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Put a personal shopper in your pocket so you’ll always get the information you want. Scan any product QR Code or barcode or search to quickly find more about it including prices & reviews.

Scan a product UPC barcode, and we’ll help you find a variety of information:
√ Find and compare prices from your favorite stores like Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, and purchase right from your phone (depending on location)
√ Check-out product reviews & see what others are saying
√ See nutritional facts & ingredients from food products (US only)

Other ways ScanLife can help:
√ Save all your scanning activity in your History across multiple devices
√ Create your very own personalized QR Code right from the app so others can save your contact details
√ Receive location-based price information, special offers and deals

Create more QR codes
Visit www.scanlife.com to create your own online account for more advanced features and QR Code analytics.

Scanlife works with third parties to collect certain non-identifying information about your interests, including aggregate level and/or anonymous information, to provide targeted advertising and analytics services on our application, or across other sites and other applications. These entities may use technologies to collect information about your use of our mobile applications, including device attributes such as: operating system, hardware version, device settings, IP address, time zone, device carrier, applications installed on the device, and device advertising identifiers. We may share and allow our third party partners to share this non-identifying information with other third parties that perform targeted advertising activities across other apps and websites. Data collected from a particular device may be used on a different device that is linked to the device on which the data was originally collected. Any choice made by you regarding Scanbuy’s collection of data on one device will be reflected on the other device(s) linked to that device. You can disable this data collection at any time by choosing “Limit Ad Tracking” in your device settings. To learn more, please visit our Privacy Policy at http://www.scanlife.com/privacy-policy.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Users must upgrade to iOS 7.1+ before installing ScanLife.

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Primary: Shopping

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Aug 12, 2008 (over 12 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Jan 22
Version 7.1.1

Minor bug fixes and other improvements

Oct 17
Version 7.0.9

Limited bug fixing.

Aug 21
Version 7.08

Various fixes.

Jun 02
Version 7.0.7

Various fixes.

May 30
Version 7.0.6

Various fixes

Sep 09
Version 7.0.4

Resolving of bug related to EZcode barcode decoding.

Aug 31
Version 7.0.3

Resolution of bugs and enhanced barcode decoding.

Jun 30
Version 7.0.1

Various fixes and retirement of inbox feature.

Jun 27
Version 7.0

Minor bug fixing and retirement of the inbox feature.

May 01
Version 6.9

Minor bugs fixing.

Mar 21
Version 6.8

Improved scanning for iPhone 7+

Oct 11
Version 6.4

Minor fixes.

Sep 27
Version 6.3

Several minor fixes

Sep 15
Version 6.2

Couple of fixes

Aug 29
Version 6.1

Some bug fixing and minor improvements

Apr 11
Version 6.0

Enhanced local deals.

Mar 01
Version 5.9

Fixed a bug when scanning tag and qr codes.

Jan 27
Version 5.8

Scans now show products available at local stores

Dec 16
Version 5.7

- Fixed a few bugs
- Added location based services

Nov 10
Version 5.6

Fixed a bug that crashed the app when scanning QR Codes

Nov 03
Version 5.5

Bugs fixed : Sharing within the app, push notifications
Improvements : User interface redesigned

Apr 15
Version 5.4

We squashed some bugs and improved performance to give you a better experience.

Dec 19
Version 5.3

- Not able to scan a product? Introducing enhanced product search so you can always look for products whenever and wherever! Search and find lowest prices on millions of products across hundreds of retailers.
- Now supporting Microsoft Tag! You truly only need one app for all scanning needs!
- Don't let the darkness get in the way. Use the brand new light feature to shine some light on your favorite codes.
- Added new minimalistic scanning target. Now you can aim like a pro!
- Various bug fixes and small interface updates.

Nov 12
Version 5.2

- Like your scans to create a favorites list! Easy way to keep track and share! Perfect for planning your holiday shopping!
- Reduced the app size by over 50%
- Get product results returned faster than ever before!
- Added more vendors to bring you even more prices for the products you scan!
- Now looks great on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus!
- Various improvements and bug fixes, so you can focus on what matters.

Oct 02
Version 5.1

- Backup your history so you never lose what you searched for - even if you change devices!
- Enhanced Share to support apps with iOS8's new Share extension.
- iOS8 compatible
- Quickly find the very lowest prices on products
- Enhancements and bug fixes

Jun 18
Version 5.0

Go check out the all new ScanLife!
√ A new deals section that is sorted across thousands of national and local stores
√ A new Inbox with special giveaways, offers and content from products and retailers you like most
√ Updated design to help you find what you want
√ More mPoints achievements to help you cash in faster
√ Minor bug fixes and other enhancements

Mar 07
Version 4.8.2

Print your QR Code (aka QRcard) to Epson Label printers so people can easily scan to contact you from anything.

Plus, other minor bug fixes.

Jan 28
Version 4.8.1

- Updated scanner to read additional formats of QR Codes (UTF-8)
- Removed rewards counter on app icon
- Other UI enhancements and minor bug fixes

Nov 14
Version 4.8

Introducing ScanLife Rewards! Collect points by scanning and redeem for awesome gift cards. Only available in the US for now.

Also includes:
- Additional product prices
- Bug fixes and enhancements

Sep 27
Version 4.7.1

- Easier sharing to Facebook
- Formatting and bug fixes

4.7 included an updated look for iOS7!

Sep 17
Version 4.7

-Updated look for iOS7
-Fixed loading problems with product search
-Other minor bug fixes

Apr 26
Version 4.6

- Now optimized for iPad
- Recognizes other content like Passbooks and vCards
- Minor bug fixes and usability improvements

Jan 24
Version 4.5.1

- Bug fixes including support for various video types
- Live Feed with better experience and introduced as Discover
- Additional product sources with prices

Also includes features from ScanLife 4.5!
•Easily sync your favorite scans to your Facebook page
•Quickly share what you have scanned
•Invite your Facebook friends to join you on ScanLife so they can share their activity

Nov 20
Version 4.5

Introducing ScanLife 4.5 – a new way to discover and share information!
•Easily sync your favorite scans to your Facebook page and buy products any time
•Quickly share what you have scanned – great for holiday wishlists
•Invite your Facebook friends to join you on ScanLife so they can share their activity
•Launch ScanLife from your Facebook application
•More price comparison data from major retailers like Target and Wal-Mart to help you save money during holiday shopping
•Live Feed now integrated into the app to help you discover products being scanned around the world
•Upload an image of a barcode from your photo gallery to “scan”
•Even faster decoding, especially on UPC codes from products

Sep 27
Version 4.3.1

- Visually optimized for iPhone 5
- Updated permission settings for iOS6
- Faster load time of product results and Live Feed pages
- Addition of new product results

Sep 18
Version 4.3

- Over 20 new scanner themes to personalize your experience
- Performance enhancements
- Minor Bug fixes

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