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It's already a decade! OldBooth is 10 years old this year! Enjoy all the masks for free and share your creations with us!

“The amount of tears that came out of people’s faces and sn*t that flew out of people’s noses. It is the dumbest and most wonderful app, it's endless fun" -Maya Rudolph

"OldBooth is a very nicely designed app that’s easy to use, and leads to some good laughs." -Macworld

"For comedy value OldBooth is a superb image editor" -Tap! Magazine

"OldBooth is just plain fun." -iPhone™ for Dummies

Back to the past with OldBooth. Have you ever wondered what you'd have looked like in another era? How about your friends? Be a lady from 20s or a funky hairy hippie! It's endless fun...

- Up to 200 fun yearbook photos to play with

- Elegant and super easy to use interface

- Mask Creator - now you can make tons of your own, crazy masks

-Gallery - keep your OldBooth photos organized

-Social sharing - the fastest way to share funny results with your friends

What are you waiting for ? Start the real fun right now!

 $1.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Nov 29, 2008 (about 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Dec 18
Version 8.1

- Christmas masks

Oct 26
Version 8.0

This is the biggest change You all've been asking for. No more in app puchase. With this update we are releasing all the decade packs for FREE to all of you that have ever bought OldBooth (or will in the future). Thank You for using OldBooth!

Other most important updates:

- support for iOS 12
- UI tweaks and redesign
- support for new iPhone models (X, XS, XS Max)

Aug 04
Version 7.6.1

- fixed issues related to app review

Feb 22
Version 7.6

Improved UI of the application, to make it more clear.

Oct 16
Version 7.5

1930 photo pack

Mar 12
Version 7.3

We are not stopping, and already have OldBooth 7.3 for you.

This update is all about the thing, that everyone was waiting for, new photo pack for OldBooth.
Photos from 1950s are now added to the application increasing photo count to 190.

As always, I kindly ask you to leave a review, because they are disappearing with every update we release.

Have fun!

Mar 08
Version 7.2

Here we go with OldBooth 7.2

As you can see, we are working on improving OldBooth for you.
The first step was to rewrite the engine part of the app. It's quick, natural and intuitive even more, just like the new iOS7.
In version 7.1 we have added a great new feature: you can send your mask to a friend or import one.
Now, in 7.2 the "Take Photo" process has been shortened. When you take a photo, you picture goes directly to edit mode.

The engine revolution is done. Time to back to design. We listened to you and have decided to go one step back. We hope you'll love the delicate touch of vintage look.

We care for OldBooth and with each release, we are doing our best to improve it. If you are reading this, it seems like you do care for it too, so please, after trying it, leave a review or just add stars, so we would know, what do you think.

Feb 19
Version 7.1

OldBooth 7.1 is here with some improvements and new excited feature.

Not only Mask Editor is back, but it's better than ever.
You can use mail to send masks you created to other OldBooth users.
The nasty bug that was stretching your imported photos is now fixed.
Plenty of masks were edited to let you better fit in your face.
Minor UI design improvements in edit mode and finally we fully utilized Retina screen when creating masks and when editing photos.

Feb 06
Version 7.0

Completely rewritten and redesigned from the ground up for iOS 7

Jan 21
Version 5.2

- iPhone 5 support
- new Facebook SDK

Jul 26
Version 5.1

- New masks in base pack
- Fixed bugs that could crash application

May 16
Version 5.0.2

Fixed a problem which prevented every device from taking photo from camera.

May 02
Version 5.0.1

Fixed crash on first iPad and devices without camera.


If you've lost your purchases after update please just go through the buy process again. You WILL NOT be charged again!

Apr 26
Version 5.0


If you've lost your purchases after update please just go through the buy process again. You WILL NOT be charged again!

It's been a while since our last update so with even more pleasure we are giving you the new OldBooth 5.

- new, more intuitive interface
- new mask editor
- 12 new masks
- new user picture gallery
- new mask creator
- new "swipe through gallery" in sharing mode

- facebook sharing

Apr 23
Version 4.5.2

- Fixed facebook integration

Mar 24
Version 4.5.1

Fixed bug in photo preview overlay.

Feb 04
Version 4.5

Retina support!

Fixed Twitter integration.
Fixed Facebook integration.

Since this version orders are persistent. After reinstalling OldBooth you still have your photo packs available.

Sep 25
Version 4.4

- you can control flash and camera during taking photo

Aug 09
Version 4.3

Fixed bug with 20s masks invisible when bought. Now you can all use masks you've already bought again.

Jul 13
Version 4.2

- new photo pack

Apr 29
Version 4.1

- ability to change contrast and brightness of the mask
- logout from Facebook
- logout from Twitter

Apr 19
Version 4.0

- Rewritten from scratch
- Completely new, redesigned UI
- New application graphics
- Twitter integration
- Facebook integration
- Brightness/Contrast control
- Comparison of original and final pictures
- New application icon

Mar 05
Version 3.3.2

Workaround added for Facebook.app bug that wouldn't allow to upload OldBooth photos.

Feb 13
Version 3.3.1

- fixed bug related to mask blending after saving photo
- improved photo scaling mechanism
- improved photo flipping mechanism

Feb 03
Version 3.3

- improved photo rotation
- 4 new masks, two for each sex
- reduced app size for faster updates
- full screen preview
- other small changes

Dec 29
Version 3.2.1

- Fixed bug from iPhone 3G - mask preview doesn't disappear after making photo

Dec 16
Version 3.2

- mask preview while taking photo is back!
- new free masks

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