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From the makers of PaintBall, a new, fun & extra addicting puzzle game that will also sucks you in and won't let you go until you've wasted all of your time! 'Frutakia' uses the 'casino slots idea' and turns it into an original & fun puzzle game for your iPhone or iPod Touch. (Frutakia 2 is out, try it!)

The game is fully translated into several languages:
Deutsch (German)
Ελληνικά (Greek)
Italiano (Italian)
Français (French)
Español (Spanish)
Português (Portuguese)
简体字 (Simplified Chinese)
簡體字 (Traditional Chinese)

Game Objective:
You must make groups of 3 or more same fruits/items at any direction! There are 5 different fruits and 2 different items. Blanks can also appear. The 'bell' scores more points than the fruits and the 'super item' scores the most!

How to play:
There are two ways of playing. The first is by moving the fruits/items up or down (By dragging and dropping, or using the buttons above and below the fruits/items). The second way is by clicking on the button 'Spin All' which moves the fruits/items like casino slot machines does.

What to watch out:
Below the fruits/items there are three indicators. The first from the left shows your current score. The third which is on the right is your LIFE METER. It drops when you do something and if it runs out, you lose. If you full it you get a BET UP which raises your bet percentage in the middle. Try to raise it as much as possible because it helps you score much more.

There are 3 different gaming modes.
EASY: Take your time and have fun.
HARD: For the ones who like frantic fun.
FRUTAKIA: Bet your points and win or lose everything.

* 16bit crystal clear graphics!
* Speed control
* Vibration support
* Export Hi-Scores to internet

 $2.99 in iOS App Store


Frutakia (Slots Puzzler) screenshot 1Frutakia (Slots Puzzler) screenshot 2Frutakia (Slots Puzzler) screenshot 3Frutakia (Slots Puzzler) screenshot 4Frutakia (Slots Puzzler) screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Feb 24, 2009 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 1 year, on average.

Oct 10
Version 1.7

* Now runs on iOS 12

Sep 20
Version 1.6

* Supports the latest iPhones
* Supports 64bit devices
* Huge SDK updates
* Bug fixes

Jul 23
Version 1.5

* Retina icon and splash-screen
* iPhone 5 wide screen supported
* Bug with hi-score keyboard fixed
* More apps/games icon
* Offers question can be shown
* Feedback question can be shown
* Bug fixed

Jun 21
Version 1.4

Bug fixes in latest iOS

Dec 11
Version 1.3

* 2 languages added
* Bugs fixed with iOS 4
* Minor bugs fixed

Nov 19
Version 1.2

* Translated into seven (7) languages.
* Automatically saves state when exit
* Better Sound control
* Minor bugs fixed.

Feb 25
Version 1.1

Previous 3 versions


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