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Efficiently monitor your kids online activities, limit distracting apps/games, block inappropriate online content, track kids location and schedule screen time. Ensure your family is safe online 24x7 with Mobicip’s best-in-class parental control solution.

Our award-winning content filter combined with app blocker, location tracker and screen time limiter enables parents to easily manage any number of family devices remotely from a single account. Enjoy peace of mind by installing the Mobicip parental control app for kids and teens using an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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Mobicip allows you to

• filter internet, block websites on Safari, Chrome and other web browsers
• disable all browsers and enable Mobicip Safe Browser mode
• supervise videos watched, social media usage and browsing history
• set daily/weekly screen time schedules for distraction-free homework time and bedtime
• lock devices instantly for device-free family time or dinnertime
• locate kids instantly
• review access requests from kids (for restricted apps & websites)
• block apps, block games, block social media & block internet
• monitor kids phone & track online activity
• invite co-parent admins
• remotely monitor all family devices, 24x7, on-the-go

Take charge of your family’s digital experience across iPads, iPhones & iPods!

• Set daily screen time limits on your kids' devices and manage bedtime and family time; or set recurring weekly screen time schedules.

• Using Mobicip’s award-winning content filter, stay on top of the usage/browsing history to spot online threats. Block adult websites, filter pornography, block gambling, block violence and other inappropriate web content with Safe Browser mode.

• Restrict social media apps or games with a single touch, while allowing access to apps that help your kids learn and grow.

• Locate your child or loved ones instantly any time anywhere. Track lost or stolen devices.

• Review real time requests from your kids to access blocked apps or websites and instantly approve/reject them.

• Allow or block over 50 streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Movie Box, HBO Now etc.

• Instantly lock screentime on all devices for device-free dinnertime or family time.

• Check your kids' browsing history, social media usage and videos watched on-the-go or set up weekly or daily reports to see a snapshot of their browsing trends.

• Invite another parent to help manage and be informed of your kids' digital experience and ensure digital safety.

• Keep track of all of your family's devices through an intuitive dashboard 24x7 on the go.

Family Time For All
Family Time allows parents to lock down all the family devices instantly with a single touch for a certain period. Now family meals, bedtimes, family interactions and outdoor time can be completely device-free & without distractions!

Block Social Media Apps & Games
You can now instantly block addictive social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Yubo, and Tinder. Block distracting games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, and Pokémon Go. Restrict access to apps and games that might expose your kids to profanity, violence, and adult/unhealthy content.

Widest Cross-Platform Coverage
As your children and teens move across a wide variety of devices, Mobicip allows you to monitor and control all such devices irrespective of the platform or OS. “Mobicip is designed for the modern multi-device family, and its range of supported platforms is impressive” - PCMag.

Help and Support
If you have any questions or need support, please contact us via support@mobicip.com,
or drop us a message here: http://www.mobicip.com/helpdesk

Subscription and payment are made via your iTunes account. The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Cancellation of the current subscription is not allowed during the active subscription period.

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Version History

Launched Feb 06, 2009 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Dec 22
Version 5.2

1. Safe browser option reintroduced on popular demand
2. UI changes
3. Bug fixes

Oct 25
Version 5.1.1

•Bug Fixes
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Best screen time & parental control for all family devices!

Oct 10
Version 5.1

•Bug Fixes
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One parental control app to protect all family devices

- Limit screen time. Lock screens instantly
- Filter Safari, Chrome & other browsers
- Locate your child anytime anywhere
- Block apps, games & social media
- Regulate & supervise videos
- Enable in Parent Mode on your iPhone or iPad
- Invite other parents or guardian to co-manage

Sep 12
Version 5

Holistic parental control and internet filtering with
- Screen time control and setting overall time limits that lock down the device completely
- Block and manage device access
- Block and manage apps, social media, and games.
- All features free for the first device!
- Automatic payments through your iTunes account.

