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"This very simple game now had my full attention and I realized that while watching the clocks I had stopped paying attention to the real one next to me and almost two hours had gone by... ...easily would have been worth the low price on the game. Perplext has finally found the game that it can hang it’s hat on. Clock Watchers of the world unite! Your years of gazing at the clock will finally pay off and now you’ve got the game to prove it!"
- Bob Bedore, Appversity

Just like a broken clock, even YOU can be right twice a day!

But can you be right in less than 60 seconds?

In Clockwize, you have just 60 seconds to get all the clock hands to face the same direction at the same time. You may stop a clock from ticking by tapping it once, and restart it by tapping it again. Save time by pressing the Clockwize button to change the direction in which the clocks tick.

If you achieve the goal within 60 seconds, you win! Your score is equal to the time left on the clock when you press all of the buttons in order. Enter your name and try to improve your score by finishing with more time remaining. Add friends and invite them to compete with you for the best score on YOUR Circle Of Friends Ranks Scoreboard!

- Every game lasts just 1 minute!
- Game 4 in Perplext's :60 Series.
- Random board each game!
- Compete with YOUR Circle Of Friends.
- Unique built-In Friend Scores Rank System keeps track of only YOUR friend's top scores!

Also known as "Clockwise".

 $1.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Apr 16, 2009 (almost 10 years ago).
Jan 13
Version 2.0

- Facebook sharing - perfect for competition among friends!
- Faster, improved menus and prompts

Apr 10
Version 1.0


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