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All the fun dances you love from all over the world and internet are here! Turn up the volume and get ready to create best dance videos of all time!

Turn up the volume and get ready for some major crazy dance moves! All the famous dances you love to dance are here!

Download now and place your face in our fun dance gif animations to celebrate your favorite dances with iconic songs! It's everything you love about crazy dance moves. We packed the app with the best dances and songs. It's time to dance yourself with your favorite songs from internet. Create your own gif dance video with your friends!

NEW DANCES EVERY WEEK! Don't forget to update your app regularly to keep up with the newest dance moves!

We offer you 26 different gif dances to show your moves. All you need to do is to choose the dance that you like and put your face in 3D in these hilarious gif animations. You can dance alone or you can dance with whoever you want! Create your funny gif dance video and share it with your friends. They will be crazy in love with your gif dance videos. Enjoy the best and funniest dances of all time from all around the world. The world is yours!

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Version History

Launched Aug 03, 2020 (6 months ago).
Sep 12
Version 2.0

- Minor bugs fixed
- Scene loading bug fixed

Aug 26
Version 1.1

- Minor bugs fixed
- Returning to 'scene select screen' problem fixed

Aug 03
Version 1.0