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Build, wash, fuel up and go!
Discover one of the best construction games! Construction Vehicles & Trucks is a fun-filled, colourful game for thinking, building and play, all at the same time. Keep yourself entertained with this deep-digging, big building, pile driving journey of fun.

It’s as easy as picking your digger, bulldozer or truck and heading onto the construction site to get creative. There are different kinds of trucks and heavy utility construction vehicles for everyone. And you could get stuck in by using your own pile driver to dig piles of soil up to create strong building foundations – and that’s just the beginning. This trucking game will keep you busy building all the way from floor to roof.

First you build your truck, then you wash and refuel it, and then, you’re ready to construct your very own building. When you’re done, do it again with a totally different truck, or wash, refuel and try again!

Wash up, load your equipment and go straight to the construction site. This construction game gives creative and technically minded an outlet for their energy that will entertain them for hours on end. From quarry to site and foundation to final building, these trucks are built for all the construction action you could imagine.

This game can keep yourself busy and entertained with hours constructive play. Drive, dig and enjoy!

So, pull up the truck, get it all cleaned up and get yourself ready for the construction ride with this trucking, digging, pile-driving, working, playing, driving world of fun!

Other features:

The game features uniquely composed music that was made specially to keep the fun and energy at its peak.

The graphics are eye-catching, colourful and lively, creating a welcoming and immersive world that they just won’t want to leave as they play and learn.

Download now and let the construction fun begin!

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Version History

Launched Dec 20, 2019 (10 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 25 days, on average.

Aug 05
Version 3.3

15 new levels! Build your own Bridge!

Jun 01
Version 3.2

15 new levels! Build your own Luna Park!

May 19
Version 2.6

various fixes and improvements

Apr 16
Version 2.5

various fixes and improvements

Apr 14
Version 2.4

various fixes and improvements

Apr 03
Version 2.3

15 new levels! Build your own Hotel!

Mar 14
Version 2.0

15 new levels!

Feb 19
Version 1.9

fixes and improvements! more levels coming soon, stay tuned!

Jan 29
Version 1.8

-new levels
-you can remove all the ads

Dec 20
Version 1.5

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