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NOTE: If you receive an error message that the application is pirated, uninstall it and reinstall or wait for the new update that is being worked on to resolve this issue!

First Greek Anekdota (Ανέκδοτα) application for iPhone.
#1 application for the Greek community!
(Note: All jokes are in written in Greek.)

Looking for some good laughs while with friends as you sip on your "frappedaki"? Well here is an application you can pull up right on your phone that will definitely stir up some good times! More than 1000+ jokes can be found in this application. New jokes are added regularly.

The categories are:

Διάφορα - Various
Οικογενειακά - Family
Παιδικά - Kids
Πολιτικά - Political
Ξανθιές - Blondes
Ποvτιακά - Pontian
Έξυπνα - Smart
Ζώα - Animals
Πρόστυχα - Dirty
Τοπικά - Regional
Αγαπημένα - Favorites (Customized with Jokes you tag)

Want to share some laughs with your Facebook friends?
Greek Anekdota, offers the ability to share jokes with your friends by posting them on your Facebook wall or by email.

Write a review, and let us know if you would like to see a new category added.


Also, check out our other applications such as Greek Orthodox Calendar which includes holidays, names days, biblical references, 40 days of lent, and much, much more!
So, hurry up…don’t miss the next holiday…search for it!

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iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Social Networking

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Version History

Launched Mar 27, 2009 (about 11 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Nov 18
Version 1.94

Bug squashing!

Apr 18
Version 1.92

bug squashing
added new jokes

Feb 06
Version 1.91

Anekdoto menu operations was updated to a single click menu.

Jan 12
Version 1.90

1. Fixed bug that would display an error message, when the Favorite jokes are removed.
2. Added rating system
3. Added ability to send jokes through SMS
4. Renamed application to Ανέκδοτα and ΑνέκδοταHD

Sep 08
Version v1.89

Stability Fixes

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Jul 25
Version 1.88

1. Fixed bug when running low on memory that would crash application
2. Fixed but that would not correctly refresh jokes category for favorites when clearing all favorites out.

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Jun 14
Version 1.87

Fixed bug causing errors when sending email

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Mar 21
Version 1.86

* Stability of application work has been completed

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Jan 24
Version 1.85

Fixed memory leak that caused application to crash

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Jan 14
Version 1.84

Performance Fixes
Stability Fixes
Added functionality to send crash reports to support team to help resolve issues quicker.

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Jan 11
Version 1.83

Bug fix - Address issues reported where some users could not see any jokes after selecting a category

Jan 05
Version 1.82

Fixed bug for devices using iOS below 3.2. Would caused the application to crash when trying to read an anekdoto

Dec 14
Version 1.81

Renamed application to Anekdota.
Bug fixes

Dec 09
Version 1.80

Added new jokes
Updated screen for sending email
Updated screen for posting to facebook
No longer goes to a new screen when emailing or posting to facebook. A pop-up now appears instead.

Oct 30
Version 1.79

NOTE: For those upgrading to the new version of the Greek Anekdota application, uninstall the current installation and re-download from the AppStore.

1. Addition of tags to the joke list to mark:
* jokes that have been read
* jokes have been added to favorites

2. Optimizations for quicker loading
3. New Jokes
4. Swipe menu on joke view to allow quick access to managing
actions to be performed for a joke

Jul 13
Version 1.78

Fixed issue where favorites category wasn't displayed. Added info button. If message displays v 1.78, then the favorites category will work, if NOT FOUND is displayed, then it won't work. Please uninstall application and redownload.

Jun 30
Version 1.77


Jun 17
Version 1.76

* Updated GUI
* Favorites category added to allow functionality of maintaining a favorites list of jokes
* Added additional jokes

May 17
Version 1.74

Reworked Internals to retrieve jokes from repository

Apr 26
Version 1.73

- Updated all categories to add new Jokes

Apr 08
Version 1.72

Fixed issue when email is sent of joke, in title first two characters were missing.

Mar 22
Version 1.7

Updated Internal API calls to remove depricated messages to objects

Updated skin of application

Mar 16
Version 1.6

- Fixed spelling error on Facebook page

Mar 13
Version 1.5

- Added new jokes
- Updated layout for reading anekdoto
- Color scheme updated

Nov 25
Version 1.4

Added additional jokes
Added support to post to Facebook wall.

Aug 23
Version GA1.2

Ability to send anekdota to friends using email.

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