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PVP IV is the must-have companion app for Pokemon Go PVP battles, created and tested by Rank 10 players. Use it on your own climb to Rank 10 in the Go Battle League!

- An IV Analyzer to find the best IVs for each Pokemon/league
- Pokemon rankings to help you pick the strongest Pokemon in each league
- A battle simulator to learn how to play each matchup
- A team builder to help you build the best team


Simulate a 1 vs 1 battle between any two Pokemon! Unlike other simulators, this app:

- Shows multiple possible outcomes to account for baits, random effects of moves, and CMP ties
- Has the smartest move selection algorithm, always picking the moves that do the most damage against the current opponent
- Has a charge move timing algorithm to show how to avoid giving your opponent free fast moves by using charged moves at the end of their fast move
- Shows how many turns of lag it would take to change the outcome of the match
- Shows how many times a Pokemon can safely bait without risking a loss
- Works offline

--- RANKINGS ---

View rankings for Great League, Ultra League, Master League, Premier Cup, and the current Silph Cup! Tap on a ranked Pokemon to see its matchups in even shielding scenarios against all other ranked Pokemon!

Unlike other rankings, these rankings treat each moveset for each Pokemon separately, rather than combining all possible movesets into one ranking. The movesets and Pokemon ranked are hand-picked by Rank 10 players!

These rankings are generated based on an advanced algorithm that incorporates battles from the 1 vs 1 battle simulator. The algorithm is described in detail at pvpiv.com.

--- IV RANKER ---

Enter your Pokemon's name and IVs to see how strong it is compared to other Pokemon of the same species in Great League, Ultra League, Master League, or any other format you want!

This app offers many advantages over other IV analyzers:

- See how many matchups are different between your IVs and the Rank 1 IVs.
- Fastest option available because it does all computation on-device; no need to wait for results, press go to refresh, or even be online!
- Save favorites for easy access later.
- Direct link to simulate a battle with the Pokemon and see how it matches up against the meta.
- Shows CP for pre-evolutions to make sure you're under the cap before you evolve.
- Fully customizable CP cap, level cap, and IV floor for all formats you play in, including level 41 for Best Buddy Pokemon.
- Advanced settings to only rank Pokemon that meet a specific break point, and/or rank by CP, Level, etc. (instead of stat product).
- Shows all possible IV combinations instead of just the top ones.


PVP IV's team builder lets you enter up to 3 Pokemon, then see which opponents are the most threatening, and which are least threatening. It also suggests alternative Pokemon you can use instead!


Custom metas allow you to change which Pokemon and opponents are used when computing rankings and building teams. You can record which Pokemon you see in your battles to automatically generate rankings of which Pokemon are strongest against them!


PVP IV Pro is a subscription service that removes ads, unlocks comparison battles, and allows you to have more than one custom meta at a time. These battles allow you to see all matchups that are different between two Pokemon. For example, you can see which matchups you win/lose by giving Play Rough to Azumarill instead of Ice Beam. Or, see which matchups are different between your IVs and the Rank 1 IVs.

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Version History

Launched May 28, 2020 (6 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 8 days, on average.

Dec 01
Version 6.0

Update for season 6, with new metas to include level 50 Pokemon and the Holiday Cup.

Nov 25
Version 5.3

Updated to support Generation 6.

Nov 21
Version 5.2

Added support for Levels 45-55. To use these levels in the IV Ranker, change the Max Level in advanced settings. To use them in battles, simply modify the Pokemon's level.

Nov 11
Version 5.1

Moves rebalanced for Season 5, including updates to Incinerate.

Nov 03
Version 5.0

Updated for GBL season 5 with rankings for Little Cup and Kanto Cup, and an option to select 500 CP without entering a custom CP.

Oct 29
Version 4.7

Minor bug fixes to comparison battles. Fixes an occasional crash, and an issue where breakpoints and bulkpoints didn't always update correctly in the comparison tab.

Oct 24
Version 4.6

Includes a minor bug fix where reaching fewer breakpoints was sometimes shown as reaching more breakpoints in the IV Analyzer.

Oct 23
Version 4.5

- Updated rankings with new Pokemon/moves including Mandibuzz.
- Comparison Battles and the IV Ranker now show differences in breakpoints and bulkpoints.
- The order of suggested Pokemon names is now alphabetical rather than random.
- Fixed an issue where the result of a 1 vs 1 battle was sometimes cut off.

Learn more at pvpiv.com!

Oct 12
Version 4.4

A few minor bug fixes and improvements:
- You can now import Pokemon from an existing meta when building a new custom meta.
- Custom meta filters are no longer shared by team battles, rankings, and 1 vs all battles.
- The time range filter is now fully customizable.
- Fixed a weighting error when using the team builder for a custom meta.

Sep 23
Version 4.3

Fixes a crash for some iOS 14 users.

Sep 22
Version 4.2

Added support for iOS 14, and Lock On for Porygon-Z.

Sep 17
Version 4.1

Fixes some crashes, especially on iOS 11 and 12.

Sep 15
Version 4.0

Version 4.0 adds custom metas, a powerful new feature that allows you to customize the Pokemon and opponents used when generating rankings and building teams. More info is available at pvpiv.com.

Sep 01
Version 3.5

Version 3.5 adds support for Mega Evolutions!

Aug 27
Version 3.4

Version 3.4 adds a team builder! It also contains minor bug fixes and rankings updates. More details are available at pvpiv.com.

Aug 17
Version 3.3

Version 3.3 removes the Favorite Battles feature. If you're one of the few people who used this feature, I recommend backing up your favorite battles before updating. This version also contains a variety of minor improvements such as updated rankings, favoriting Shadow Pokemon, sharing battles as text rather than images, and the ability to configure random effect behavior, initial attack modifier, and initial defense modifier.

Aug 08
Version 3.2

This version makes it possible to load Pokemon from favorites into a 1 vs All, 1 vs 1, or Compare battle. It also contains other minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Full details are available at pvpiv.com.

Jul 28
Version 3.1

Added move and balance changes for Season 3. Also added support for 1 vs All battles, where 1 Pokemon battles against all others.

Jul 24
Version 3.0

This update adds comparison battles to see differences between any two Pokemon when battling the meta. The IV Ranker now shows how many matchups are different between your IVs and the Rank 1 IVs. Comparison battles are a premium feature which can be unlocked as part of PVP IV Pro, a new subscription option for PVP IV.

Jul 17
Version 2.2

Bug fixes & performance improvements. Simulations should run faster, and now label each result by best, worst, or safe - more info at pvpiv.com.

Jul 06
Version 2.1

This update fixes a bug that caused the simulator to sometimes use a charge move one turn too late.

Jul 03
Version 2.0

This massive update adds a 1 vs 1 battle simulator and Pokemon rankings for all leagues and cups!

Jun 04
Version 1.1

This update adds a lot of new features!
- Support for iOS 11 and 12
- Language support for German, Japanese, and Chinese
- New Pokémon added
- Sort favorites by CP and level
- Filter favorites by name and/or league
- Advanced settings to only rank Pokemon above a minimum level and/or minimum Atk/Def/HP stat (allows you to only rank Pokemon that hit a specific breakpoint or bulk point!)
- Option to rank by Atk, Def, HP, CP or Level instead of by Stat Product
- Level cap increased to 45 (higher than this is not possible yet because higher levels haven’t been added to the Game Master file)
- Nickname generator with the Pokemon’s rank and IVs
- Actual atk/def/hp stats available on the main results page

May 29
Version 1.0

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