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Amplitude enhances aural experiences by allowing you to hear distant and/or quiet sounds as if you were standing nearby. Amplitude uses the high quality hardware of the iPhone and iPod Touch* to detect and amplify the faintest of sounds. ***Note: To get the best experience possible, you must use earbuds that do not have a built-in microphone.***

Amplitude lets you adjust the sensitivity of the iPhone microphone to amplify sounds from across a room. You’ll hear things you never would have been able to hear otherwise.

Using Amplitude is easy: simply launch the app, point your device in the direction of the sound you want to amplify, and starting hearing the world in a new way through your headphones. Individual controls enable you to adjust the microphone sensitivity or mute the sound amplifying feature altogether.

Use Amplitude to explore your world. Experience all the sounds of your environment that you would otherwise have missed.

Experience Nature and Wildlife More Intimately

- Have you ever heard the sound of a hummingbird’s wings beating back and forth? It’s pretty interesting to hear even with unaided ears. Using Amplitude, it’s a truly amazing experience.

Experimenting Around Your World

- Listen to your heartbeat for the first time

- Diagnose the source of that annoying squeak in your new car.

- Attach a cup or small plastic bowl to the end of your iPhone to focus the incoming sound and expand your range

- Place microphone against a office wall to hear sounds from all over the building.

At Sporting Events

- Baseball: Listen to the first base coach, the players in the dugout and the player in the batting circle.

- Golf: Hear golf pros discuss the next shot with their caddy.

Amplitude Benefits:

- Turns your iPhone or iPod Touch* into a sound amplifier

- Hear sounds through thin walls or doors

- Adjustable microphone sensitivity / boost

- Adjustable volume and mute controls

- Independently control the iPhone volume and the microphone sensitivity

- View sound waves on the oscilloscope

*Ear buds are required for use with all devices. Use with the iPod Touch requires a headset with built-in microphone feature.

Tips on Using Amplitude:

- For best audio reception, point the microphone in the direction of the sound you want to pick up.

- Amplitude controls are oriented upside down from other apps so that the microphone can be pointed toward target sounds.

- To protect against accidental ear damage, Amplitude starts in Muted mode. The “Mute at Start” feature is configurable in the Info screen.

- We recommend keeping device volume between 50-75%.

- Experiment with microphone sensitivity. Some situations will require more, some less.

- To preserve battery life, launch the application and press the device sleep button to darken the screen.

- You can maximize your reception by using your hands or a plastic cup to focus the incoming sound. This is the best method to use when listening through solid objects like doors or walls.

- Like any exposed microphone, the iPhone microphone is sensitive to wind noise. For best results we recommend using Amplitude in non-windy situations.

- Experiment with different attachments and microphone settings and let us know what works best for you.

Send us feedback and feature requests. We want to hear how you are using Amplitude. Send us your stories or YouTube videos to Amplitude@GripWire.com. This application has been brought to you in association with MagTownTech.

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Version History

Launched Mar 27, 2009 (almost 12 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 years, on average.

Jan 07
Version 1.4

Additional fixes for iOS 11.

Jan 02
Version 1.3

This version now works on iOS 11.

Sorry about the delay, but we struggled with a silly build related bug that we only figured out today.

Happy New Year!

Nov 11
Version 1.2


- Increased sensitivity
- Bug fixes for slider hot spots

Check This Out!

Over the past few months, we've been getting great feedback from users about how they are using Amplitude. One user told us that they attached a commercial grade parabola to their iPhone to focus the incoming sound and enhance the performance focus the app. Another user wrote to tell us that they did the same thing using an old Tupperware bowl and they doubled the effective listening distance of the app.

These stories are amazing and we want to hear more and share them with the community of Amplitude users! If you send us a short YouTube video of how you are using Amplitude, we'll feature it on our YouTube site and post it to http://www.AmplitudeApp.com.

Keep the cool ideas coming and I hope you enjoy this update!

Jun 27
Version 1.1

Modified the audio algorithm based upon user feedback.

Mar 27
Version 1.0

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