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BlackJack Run is not your grandmother’s BlackJack! The object is to get the highest score for each of the five rows, without busting (going over 21 points for a row), all before the time runs out for the round.

This fast paced game gives you bonuses for BlackJacks, time left, and more.

Once you start playing, you won't be able to stop!

- Universal app and retina graphics for all iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices, including the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
- Apple Watch Support
- Ad supported (with option to remove)
- Includes 1 level of play, with option to purchase 47 more levels
- Top 20 Local Best Scores kept for each level
- Your #1 Best Score automatically saved in GameCenter
- Round redo (optional purchase)

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Version History

Launched Aug 05, 2008 (almost 11 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Nov 06
Version 4.9

The good is you got a new iPhone X. The bad is you tried running BlackJack Run on it and it looked horrible. While we are hard at work on the next major version of this game, we had to make the game presentable on your shiny new phone.

Aug 29
Version 4.8

Be rewarded! Want some free Round Redo (yes we said FREE!)? Just tap on the new orange button on the main screen or Round Summary and watch the ad to get 2 free Round Redos.

Aug 28
Version 4.7.2

- More bug fixes. Didn't mean to pester you about more levels after the first game.

Aug 21
Version 4.7.1

Bug Fixes.

Aug 09
Version 4.7

- Added haptic feedback when score is over 95 (for iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus users).
- Minor bug fixes.

Feb 22
Version 4.6

Let's get ready to rumble! Well, if you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus at least. We have added in Haptic feedback when time is running out so that you can make your last plays.

Feb 09
Version 4.5

Warm up those BlackJack hands, we are back with a minor bug fix and house cleaning update. Stay tuned for more exciting features in the near future!

Jul 23
Version 4.4

- Now an option to purchase 180 Round Redoes for the Power Players!
- Bug Fixes.

May 06
Version 4.3

- watchOS 2 support.
- Changed Round Summary animation to make it faster.

May 08
Version 4.2

Now you can play a quick game of BlackJack on your Apple Watch!

Perfect for on-the-go, standing in line, or sitting in a boring meeting. We have added a fun extension to your Apple Watch that allows you to play quick rounds of the classic game of BlackJack. It is you versus the dealer, and may the best player win!

Oct 16
Version 4.0

- Added native support for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
- Don't be scared! We only tweaked the interface design this time, to clean up the graphics.
- Added ability to change the level shown in the Local Best Scores.
- Fixed a bug where a particular combination of Round Redoes and accidentally pressing the New Game button could result in a new game confirmation dialog not being shown (if it was enabled in the Settings).
- Optimized for iOS8.

Jul 31
Version 3.3.2

Functional Changes:
- When the menu is open you can now tap anywhere outside of it to close it.
- Minor under-the-hood code changes.

Jul 09
Version 3.3.1

Improved the card display rendering.

Jul 03
Version 3.3

You talked, we listened! Customer feedback helps drive changes to all of our programs.

New this version:
- Better options and pricing for getting Round Redoes. You now have the choice of purchasing 10, 30, or 60.
- New users now get 5 free Round Redoes to test out.
- Existing users get a bonus 5 extra Round Redoes just because we love you!
- Don't like seeing ads in the game? We added an option to opt out of showing them in the game. See the "Remove Ads" button in the menu.

Jun 05
Version 3.2

Ever been on a hot streak while playing and that one round just messed it all up? Wish there was a way to redo a round?

Well wish no more! This version adds in a new ability to redo rounds. On the Summary Screen is a new button called “Redo Round”, and it does exactly what it says. If round 1 was perfect and round 2 bombed, hit the Redo Round button and play a whole new round 2! And it works for any round, even when the game is over. So you can replay round 3 in normal play, or replay a round that would normal end the unlimited play.

This new feature is available as consumable in-app purchases. You have the option to purchase 3 or 10 redoes at a time (10 being the better pricing option). You get 1 free round redo the first time you start up this new version to test out.

Apr 18
Version 3.1

- Changed name to BlackJack Run Classic, to indicate this was the first in the BlackJack Run family.
- Your top local best scores are now pushed to GameCenter (if available) when you start. This handles the case of playing while offline.
- The game summary now shows your Top 20 score range if the latest game score is outside of it.

- Corrected bug where base points were incorrectly being awards when a round did not meet the 95 point minimum.

Apr 05
Version 3.0

Welcome to BlackJack Run Lite 3.0!

Before we get to all the exciting details, let us have a quick conversation about version 2.0. Yes, we know we messed up a good thing. The masses had spoken, and it was pretty universally shouted that the interface changes were bad. For this we apologize profusely. We hope that the new interface in version 3.0 reminds you of what you fell in love the first time you picked up BlackJack Run. Please just think of version 2.0 as the awkward teenage years.

Now, with that out of the way… on to the all the exciting changes in version 3.0:

- Now supports iPad and iPhone 5/5S, complete with Retina screen graphics.
- Revamped interface, bringing back the classic BlackJack Run feel.
- New option to change the Start button location.
- Expanded Local Best Score storage to 20 entries.
- Now using GameCenter to track Global Best Scores
- New option to purchase 47 more levels of play!

Sep 06
Version 2.3.2

Minor fixes for the ads.

Jul 26
Version 2.3.1

- Behind the scenes updates.

Jan 21
Version 2.3

- As a thank you for your support users can now submit their best scores for Level 1!
- The Global Best Score list has been expanded to 1000 entries, so now there is more of a chance to see your name is shining pixels.

Nov 15
Version 2.2.4

- Fixed issue where Ad would display over top of the game board.
- Fixed issue where game would not pause if you clicked on an Ad.

Jul 20
Version 2.2.3

- Added back in support for devices running OS3.0 and greater.

Jun 25
Version 2.2.2

- Fixes for empty iAd box.

Jun 21
Version 2.2.1

- Removed ad pop-up box.
- Added Apple iAds to the top of the screen (helps to support ongoing app development).
- Updates to support iOS4 multitasking (fast app switching).

Mar 22
Version 2.2

- Bug Fix: Corrected situation where the Lucky 7's bonus would be given incorrectly.
- Corrected Game Score position on the main screen for the Classic Layout theme.
- Added Round Score (base score plus bonus points) to the summary screen.

Mar 13
Version 2.1

- Added card and layout theme options.
- For layout theme, you can no choose between New, Classic Left Row Totals, and Classic Right Row Totals.
- For card theme you can choose between the new and classic card designs (for any of the layout themes).
- For "New" theme, swapped the Next Card and Stop button positions.
- Reduced frequency of ad popup.

Feb 20
Version 2.0

- New improved interface.
- Vast stability improvements.
- Two new bonuses: Lucky 7s and Mirror Score.
- New Hand Review at the end of each round.
- Added snazzy sound effects.
- Can now see the entire Top 100 Global List.

Note: Your previous local scores will be imported to this new version.

Aug 16
Version 1.7.1

- By very popular demand, the option to change what side the scores are on has returned. The option is under the Settings menu.
- Fixed a bug where the game would be stuck in something other than Level 1.

Jul 21
Version 1.7

Added 2 new bonuses!

Skip Not Used: Score an extra 100 points if you can finish a round without using the Skip button.

5+ Card Hands: If you can put 5 or more cards in a row, without busting, then you will score an additional 50 points for each of those rows.

Mar 11
Version 1.6

Jan 30
Version 1.5

Oct 02
Version 1.4

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