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Having problems hacking terminals in Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas? Didn't pass your G.O.A.T. exam due to low Science skill? Do you have better things to do than spend all day guessing passwords?

We have the answer: HackBoy!

Using HackBoy couldn't be easier! Just enter the potential passwords from any terminal in Fallout, press Run and in moments you'll have a successfully hacked terminal. No more pesky trial and error guessing or always hunting for hidden character sets (*). You'll be back on your way exploring the wasteland in no time!

HackBoy will successfully hack terminals within FOUR attempts about 9 times out of 10. If you see the message, "PASSWORD IS:" you can be confident the password is correct, even on your fourth attempt. For the occasional hack where the password is not known by the fourth attempt, use the terminal's hidden character sets to continue hacking until HackBoy discovers the password. Refer to the Fallout 3 user manual for more information about hidden character sets.

HackBoy is a companion product to the popular video games Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. If you do not have a copy of Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas (for any platform), HackBoy is not for you and you should not purchase HackBoy.

(*) Scientific studies have shown HackBoy has a 93.3% chance of success in four attempts. In actual field usage test subjects had a much higher success rate and experienced few side effects. Your mileage my vary. HackBoy is a delicate scientific instrument and should be handled with care. Always keep your HackBoy in good, repaired condition.

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Version History

Launched Dec 13, 2008 (almost 12 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Jan 02
Version 1.1.2

- Fixed screen draw problem on iOS 8 where dots remained visible behind entered words.
- Added alerts to explain common problems when using HackBoy.

Feb 16
Version 1.1.1

- Fixed rare crash

Dec 29
Version 1.1

- Fixed suggestion list selection
- Added many more words to suggestion list
- HackBoy now informs you when unable to guess password
- Improved layout for 4" tall devices
- Misc fixes related to iOS 7 and iPhone 5

Nov 08
Version 1.0.5

Updated for iOS 4.2 and Fallout New Vegas

Apr 01
Version 1.0.4

Enhanced for iPad!

Aug 18
Version 1.0.3

Fixed crash on iPhone OS 2.2.1 and earlier.

Fixed problem with Help displaying blank on iPhone OS 2.2.1 and earlier.

Jul 28
Version 1.0.2

New word suggestion list significantly reduces the amount of typing required to enter terminal passwords.

Improved UI performance.

Improved processing speed.

Misc bug fixes.

Apr 23
Version 1.0.1

Dec 13
Version 1.0.0

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