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In "Alima's Baby Nursery" you take care of babies as if they are real babies. Their responsive body and gestures change as you feed them, according to their happiness, health, and hungry, in an environment with interactive toys, designed with colorful 3D realistic graphics.

Feed, play, bathe, take care of their sleep. Newborns need to rest!

You will adopt one more baby with each level as you progress. Take care of each baby and the little ones will grow strong and healthy.

But beware! if they cry or cough they might be sick and needing medicine. No worries, the nursery comes with a fully equipped hospital machine for babies

Make sure the little ones take a bottle of milk or some food when it’s time, they also can get skinny or fat depending on how much you feed them.

If you take care good care of your babies, you will be rewarded with golden stars. Save them and you can buy clothes, toys, food... you will have the happiest nursery in the world! Play and watch your babies grow

You can also play some logic puzzles to earn some gems. Push cubes to their proper locations in the carpet playground. Tactics are important, so if you move too quickly you can get blocked. In some stages, you will need the help of some wood boxes to put all the cubes in their place. Are you up to this new challenge?

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Version History

Launched Feb 23, 2020 (9 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Sep 27
Version 1.019

- This update includes new toys, better performance, and minor bug fixes. Have fun!

Feb 27
Version 1.016

New Playground park!

Feb 26
Version 1.115

New Playground!

Feb 23
Version 1.0

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