app that works on the iPhone. Popovers are used for picking images, weapons, and settings when on the iPad.

Sep 11
Version 1.3

New weapon! Now you can use a firearm to shoot randomly generated bullet holes. Change the caliber to hear different sound effects and sizes of holes.

Show/Hide UI with two finger tap so you can more easily see the full screen.

New, multiple pro quality sound effects for every weapon.

Weapon now fires on a timer instead of having to move your finger to make it more realistic and easier to control.

New app icon.

Jul 23
Version 1.2

Added Facebook Connect! Now you can post your photos straight to your Facebook account! Option to log out of Facebook in Settings.

Tweaked paintball sound effect to sound better. Higher quality sound effects coming soon.

Jul 04
Version 1.1

Jun 27
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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