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The “Daijisen Japanese-Japanese Dictionary” (Latest Edition, 2012), a popular Japanese dictionary, is now available as an application for iPhone and iPad. The Daijisen dictionary is a perfect tool for studying the Japanese language, as it makes it possible to quickly, efficiently, and stresslessly search for many Japanese terms, include the latest buzzwords and new words. The dictionary has 257,000 entries, derived terms, and phrases.

[Easy-to-Read and Convenient Display and Search Function]
- The functions and display were designed with a simple and easy-to-read design, to make for rapid searching, allowing the user to immediately find the meaning and translations of terms.
- Forward searching is used to allow incremental searches of results. Includes horizontal tiling of the screen. Text can be displayed in three sizes, using pinching.
- Includes bookmark and resume functions.
- For search, Romanization cannot be used. Searches must be in hiragana, katakana or kanji. Searches can be performed without distinctions between unvoiced, voiced and semi-voiced consonants (for example, ta/da and ha/ba/pa), contracted sounds (kiyo/kyo), and geminated consonants (baku/bakku).
- Includes data of location for several terms, linked to Map application, and point the location.

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Version History

Launched Dec 08, 2008 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Apr 28
Version 18.1.3

- Fixed the problem of image tab

Apr 19
Version 18.1.2

- Changed color of the status bar
- Fixed the problems in the image screen

Dec 28
Version 18.1.1

- Fixed crash problem when it displays index screen.

Nov 18
Version 18.1

Dictionary data updated.

Apr 27
Version 17.0

We have added 2,900 words, and the contents has reached 270,200 words total !!

Jan 09
Version 16.0

Ver16.0 - Updated dictionary data (+2500 words).

Oct 27
Version 15.1.3

Bug fixed.

Oct 11
Version 15.1.2

Bug Fixed.

Oct 07
Version 15.1.1

Bug Fixed.

Sep 26
Version 15.1

iOS7 supported.

Sep 07
Version 15.0

Dictionary data was updated. By this update, the number of items became 264,800 words (+2,800) and the number of color images became 11,880 (+80), and the number of words with map display links became 11,700 words (+700 words).

Apr 30
Version 14.0

- Added 2,500 new words, total 262,500 words !!
- Revised 34,000 words.
- Bugs fixes.

Jan 21
Version 13.0

-Adding 2,600 words, such as the newest current-events term, the total number of items became 260,000 words.
-The problem which crashes when a store screen is displayed has been solved.

Dec 07
Version 12.1

What's New in Ver12.1?
-Hand-wright recognition has improved.
-Some bugs fixed.
-New UI for 4-inch display of iPhone5.
-Some new features added.
-Some bugs fixed.

Oct 26
Version 12.0

The compatibility for iOS6 was improved.
1,700 words, include the newest current-events term, were added. The total 257,400 item numbers are the greatest in a similar dictionary.

Jul 04
Version 11.1

When it started from other applications, the fault as which the button which returns to a starting agency is not displayed was corrected.

May 02
Version 11.0

・The newest term 2,200 was added. The total number of items became 255,700 words. A color plate, map data, and a class word display item were enlarged.

[for iPhone/iPod touch]
・The layout of a handwriting screen has been improved.

[for iPad]
・The graphics of a button or a background image also corresponded to the high resolution display.

Mar 20
Version 10.0.1

- The "purchase history check" button was added to the store screen.
- The fault about a display was corrected.
- The "store" function in which contents can be added was prepared. Check please!

Feb 22
Version 10.0

[New Feature]
Add-On Store --- Now you can get the additional data-set from In-App Add-on Store!

Nov 09
Version 9.0.1

In this release:
Minor bug fixes.

Oct 17
Version 9.0

Support iOS5.

May 27
Version 8.0

We have newly added 2,000 items, updated 10,000 items, and the number of total items reached over 250,000!! And also, added 1,000 location data, 650 visual images.

We have fixed the inter-App search function program.

Apr 26
Version 7.1

-Data size minimized by separating image data from the binary. The image data can be downroaded one by one.

-User interface for iPad have beautifully changed!

-And many other new features.

Jan 24
Version 7.0

What's New
-6,000 words were added, and 30,000 words were updated.
-The design of the icon was renewed.
-UI has been improved.

Nov 22
Version 6.1

What's New
-Support iOS4.2
-Added [Konobade Kensaku] button to popup search menu.

Aug 05
Version 6.0.1

It was corrected that hand-written handwriting roughened on iPhone4.
The animation of the screen saver was improved.
The caption in the image was corrected.
A part of explanation sentence was corrected.

Jul 06
Version 6.0

New features included in version 6.0
#The number of items has increased to about 242,000.
#It corresponded to iOS4.
#The retrieval by outside dictionary App became possible.
#The system requirements is OS3.1.

May 14
Version 5.1

It corresponded to iPad ! It is possible to use it comfortably when starting up with iPad by the best interface that makes the best use of a wide screen.

Apr 23
Version 5.0.2

The function to fix the screen for length was added.
It was corrected that it operated by Phone OS 3.1 or more.
The trouble of a hand-written module (The character disappears) was corrected.
In the screen saver (word), only the new word that had been added with v5.0 was displayed.
In the appendix (image list), the genre and the caption were updated.
In a part of interpretation of words, the layout has been adjusted.

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