Feb 12
Version 4.8

Scaling issue fix

Jan 26
Version 4.7

Bug fixes

Sep 23
Version 4.6

Bug fixes

Aug 12
Version 4.5

Bug fixes
Fixes for youtube sign in related issues
No hotspot usage limits

Jan 24
Version 4.4

- Fix for deployment server issue
- Prompt to open url copied from outside the app
- Other bug fixes

Jul 20
Version 4.3

- Fix for scaling issue on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

Jun 22
Version 4.2

- Setup 'AppMonitor' from Settings
- Fix for 'too many HTTP redirects' issue
- Fix for deployment server crash
- Other improvements and bug fixes

Nov 18
Version 4.1

- iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Compatible
- Swipe up to dismiss tab (iPhone & iPod touch)
- Fix for crashes
- Fix for URL bar freeze
- Other bug fixes

Aug 05
Version 4.0

- Updated branding
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes

Sep 13
Version 3.6

- Support for upcoming iOS upgrade
- Other bug fixes

Aug 21
Version 3.5

- Please update app BEFORE you upgrade your OS
- Make sure to backup your device and restore from backup

May 02
Version 3.4

1. Fix for bookmark folder issue
2. Press & hold navigation for history
3. Enable/Disable hotspot mode
4. Support for network exemption
5. Bug fixes in 'Open in' feature
6. Performance improvements

Feb 02
Version 3.2


In addition to Version 3.0 & 3.1 Features:
1. iOS 6 Support
2. 4-inch Screen Support
3. Full-screen Mode
4. Auto Full-screen Option
5. Minimal Toolbar in Full-screen Mode
6. Safari-like Loading Indicator

1. Full Tabbed Browsing
2. Safari-like Interface

Sep 27
Version 3.1

1. iOS 6 Support
2. Four-inch Screen Support
3. Bug Fixes

In Addition to Version 3.0 Features

1. Full-screen Mode
2. Auto Full-screen Option
3. Translucent Minimal Toolbar in Full-screen Mode
4. Safari-like Loading Indicator

1. Full Tabbed Browsing
2. Safari-like Interface

Jun 12
Version 3.0

This version is a complete redesign from the ground up. The app now includes the following new features:

1. Full-screen Mode
2. Auto Full-screen Option
3. Translucent Minimal Toolbar in Full-screen Mode
4. Safari-like Loading Indicator

1. Full Tabbed Browsing
2. Safari-like Interface

Jan 19
Version 2.8.4

- Air Print support added
- Background play for media files supported
- Other bug fixes

Jan 03
Version 2.8.3

Minor version update with
- Fix for crash on iOS 3.1.3
- Updated help page
- Other bug fixes

Oct 28
Version 2.8.2

- Fixed custom URL (mobicip://) problem

In addition to fixes in 2.8.1:
- Addressed iOS 5 compatibility issues
- Added "Open in" feature for PDF, DOC and other MIME types
- Fixed a crash issue reported by schools.
- Fixed authentication failure due to timezone change.

Oct 25
Version 2.8.1

- Addressed iOS 5 compatibility issues
- Added "Open in" feature for PDF, DOC and other MIME types
- Fixed a crash issue reported by schools.
- Fixed authentication failure due to timezone change.

May 31
Version 2.5.7

- Fix for back button issue
- Fix for reported crashes
- Other bug fixes

Jan 28
Version 2.5.5

- Fix for blogspot issue
- Other minor bug fixes

Dec 16
Version 2.5.4

- Support for re-ordering of bookmarks
- Background authentication upon relaunch
- Vastly improved scroll performance
- Cleaner touch & hold to save images
- Website JavaScript errors fixed
- Ability to launch other apps from links
- Increased hotspot timeout to 25 mins
- Fixed device name errors due to special characters

Aug 02
Version 2.5.3

- Support for school / enterprise deployment
- Bug fixes

Jun 27
Version 2.5.2

- Updated for iOS4
- Saves and restores state instantly
- Includes bug fixes

Apr 26
Version 2.5.1

- iPad Support
- Critical Bug Fixes
- Performance Improvements
- Bookmarks Reordering

Dec 17
Version 2.1.5

✓ Forward links by email
✓ Login problem fixed
✓ Other bug fixes

Oct 19
Version 2.1.0

✓ Multiple Tabs/Pages
✓ Copy & Paste
✓ Save Images
✓ Faster Browsing
✓ Persistent Cookies

Jul 30
Version 2.0.3

✥ Strict safe search enforcement
✥ Restores OS 2.2.1 compatibility
✥ WiFi hotspot mode with user agreement
✥ General stability fixes

Jun 17
Version 2.0.2

- Hotspot mode support
- Stability fixes
- Strict safe search

May 22
Version 2.0.1

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