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Sudoku Builder is a full-featured, random Sudoku puzzle generator.

Using its lightning fast built-in puzzle generation engine, this app will build unlimited unique, never before seen Sudoku puzzles, just for you.

The puzzles are created to your exact specifications, and emailed to you as a print-ready pdf file with the touch of a button.

Choose from one of the six pre-defined levels, or dig down and customize the puzzles however you like. Want a puzzle that requires two "X-Wings", one "Swordfish", but no "Hidden pairs"? No problem. You can specify the exact solving techniques that will be needed in your puzzles.

Our guarantee: The puzzles created by Sudoku Builder are unique and have never before appeared in any book or other printed medium. They are entirely yours to work on, publish, whatever you like!.

Forget about Sudoku puzzle books. Sudoku Builder will make unlimited fresh puzzles for you forever and ever!

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Version History

Launched Oct 07, 2008 (over 12 years ago).
Oct 14
Version 1.1

Updated for 3.0 compatibility

Oct 07
Version 1.0